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  1. I have a vibrating chair and I highly recommend it. Adds loads to the game...I can feel everything. Including the leading edge slats retracting.
  2. I am not seeing any artifacts at all...first GPU is 90-100% and second is 50-80% usage...so not perfect...also i stated AFR2(wrong)...i am using AFR only as the other gives tile artifacts on ground. Also running in windowed mode I am spanning 3 monitors so not sure if full screen effects SLI negatively? No AA used here either as I am running at over 4K resolution...8000x2160. Maybe AA is causing the artifacting with SLI as I do recall that being a problem in other games in the past. EDIT: artifacts on snow maps are present...summer and autumn maps seem fine. I have been playing summer only for a while so I didn't notice
  3. I am still getting a decent frame increase with no artifacts...Slight blinking of grass on winter maps sometimes...I run the stalker bits for dx9 and dx10/11 and run AFR2. Definite increase in FPS testing on runway and after takeoff. I do run with SLI on focus monitor mode...at 8000x2160 which seems as wide as I can go without getting a Swap chain error? But my point is it runs much better with these settings. Not working 100% but a great FPS boost none the less. i will share my settings after work is done.
  4. My son who was 13 or so when I had shown him 1946...He thought the game was cool but only played a bit. But he did make me show him the outside view of the pilot getting shot a dying. The blood on the canopy(a littler overdone in my opinion) He thought was cool and was going to cut it into a movie he was making with his pocket cam. So my point is cool explosions, blood, good fire exf, visual damage model are all eye-candy for many of us older gamers(i am assuming your age sorry) but like you said more vital to the younger people wanting to get into the sim...I promise you my son would try to strafe the guys walking on the airfields just to see? He is a good kid he just operates in the gaming world like a maniac. So my point is these things can bring in new players in my opinion. I do not see it as a priority for the sim but a great option for mods on if possible at all.
  5. Bf 110 G-4 is the nightfighter version. As far as I know it was the most successful German nightfighter. It is a good starting point as I believe they carried onboard radar operated by a 3rd crewman.
  6. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7b0_1486992812 I found this interesting.
  7. The gore mods for the 1946 were a very nice touch in my opinion. Like pilot bodies I believe it should and could hopefully with mods on be a select-able option...we all win.
  8. I would assume you are "mirroring" the sound to come out of the second sound card through windows audio settings or the SB panel? Maybe try changing the audio on the Butt Kicker to 2 speaker or Headphone setting if its not already as well.
  9. For reference I have my amps running out of the analog front RL and the rear RL channels of my sound-card. I do have SBX pro studio surround option enabled as this gives them more punch. Also under the speaker settings make sure the Full Range Speakers box is checked as this also really amplifies the shakers. Also make sure your Sound Blaster settings are 5.1 channel. in game as well. These settings are only relevant if you have a second sound card pushing your transducer.
  10. I have transducers hooked up to a separate sound card...I get a nice rumble on engines and it rocks on guns and bombs and what not. Even the fluttering of an impending stall can be detected...I also have one mounted under my Pedals which is really immersive. My point its it works well for me. How does the BK 2 hook up to your PC?
  11. No AA running 7400x2160 no jaggies at all on 4K monitors.
  12. Koci I had the same CPU as you and mine overclocked with a multiplier OC 3.9 to 4.2 no problem. That alone would make it so you could game on a 1920x1080 monitor or TV with frames in the 40-60 range on ultra settings. I have the rig still so I could look at bios settings if you feel comfortable overclocking. It is simple.
  13. Yes Trinkof I hadn't thought of all the people clamoring for a north African theatre. Good to see alot of people getting what they want in the near future. Me included 110 G-2.
  14. I haven't played for more than a graphics check in a few years. I will be interested to see how it goes. Nothing is pulling my time from BOX for the next few years it seems. I am happy for the development team, they seem to be a talented bunch.
  15. You might be able to help stutters by increasing smoothness in the track ir profile and/or in game camera settings. v-sync also?
  16. Yeah I read another thread where it wasn't working. I will have to investigate further. I am playing at 5820 x 1080 so always looking for that extra boost. I should mention that I did enable the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. profile under the DX 11 bits because that was the corresponding profile fir DX 9 that worked previously. Not really sure if that mattered?
  17. Have you tried to create a custom resolution at 1080p?
  18. It would help because it lets you know that my sticks are working fine...this will often lead to not researching a dead end which could save time. after a patch or update these things happen. Others seem to be fine so I would guess the issue is with your PC or stick. By stating others are fine you can deduce that the issue is with your setup. Hope that makes it clear.
  19. Theoretically it should make games run faster...Higher Frame rates. Until the DX11 patch it was a small difference in this game. Not sure after patch...I will have to run some tests.(Seems to be holding above 60 fps) Other games it has made a great difference. Total War Warhammer comes too mind as a game that has a marked improvement in FPS.
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