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  1. What makes hope wither is there has not been any action on the commands as far as I know/recall since the first release of BoS Opening up the 'help me' one to be available when you are not the leader woudl be a great start in addressing them and show some intention. Maybe it isn't as simple as just enabling the button for use (and to trigger a response from the wingmen), perhaps the leader influence* needs over-riding somehow, but if the developers can't or won't do this then the future of the commands does seem bleak to me. But I figure this will fall under the 'buy stuff or there's no chance of it ever happening' line that comes out over these sort of things. *I don't think I've ever heard the leader use it. Edit: Thinking back I don't think you could originally fly as anything other than the leader, but it was so long ago the brain is foggy; so in fairness commands for the wingman role probably only 'arrived' when the campaign did.
  2. I've found this website that provides albums of 20s 30s 40s music of various styles. https://www.pastperfect.com/ It was buy 2 get one free so now I have 3 albums of 'mood' music from the time; it worked well flying a mission just now (in CLoD admittedly), very nice feeling to fly to old Jazz and blues. All their albums are listed in full on youtube too by the looks of it so you can check them out before buying.
  3. Holy crap, the real cost to me would be the price of the hardrive upgrade to hold it (alongside BoX, Clod and the handful of other games I have installed at any one time)! Looks like it could be worth it though, will see how it reviews.
  4. Yes, I'm not really expecting/asking for any changes, I should make it clear I don't have the real knowledge in any shape or form and don't lose any sleep over flight models but just kind of wish some aricraft were a bit more 'difficult' to fly just for entertainments sake. Your post just reminded me of the amusement I had trying to put the He111 down that one time and then made me also think of the bonkers things I've done in the A20 when the swarms of blue fighters online are chasing me and I gave up on my intention to fly 'properly'. I wasn't saying doing 'one' is impossible, it was the amount and agressive nature of what I was seemingly able to do when I tried that was odd. But yes I get the idea that 'wasn't built for, and is not permitted' doesn't mean 'not possible'. (Tell that to the P40's engine)
  5. Haha, some time ago I was trying to do a transport run in a He111, and I took a tiny amount of fuel. It was near the end of the mission and I kid you not, I couldn't actually land the thing it floated so much, round and round I went about 10 times, each time I slowed to touch down I floated up, I just thought sod it in the end and threw it into the ground. This was a long time ago, maybe things have changed now. (I have concerns over the acrobatic ability of the A20 too, considering the official guidance footage I saw said to avoid step turns, yet you can barrel roll along happily throwing it around everywhere in the sim currently.)
  6. Man, understanding the commands and what they actually do , or not, is one of my pet peeves. "The rejoin formation and continue mission" for example: is that just 'rejoin formation' or does it also really do something about the mission target. For me this is critical as if I have a flight of ground attackers it would be nice to use this command to get them to stop attacking, form up and go home, by simply being '(stop what you are doing and) rejoin formation'. But if it is 'rejoin formation and continue with our mission (to attack x ground objects)' it has a completely different meaning and effect. I wish the developers could clarify the exact action of each, redo the text if necessary, and remove any that are not functioning. (and of course add in the ones I put in the sugestions thread)
  7. Well, after reading a bit of my book on bombers in the desert, I think I'll buy in for the Wellington expereince alone, regardless of my SP career concerns. Hopefully the MP servers will have like they do in CloD BLitz and you can add AI as your wingmen (although I've never tried it), it seems bomber flights in the desert were sometimes as low as a couple of bombers at a time, so I'll just treat this release as my 'Wellington simulator' and get my jollies bombing stuff online if I have to. It really is a bloody marvellous era and setting, possibly the best, and I know already that CloD gives me the best feeling of flying at the moment (in an entertainment sense), so I ave mo fears on the lushnmess of all that side of things. (If it managed to have a Malta map and a Crete map avaialble to add on at some stage, hmm, well....superb)
  8. Well I've picked up a book in second hand shop that appears to cover wellingtons in the desert, so hopefully that might get my anticipation peaked again, and push me online to fly it of necessary.
  9. New version 2.2 put up: - put my original medals back as the shadow is different in PWCG versions - fixed the US desk (think I'd put in an old version) - extended the brass plaque so text will hopefully not run off it. - extend background of pilot roster to hopefully allow some text size changes and still keep a straight edge
  10. Something I wish the in-game career could do but I wonder if you are able to: Repeat target missions. What I mean is if a mission is generated to destroy a bridge, is it possible to store the target type and location and quietly flag the result as a success or not, then, when the next mission is generated if it wasn't destroyed you are sent back to the same target. So same target but different time of day/ or next day entirely, different escort or not, enemy flights etc. Even if it had been destroyed it would be interesting to have 'the enemy have rebuilt the bridge at X, destroy it again' in the briefing, this rebuilt option would probably mean carrying the target info quietly for a bit, maybe a week of game time and then generating the mission with this target. I don't mean clogging up PWCG with storing all results, but just the ability to carry one or two key targets that can be re-visited and PWCG has a datestamp and whether destroyed flag for them. It seems a fair bit I've read from pilot accounts in WWII is about going back to the same darn target again and again and they get familiar with it to an extent, it would be nice to be able to represent this a bit in a career. Repeat targets may happen a bit already just through mission generation, but if the briefing could tie in to the repetition in some way, just sometimes, it would be cool.
  11. Are you closing PWCG and going back in each time you try to change a font size?
  12. My first attempt hadn't worked, but I fiddled around a bit and have got it working now. Much appreciated.
  13. Hi Pat, Is it still possible to use the themes somehow?
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