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  1. It's been long enough now pienoir... I look forward to flying in TF5, but I'll believe it only when I see it.
  2. A functional co-pilot and bombardier role would be most excellent, especially alongside some functional map tools to plot navigation in-game. I usually take a friend up online in my bomber, but he spends a lot of time twiddling thumbs in the gun seat. Hell, it would be nice if a gunner could even actively swap seats in an aircraft rather than having to 'finish' a sortie and re-enter. There's work that needs doing with bombers, and it's unfortunate that they have taken a backseat again in BoN. I was fair amazed to see that even the Dakota is going to be an AI-only aircraft. Without improvements to their functionality, I'm afraid it's the last module I'll purchase in the BoX series. I'm not interested in buying more versions of the 109, the Spitfire or the 190.
  3. The fact that the Rhineland is in pristine condition in Bodenplatte should give you some expectation for how Normandy will appear on June 6th. 🤔
  4. What a major milestone you have truly reached - closed alpha.
  5. B17? I certainly would, hell I’d buy it at that if it were AI only.
  6. I would quite like the opportunity to fly some of the larger four-engined aircraft, but I would be ecstatic if they were simply made available for the AI in the first place. Their absence from the BoX series only grows more obvious the further down the road we go.
  7. Yup. Stick QMB and overcast weather on, the AI will always find you.
  8. The most intense day of action, but capped to twenty ships and forty aircraft in BoX. There has to be some fundamental change in the game before such things are possible, including D-Day. 🙄
  9. Does it function like RoF though? I loved having to level out correctly over (what I thought) was the target area and physically pushing a key to make the exposure. Simply flying around an area and having it happen automatically just doesn’t do it for me unfortunately. 🙁
  10. I chose not to invest in Flying Circus because the photo reconnaissance function was not implemented. It was my favourite 'thing' to do in Rise of Flight, and I was disappointed to see it make a non-appearance. Honestly, I feel like it's something that will never appear in BoX. 😓
  11. The game needs to handle more than a handful of aircraft in the sky first. It's fairly difficult to imagine anything close to the required scale actually happening in BoX unless there is some fundamental change under the hood. Being offered a Battle of Britain expansion with the current limitations would be a non-purchase for me.
  12. And it's almost entirely useless, as is the multicrew option in most aircraft. I'll consider it functional when the co-pilot / navigator can use map tools in-game to properly plot courses and use the bombsight independent of the pilot himself.
  13. Unless something changes in the game engine, we're likely never to see any of the heavier bombers appear in game.
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