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  1. Blackout meant blackout in the UK after 1939. There was no gradual switching on / switching off of city lights as aircraft passed near. ๐Ÿคจ
  2. I am not sure really fella, it had also been through two or three years of near-constant running. As far as I'm aware, it was a big effort on the backend for Phil and Reddog to run as smoothly as it (usually) did. I think emotions were frayed and tension generally high between certain parties by the final campaign. The ATAG server has continued to provide service since, but not everyone wants to fight beneath kite-flying heights between the two same landmarks. It's also comatose verging on do not resuscitate. BoX cannot support a campaign in the same manner as Cliffs, and DCS is in the same boat I believe. I think it's about the right time to try and put some heart back in to the game, because it sure ain't coming from the head. Even if this is just a campaign revival for one season, it's better than nothing eh? See you on TOPHAT! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. I believe so BlindAsABat! Looking forward to it immensely.
  4. The best news to happen to Cliffs since forever, basically. I would urge every one and all to sign up and join in the fun. Storm of War was the best experience made possible in Cliffs of Dover.
  5. You're right about that Buzz. Outside of the excellent Storm of War and ACG events, the meta-gameplay for Cliffs is to fly around in AirQuake ATAG at 3,000 feet. I can see why MysticPuma's video is, in this instance, very misleading of the average Cliffs experience. What a load of waffle. I don't even remember now what the original title of this thread was, it was just a cool video showing something that Cliffs can do excellently. I sorely wish BoX could handle even a third of these aircraft in the sky. Was MP claiming to be a part of Team Fusion or that this was part of some official test? I don't believe so. Great work on making a shitshow out of yourself again though. ๐Ÿ˜˜
  6. Careful Mystic. You wouldn't want to drum up too much interest in TF5!
  7. I would happily see gunner positions left as AI only for the sake of seeing more bomber aircraft made available to the player. Normandy should have been the most appealing planeset yet with the DC-3 and B-25, but with them as AI only it's a non-purchase for me.
  8. It's been long enough now pienoir... I look forward to flying in TF5, but I'll believe it only when I see it.
  9. A functional co-pilot and bombardier role would be most excellent, especially alongside some functional map tools to plot navigation in-game. I usually take a friend up online in my bomber, but he spends a lot of time twiddling thumbs in the gun seat. Hell, it would be nice if a gunner could even actively swap seats in an aircraft rather than having to 'finish' a sortie and re-enter. There's work that needs doing with bombers, and it's unfortunate that they have taken a backseat again in BoN. I was fair amazed to see that even the Dakota is going to be an AI-only aircraft. Without improvements to their functionality, I'm afraid it's the last module I'll purchase in the BoX series. I'm not interested in buying more versions of the 109, the Spitfire or the 190.
  10. The fact that the Rhineland is in pristine condition in Bodenplatte should give you some expectation for how Normandy will appear on June 6th. ๐Ÿค”
  11. What a major milestone you have truly reached - closed alpha.
  12. B17? I certainly would, hell Iโ€™d buy it at that if it were AI only.
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