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  1. AFR 2 gives nice boost but does cause ground tiles to flash every now and again on some maps...other than that its 60+ fps everywhere even with 8 HE11s fighting in front of me. I have settled on a res of 7680x1440 so I am sure your resolution and specs will kill. I think the fix lies in Nvidia's hands not to make a profile SLI profile for the game. Maybe we should all send them email letting them know we need a fix? I am running 2 980ti's in SLI fyi. I noticed the textures do not flicker when I am using focus mode in the SLI settings and not Nvidia surround mode? Also flickering seems less in windowed mode and seems to increase in full screen. None of this is science just me trying to get me settings right with triple screens but hopefully it helps a bit.
  2. Okay well here goes my first impressions of the Tobii 4C. First thing is this thing is really cool. Moving the screen around with your eyes is surprisingly easy to do and you really do not have to "think" about it after a while...no more than you think of turning your head with Track IR. Which leads me to the direct comparison for our game. The head tracking in the 4C is very good side to side. Just as good as the Track IR with minimal lag(maybe a bit more than Track IR but not noticeable) The one major issue I have with the 4C is looking up and down. The software has a limited field of view built in and it only goes 45degrees up and 45 degrees down. I tried to contact customer support and they were very prompt in their response. Unfortunately the software is programmed to only go that far...Now in DCS i had no problem looking around as the software has a much larger FOV curve for DCS. Must be something to do with the game...I requested to Tobii that they increase the FOV and as of yet nothing has been done...I found the Vjoy profile but I cannot figure out how to manually adjust the curves. So my verdict is this...The item is awesome it just has a major flaw for this game. I fly bombers a lot so looking up is not as imperative as it is for a fighter pilot but it is an issue no matter how you look at it...If flying the 111 or Pe2 or JU52 it would work perfect but for fast over the shoulder looking it just falls short as the limits are too tight. This does give me hope for an update to the software to make this problem go away. Please ask if you have any questions. to be fair I am using this on a 40inch screen and they say it is only good for 30 inch and under...pretty sure this issue would persist on a smaller screen as everything is working fine its just looking up cannot be done comfortably or reliably. I will keep mine and hope for an update in the near future...another option would be to try to use the eye tracking and the DOF of the Track IR at the same time which I will try very soon and update here if I have any luck. EDIT: I will continue to mess with the curves and settings that are adjustable and see if I cannot fix my perceived issue. If it would work in the looking up scenario I would give serious thought to ditching Track Ir and use a hat for sliding around the cockpit which was fine when I was trying it out. Dont get me wrong I do understand the importance of 6dof but eye tracking is that cool and I am sure 6dof would be next step in the evolution.
  3. Ivan just so you know it is supported by their software and there is a profile that comes with, specific for IL2.
  4. Yeah...really like it...kinks in this game I am trying to hammer out. I will post a better review this weekend.
  5. After latest patch I can now using the startup.cfg file set the resolution to 11520x2160 getting 50-60 fps for the little i have run. The issue I am now having is that any resolution higher than 8000x2160 Causes the cockpit view to shift to the right? so the aiming reticule ends up at the right bezel of the main screen. As I go back down closer to 8000x2160 the view lets say 9500x2160 the reticule works its way back towards the middle of the screen.(half way back to the middle) So something weird is happening right at 8000x2160. this seems to be some cap in view for some reason...now when I run 5760x1080 all is well in the cockpit? I will post pics asap. I can say that this game will run @ 11520x2160 pretty well from what I have seen so far. I-7 6700k/2xSLI 980tis fyi. Just need to get view centered. Just so people know this cannot be solved by moving around the cockpit...The view itself is cocked to the right.11520x2160 9500x2160 8000x2160
  6. Curious my pedels came about 2 weeks later than promised. I ordered them a few months in advance. I would keep being impatient but I wouldn't worry one bit. I heard back from support a day or 2 after my inquiry.
  7. Colander excellent post. I can't express how much grit bass shakers add to this game with the audio signal alone. I could only imagine the effects like you say. Tuning the engine to rumble like the race cars they are. I did some simcommander tuning with my engine in Assetto Corsa that was amazing.
  8. What would have been the outcome of the war if Germany had never invaded Russia. I often ponder this scenario.
  9. Bros B4 Horridos... okay I'm leavin...
  10. Crane/ landing gear down in obvious attack position/ thread
  11. Yes Shadow...I can play Borderlands 2 for example and Star Wars Battlefront runs really well. Config gives me same result, though I have only tried to change the resolution and full/windowed options with no go...like I said up to 8000x2160 its golden then that is the "magic" cutoff where I see the error message. Also when I try to force a custom resolution in Nvidia control panel I can only go to 6900x2160 then the TV seems to be the restricting factor? Seems to me there is some kind of hard block at 8000x2160? I really appreciate you taking your time to help. Hoping its just something the devs can change to access higher resolutions as it seems I may be one of the first to even try it at this resolution.
  12. I am pretty sure my crosswinds are both metal and some resin composite material...I bet they taste a little salty as I fly barefoot often.
  13. Just ordered the Tobii 4C with head tracking...hopefully a good replacement for track ir. I will review asap should be here Tuesday.
  14. I have 3 seperate 4k TVs...sorry for the confusion
  15. I have to disagree with your assessment as I run other games at 11520x2160 resolution so it is in my mind a limitation in the game. Also I run 8000x 2160 above 100 fps so I think it will handle this just fine for my tastes. Also I have only tried to run with 2 HDMI to Display port adapters and one tv is HDMI connected. So as I said this config works fine with other games. This issue persists in SLI and single card mode. edit...thank you for input Shadow
  16. I did this as well there 2 lines in the file with exclusive = 1 i changed both
  17. Im not sure what i am doing wrong...i get the compass to show up but the 4 key doesnt move the compass. it just stays where i place it on the overlay in PlayClaw...also I tried to 2.0 and same issue...I am sure its just something I am doing wrong.
  18. I see my issue is windows 10 I missed where you are still working on that. Looking forward to using your tool.
  19. D3D_ERROR Can not create SwapChain: E_INVALIDARG I receive this message if I put resolution above 8000x2160...@ this resolution game plays fine, any higher this is the message. Any ideas? windows 10 tried full and windowed modes ect. game plays great under said res.
  20. I am having no luck getting the grid to move...I can get it to appear no problem...I am using the Numpad 4 as the key but nothing is happening when I press?
  21. What resolution monitor? Can't say accurately without res. spec.
  22. No problem. Maybe I am just used to the stutters.
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