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  1. The Clowns dynamic server (running coconuts campaign) is up and running with srs if you so wish to use.
  2. Sorry to bother, I have just decided to run the latest coconut campaign server from the download zipped files (one ending in 53). Upon resetting the campaign I got this message. I do know that yaml file exists though could this be due to the location folder having spaces in the folder names or is there something else I will need to setup/install? Can run campaign 52 no worries just on 53. Also opening up the yaml file I don't think any of these files exist? Just throwing it out there. This is all over my head but wondering if I'm to have something else added in or if the latest patches have changed anything.
  3. For the death update issue where your successful landing etc turns to killed in the post sortie finished map screen. This appears to happen in Kuban Spring map mission. The current work around until the bug is fixed, is to start your next sortie once you have finished your previous one straight away as this will allow your completed sortie result to stay as alive. This is not the case on the other maps. FYI the false in-game reporting of being 'killed by' after respawning from a successful landing is not reflected in the stats page. This will not count and can be verified by looking thru the kill board count. This occurs from inflicted minor damage and can be seen in the sortie log in the stats page. This is a known game bug.
  4. @curiousGamblerr sorry to be a pain but just checking up how you went with adding the server on for mission planner. If the endpoint for the json data is ok. Cheers!
  5. Hi Coconut, I've noticed when the score in a mission is depleted from the default 500 setting the mission round is rolled over causing it to run out of sync with the 3 hr round time limit setting and mission generator, campaign stats etc. So I've changed it to 50000 to avoid this. Will this effect the campaign at all when running or is this purely disconnected to the campaign and thus setting high like this to avoid a mission roll over is absolutely fine? Finally (again!) to conquer a region, if the map seems to be static, is this due to tanks not being able to enter a region to conquer. If so how can you allow this to happen. Such as bombing parked tanks, supply depots factories and defences? Is it normal to take a fair few 3hr rounds to get more movement in regions acquired?
  6. From deadly aces with marks too large to keep tally on their wing, to donut making rookies who just got their wings, to that one guy who jumped the fence and stole a plane from the hanger, the clowns have them all! This Australian based server is primarily running Coconut's dynamic campaign for players who want a relaxed orientated server that is persistent and stats recorded (including tanks) with a semi serious feel in game during mission. Massive thank you to Coconut for supplying the source code to the campaign running. The server settings are set to full realistic with engines pre-warmed, navigation markers, and no plane icons. There is also a mission planner map within the server stats page. The server will be running 24/7 at the moment. Server name (dogfight mode): CLOWNSDYNCampaign We have a discord server for you to join if you would like more info on the campaign and also interested in other milsim type gaming which you can find the link for below: https://discord.gg/dd8KhAB We also now have a stats with map mission planner server up and running at the following address: http://clowns.hopto.org:8085/en/ Please refer link below for Coconuts campaign manual on how to play and for plane reservation information. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UrZmjnvghTrf-dSfGhV0hV7ZTg4y6xE0nb_-46kBM3E/edit?usp=drivesdk Regards, HairyBrenndog
  7. Im currently running Coconut's campaign on an Il2 server from this friday 7:30pm(just passed) to sunday 6:00pm with the dynamic campaign running round the clock. Im looking at testing this out with up to 16 players. Interested in squads too for a possible meetup. Though its anytime in that time slot. I'm thinking for a committed time allocation fri and sat nights (6:30pm onwards till late! has been expressed so far) would be a goer for maximum participation. If you are interested please accept an invite to 40 Mike Mike Clowns discord server. This is Brisbane Australia UTC +10 time. Please check the #il2-dynamic-campaign channel for info on server details. The plan is to possibly open this up to a more semi public participation. But see how this goes first.... The intent is to try and promote more IL2 community gaming involvement down under in the Australasia region. Though if out of that way you are of course welcome! https://discord.gg/SxCReN
  8. For the in game pin message. Is this straight away before flying when joining or soon after. Ive had a couple guys try this and havent noticed a message for that. Also for the discord log messages how are they broken up. Ive noticed they come out at the end of each mission. But say planes destroyed (model callup) doesnt match plane inventory (total). Is part of it for the beginning of a mission and another as the end brief..... And finally for rearming and repair is it vanilla style where you land at an airfield and rearm repair then?
  9. Also out of curiosity there is a generic login on the first page of the SCC. <your_server_URL>:8083 Is this a function for people to log in and view their pilot stats etc without admin access. If so how do you setup a password with the pilot ie an account....
  10. @curiousGamblerr The endpoint for the json data is http://clowns.hopto.org:8083/campaign/Krustys_Dungeon #CLOWNSDynCampaign to map from please. Thanks again for this. Cheers!
  11. never mind again! lol! just an open TCP port works fine forwarded to the 8083 port on the server.
  12. Also the server address is internal network. How do I go about setting this up for public external access so I can implement IL2 mission planner as well as access from internet. I've forwarded the 8083 port to the server as TCP. Do I need to add another location for SSC to listen to in the config.yaml. Currently I have a Dynamic DNS that directs to my current external IP address. Would I need to make this static as well...
  13. I've currently setup a campaign server and server control from coconuts campaign plugin and server control web access source code. I was reading on his forum that he had mission planner implemented on his server. Do you know how i could do that and how would i go about getting a website dedicated to my server similar to taw or coconut implementation of mission planner. Ie Il2missionplanner.com/#TAW Cheers
  14. It works now! Dserver starts up and rcon is connected. Just a few last questions which you might be able to answer off the bat. The AI difficulty seems to be easy. Is there a way to set that or is that the server preset from normal to expert cover this. If i schedule a shutdown at any time will i be able to continue where we left off or do we need to finish a round to update progress. Finally moscow autumn has 2 missions. In the campaign to play. Is this for an extended campaign version. As both created at same date. I.e. can make the playlist start with moscowautumn1 then moscowautumn2 etc. Thanks again. Cheers
  15. Hi all, I got the SSC and campaign finally to start. Though the campaign only restarted once (started dserver and loaded sds file and ran). There after and before it seems it get stuck in a loop looking for RCON connection. As dserver won't start. it just hangs... Do I normally have to wait a few minutes before it decides to start dserver and then establish RCON connection and load the sds file. Also dserver will always start if I schedule a mission only in the console. But in campaign it seems to just hang after missions are generated and resaved. Is this normal? I have the latest downloads of both. Cheers
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