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  1. The plane I'm most excited for! The Hawker Typhoon. Awesome job as always.
  2. Yeah, I just read the original source... It says it ran circles around the P47, but it was slightly inferior to the P51D... I was wrong. You shouldn't trust Wikipedia. Here's the original source if you're wondering, and here's the link to download the book that says it https://b-ok.lat/book/755164/d84c99?dsource=recommend&regionChanged=&redirect=200333741
  3. Hello guys, I hope this is useful, so you can tell the difference between the later variants tailplane and the earlier ones:
  4. I've got no idea how no one else selected flight model... It's such an important thing to have realistic handling, although I get why people want so much a change for the damage model.
  5. What do you mean? It turns perfectly for me. Just keep the circle aligned with your rudder and it should be fine.
  6. New update and nothing about .50 calibers or the Tempest's flight model... Amazing.
  7. Well, I hope the developers read this and take it into consideration. Thanks to everyone that contributed into this post, I think there's enough things now prove that the Tempest didn't turn like that in real life, if you have anything to add you're free to do so! Thanks again to everyone for your time and help.
  8. Weirdest thing is that the Typhoon actually turned better than the Tempest, so it would be even more weird that the Typhoon has a correct flight model but the Tempest doesn't
  9. Should the developers take a second look to the Tempest's flight model?
  10. Same here. The Tempest is my favorite plane, since I knew about it in War Thunder XD. I’d rather see a worse performing Tempest than a broken one.
  11. How can I make the developers notice this topic? I think it deserves serious attention. Because Tempest pilots (myself included) are too comfortable with this broken turning performance to discuss it.
  12. Thanks for your tests and for your reply. Yes, some parameters also count like pilot skill and energy states, and fuel quantity, but as you tested, in a flat turn it out turns everything at both low speeds and high speeds especially at low speeds where weight becomes more relevant, and with all I sent (saying the Tempest turned similar to a P47) I think it's enough proof on how it turned in real life, which is not correct in-game, especially for its size and weight. Thanks again for your reply. It really helps.
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