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  1. Next Friday huh? The Finnish Winter War came to an end on March 12th, as did the Battle of Java out in the Pacific.
  2. Yes, but wholly incorrect for western Europe. I would love to see a smaller and more accurate map made for Normandy with Tank Crew in mind - it would be an instant purchase for me!
  3. The latest DD says nothing about new buildings specifically for French architecture, whilst Dutch2 is specifically lamenting the copy/paste action of German-styled buildings across the entire Low Countries area. Did you actually read the DD LukeFF? It comments on the difference of architecture on either side of the Channel, implying that we can look forward to some lovely renditions of the British countryside and the required architecture for a life-like rendition.
  4. The cities look great in Bodenplatte, and I am sure they will in Normandy. now about those hedgerows...
  5. You're not flying for the other twenty-two hours of the day. You're flying for around eleven hours per week out of a possible 168 hours - a fifteenth of the time available, your time spent is neglible in the grand scheme.
  6. Level-bombing is completely achievable with the cloud cover present in Combat Box. My group (used to) routinely bomb in 88s with 6/8-7/8 cloud cover; you just have to be at an excellent altitude and have the patience to properly navigate the land, and a small pinch of luck that you can get sight on the target area through a break on the run - the automated drop function provides every thing else.
  7. Map controls like for like, despite the difference in name or technical function. For example; all elevator trim controls are mapped to POV 270/90, whether that's horizontal stabliser, elevator trim, or whatever else it may be called in a different aircraft. That way I know that my trim authority will always remain the same between aircraft of different years and forces. It's not so problematic really.
  8. Moscow, Paris and London are too big for BoX apparently - or something, something?
  9. Perhaps the 12.7×99mm ammunition is not working as intended for the American fighters? I observed in my own offline QMB furballs that they repeatedly deplete ammunition for very little effect.
  10. Better if it was actually fixed...
  11. The tracers sterilise much of the effort for spotting in an online environment. When the new system came out last year and the following flip-flop on it, I didn't feel too bad for the outcome - tracers didn't change and so I knew the spotting game would be just the same. Chase the tracers, and you'll find the players. They're objectively the worst graphical effect left in BoX, I don't know why they haven't been revised.
  12. Hi Jaeger. I am curious about the '7F-J' skin, did it really feature the Jägermeister (as your avatar) icon? I know it's based on two Christian patron saints of hunting, but have struggled to find any historical source. Cheers!
  13. The B-26 Marauder was available in Combat Flight Simulator 3, almost twenty years ago now.
  14. They have to take a break from their sisters from time to time. Sincerely, Nottingham.
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