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  1. Bumpity bump. This issue is still occurring.
  2. I have very little faith in bomber-aircraft receiving any type of due attention. I bet the bombsight bug that was reported over two years ago is still active and present!
  3. Nothing has changed then, really. Congratulations on entering Beta though! I'm sure the team are thrilled!
  4. Oh, this is excellent to see. It is exactly what I want out of IL2, rather than the low-level furballs found on most MP servers.
  5. I would like to see VR implemented, if only to quit the incessant requests by all eleven pilots who own a set in Cliffs.
  6. True. But landmines, at the expense of birds and atmospheric effects? The latter of these were included in the original release, seems pretty poor not to fix them up.
  7. If I may ask, do you plan on returning bird-strikes and frosted canopies?
  8. Oh, I see now. I watched this video this morning and thought it was showing me some new vehicles and dust effects. Now I understand - landmines. Well done, that'll be super useful when we're playing an flight simulator. 🤨
  9. That was never my experience, Boo.
  10. Beautiful. This is the one aircraft I've been waiting for since BoX was released.
  11. Blackout meant blackout in the UK after 1939. There was no gradual switching on / switching off of city lights as aircraft passed near. 🤨
  12. I am not sure really fella, it had also been through two or three years of near-constant running. As far as I'm aware, it was a big effort on the backend for Phil and Reddog to run as smoothly as it (usually) did. I think emotions were frayed and tension generally high between certain parties by the final campaign. The ATAG server has continued to provide service since, but not everyone wants to fight beneath kite-flying heights between the two same landmarks. It's also comatose verging on do not resuscitate. BoX cannot support a campaign in the same manner as Cliffs, and DCS is in the same boat I believe. I think it's about the right time to try and put some heart back in to the game, because it sure ain't coming from the head. Even if this is just a campaign revival for one season, it's better than nothing eh? See you on TOPHAT! 😎
  13. I believe so BlindAsABat! Looking forward to it immensely.
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