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  1. Leifr

    TFS Developer Update - Patch 4.55 February 2019

    Absolutely stellar work! Amazing! I’ll get all of my old squadron on tonight for a sortie on ATAG!
  2. That can't possibly happen though Mystic, it is far too sensible and straight-forward.
  3. Leifr

    High Altitude Bombing above +5k

    Heh, it's rare you'll find a co-ordinated defense at 5K, even with 109 pilots. 😋
  4. Leifr

    Err, moderator?

    Enjoy your three day ban Marsh!
  5. Leifr

    High Altitude Bombing above +5k

    We routinely bomb at 5K. It's not really worth going any higher right now (and so I cannot answer your original question), the draw-bubble is so small at any altitude beyond that you run the risk of not having enough time to locate the target. It's pretty shite really... Great Battles of IL2 but only if you stay within a 9KM bubble.
  6. The number of responses Temuri has made to this, and consequently ignored, is frankly depressing. Just give us another 109 model and we'll shut up. 😒
  7. I've only ever been hit twice at 5K by flak, both times fatal... but that's out of how many sorties? 😅
  8. Is that just like the great revolution of 3D cinema? Haha. VR will always remain incredibly niche.
  9. Why is the server limited to 19 slots? 😦
  10. Leifr

    Tactical Air War

    This is a game bug that is affecting other servers. Durability values and the scale of damage applied to them isn’t working properly. As far as I know, it can be remedied somewhat but it means you can destroy infrastructure with cannons and machine guns.
  11. Seems to be a new bug with the latest update.
  12. This was a problem on Finnish last year. Buildings were resisting bomb blasts but would be destroyed by a 20mm cannon; you're right coconut in that the developers seem to give very little attention to mud-moving and bombers.
  13. Leifr


    I don't want to jinx it (probably will) but I'm on three hours of online flight-time now without a disconnect.
  14. Leifr


    Are you saying that you did not disconnect at all last night?
  15. Yes, this would be nice. It can be hard to discern what is and isn't a target at 5K - factories are definitely the biggest culprit. I really appreciate the factor that we must scout out targets first Coconut, but some recon pictures of what a typical 'factory' looks like with all of it's component parts would be ace.