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  1. For you, maybe? Sign me up though, please!
  2. There may be a day when some tender loving care appears for the bomber aircraft in BoX, and for the bomber pilots who tolerate too much of the backwards design choices. These are some excellent suggestions @[DBS]TH0R, and I am in almost all of them. The only one I would rally against is number five; navigation is a learned skill and it takes practice, I would rather icons stay 'off' but that the appropriate tools and systems (map drawing tools, period-appropriate signal systems) are given to the players to use. That said, I am suspect of any of this being acted on. The A-20 arrived
  3. This has been suggested since BoX began, but it appears that bomber aircraft (and consequently bomber players) aren't on the list of priorities for the developers.
  4. Any and all bomber support, whether they be tactical or strategical in nature, is always welcomed. And now I desire torpedos @Motherbrain!
  5. To run rings around someone is a British idiom, and it means to be better in every regard than something else. The source you refer to would, in this instance, mean that the Tempest was regarded as being the better aircraft in every capacity than the Thunderbolt, but slightly inferior to the Mustang.
  6. Damn, this thread is a trainwreck. It's a great advertisement for the TAW campaign. 🥴
  7. A lot depends on how the aircraft is moving relative to your own; if the aircraft is moving in an approximate heading and speed as yourself it becomes a lot more difficult, but other than that it's pretty easy to spot at 3K. I'd like to say @wellenbrecher that the 109 I failed to see last week was because it was flying parallel to me, at the same speed, at the same heading, and slightly lower against the treeline.
  8. I have similar issues, although not so frequently. I have long suspected that my 5700XT GPU spikes on the power-draw and occasionally results in immediate system shut downs. The same power kernal event occurs in the windows log. I am running a PSU with enough juice at 650W, but I don't think it is efficient enough to deal with the heavy spike requirements of newer cards, it is quite an old PSU. It was even worse before I took the 5700XT off a daisy-chain power rail...
  9. You have to adjust the TrackIR curves using the TrackIR software.
  10. Happy Birthday Jason. I am often frustrated with some aspects of the the Great Battles series, but I readily acknowledge the difficulties you (and your team) face in the continuous development of this product. I had given up with flight sims some years ago until Stalingrad was revealed, and it's been a wonderful rabbit-hole to venture down once more. I look forward to the future with great anticipation. Thank you again, and all the best.
  11. Det, I cannot appear to find you on the HSD tool. Are you planning on making your skins available there?
  12. I wonder if there will be a sale to mark the Easter period?
  13. Meanwhile, other ground objects follow the most obscure laws for what can and cannot be destroyed.
  14. Leifr

    B-25 Poll

    It may as well have been, given that the navigator/bombardier position hasn't been modelled for the player's use in the A-20B. I would purchase a B-25 instantly.
  15. Working as intended according to the developers.
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