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  1. Basically, we want Coconuts back in the EU! 😉
  2. Raptorattacker, that would be an absolute joy! The P-38 has become our favourite aircraft to fly as a group, but the chrome skins leave them a little less desirable than they should be.
  3. Hi Nocke. What was the end-result with this?
  4. Have you actually spent much time flying with the alternate system Custard? I ask only because I saw you come on last night, repeatedly ask the same question and then leave. Rather than remonstrating your great displeasure at every opportunity, perhaps it would be worth your time to set up a server for the 'Experten' players such as yourself or provide critical feedback on how to improve the alternative spotting system. I suspect that you are simply too busy to do either, as we all are. On my part, I am indifferent to both forms and generally find no particular advantage in either. With the original, I am bounced and do bounce other players regularly. With the alternative and new, I am able to better position myself against other aircraft, and they are able to do the same to me. The extreme-distance spotting could do with being reeled in a little.
  5. Limiting the FPS has helped a little, but there is still a slight microstutter that is evident in online gameplay.
  6. Didn't you know? MP is barely played, everyone is involved in offline play these days!
  7. AMD GPU. Microstutters have indeed returned, I haven't had them for well over two years now.
  8. Pre-hotfix was superb, it needed only a slight refining. This is back to pre-patch now, can't see squit and it's back to pixel hunting.
  9. Yup! For someone who is still lacking in a seperate throttle quadrant and a premium in desk-space, this sort of thing is exactly what I am looking for.
  10. "I love Tempest". 😂 Great to see Roblex.
  11. It is an excellent patch, and I look forward to what the future holds with immense excitement.
  12. OK, and that would be fine if it were consistent in game. Right now, sometimes sounds can be heard in combat and sometimes they can’t. It seems especially problematic for the 262, which it seems has its own set of problems relating to internal sounds disappearing for the pilot.
  13. Spent a couple of hours flying around a busy server this afternoon. Three times we encountered 262s, we did not hear any sound coming from them - jets, cannons and impact sounds. When they're close enough to see the pilot, you'd expect to hear something.
  14. The old sound bug seems to have reappeared with a vengeance. I've had multiple encounters with other aircraft now that have produced no sound, tracers rattling by and jet engines on silent.
  15. It's great being able to see contacts at such longer distances now, although I must say that there seems to be an issue with the actual contact popping in/out of visibility.
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