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  1. I've sent the key to you. S!
  2. Yes well done. You need a Hurricane yes?
  3. ...if you can recognise the pilot from this sketch. Just post his name, the first correct person gets a Hurricane. (A Hurricane for your game account, not a real one obviously.)
  4. I am no fighter ace, this is just something that might help those who are new to combat sims. When I first attacked stuff as a fighter my biggest mistake was probably closing too fast on a target. Being a dork, I decided to look at the maths of it some time ago and came up with something like the attached. It demonstrates why you should consider your speed in relation to your target. In this scenario/chart: Convergence is assumed to be 200m Total distance shown is 1km, obviously you would no doubt see your quarry from farther away, this 1km is just to demonstrate things.
  5. The best servers for me are those with no map ‘GPS’ help, I think they are actually slightly ‘safer’ for ground attackers and slightly ‘easier’ for those with less skill (like me) because the ace fighters have to spend at least some of their time navigating, therefore there is a slightly lower chance of them finding and spotting you and maybe you will get lucky whilst they are looking at their map… but that’s just personal opinion. However it can be hard to navigate on the maps, continuously using landmarks alone works for many places, but in some of the Moscow map for example this
  6. Just wanted to say having the second server hosted by LD is brilliant and provides an opportunity to try and help/ease the issue with sides being stacked whilst maintaining your strategic allegiance to a side if you use it in a certain way.... The 'problem' with a good server like the Finnish one is that once you fly a few missions for a side you start to get an affiliation to the cause in acheiving particular objectives over time; i.e. you shed your virtual blood in trying to push back a tank attack in Sector 1 or whatever, so, understandably you may not necessarily want to flip s
  7. I think if they were going to change the rado commands they'd have done so by now, even just the small tweaks people want. Top priority for me would be to remove the call where you spot a fighter you haven't seen yet, but,... perhaps replace it with a call from one of your wingmen instead. So instead of ' Stork 1 enaging fighter to the east' it would say 'Stork 1, you have a fighter to your east' that way it would remove the splt personality situation of your avatar seeing what you can't see, and actually replace it with somethign resembling your AI helping you! Second
  8. Nice to have the second server option... yesterday it was actually stacked to red on the 1st server so I dutifully jumped over to the other (I'm too engrossed in the strategic objectives to fly blue on the first),...where it was stacked to blue and I was sealclubbed. You can lead a horse to water eh?
  9. Yeah, the point is if someone is using 88 for the HH conotations then they'd realise I'm not into the same 'club' and not waste anyone's time. If someone is simply using the year of their birth or they are the '14th Geoff' to register then either they may realise its not an exclusion, or they may of course realise I'm a picky so-and-so who they'd rather steer clear of; so 'dating filter' applied successfully again. (Ah, you mean 22 from my catch22 reference, yep will I'm not fussed if the literary meaning is missed; I've not heard of 22 meaning anything about Vikings, so will have
  10. I said late evenings Europe, so somewhere between 21.00 to 00:00 CET I figure is the most usual time. Merged automatically: Indeed, indeed. Don't worry you're not missing out on much. Ones like this I meant of course:
  11. ** Not needed anymore as I'm taking a break from Il2, so please ignore (don't bother messaging) ** Sounds like some kind of dating line eh? But no, I'm just after someone to fly online with from time to time, no need for an actual squadron with tags etc. Just a case of “if you’re online at the same time and feel up for it, lets fly together on coms”. I have experience, but am not greatly skilled, so I could help a beginner with understanding things, or, fly as a competent wing to someone already experienced/skillful. I tend to be online in the later evenings
  12. People have different mental situations and needs. What works for one, doesn't for another. I believe forums, and games (especially online ones) have addicitive qualities; some people can give up smokng with no help, others need medication, some can quit whilst there is a packet in the house, others have to bin them all, going cold turkey or reducing etc. etc.
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