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  1. Sinned...did the Ju52 steal your woman or something? It sounds personal. Many(3) civ. pilot friends of mine only bought this game to fly the JU52.
  2. To me it completes the illusion when you look down and see a body...not a must have but its a little "trippy" not to see your body in game.
  3. No sorry Dan not yet but possible for this week...I was just discussing my impressions of other games with my new headset just waiting for IL2.
  4. It will go as high as 12288x2160...as far as I know...anything higher than 8000x2160 I had ti leave the in game AA on or the view was cockeyed. Not sure why but that fixes it for me.
  5. Tuna...the screen door is gone...the blurring is evident in game but for flight sims I equate it to motion blur which is not bad to me. If you find the in game cinematic view an issue then you may not like this. Also Pimax support has said they are work in on a fix for the motion blur I am pretty sure. I do worry the planes in bos may blur pretty bad but the bogeys in Elite are crisp. Give me a few days to get over the wow factor and I will have a better idea how it shakes out. DCS looks awesome but I did have to lower some settings. You feel like you can reach out and touch the cockpits...I am amazed. So as long as it works with BOS I am sold. Also as you read my critiques just know this is the only headset I have tried.
  6. Holy Cow Elite looks amazing...running in steamvr 1st No screen door effect(no dsr enabled yet either) 2nd severe blurring(ghosting) in menus but game was fine... 3rd headache after 30 mins taking a break(I was spinning around like a fool) 4th going to be hard to pull this thing off my head 5th headtracking is great 6th I have a big head and glasses, comfort good I was set up and running games in 15-20mins. These are my early impressions of my first ever VR flight...dcs will be next...cannot wait for IL2.
  7. will do for sure...it should arrive tomorrow but I have some writing to finish then I will dive in. I may start a Pimax thread to catalog my triumphs and tribulations lol. As I am sure there will be many.
  8. Stick I ordered mine on sale at a place called Gearbest.com. this will be my first order from them. I did notice some promo codes around the web but none beat the sale so I didnt try.
  9. http://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/got-trackir-working-with-pimax-in-dcs-world/1529 This guy got his Pimax 4k working with Trackir(in DCS)...seems promising.
  10. Just to make it interesting...I am getting 50 fps on the ground and 60+ in the air with three 4k monitors. I think for sure THIS game could handle the Pimax 4k or 8k. I am amazed at how well the game runs at 11520x2160 so I guess I am saying that performance of the game shouldn't be a limiting factor.
  11. Yeah I am excited to hear opinions on all the headsets...seems there are benefits and drawbacks to each of them at this point.
  12. I play Elite Dangerous also so this review was good to see. I think Jason is getting or has a Pimax so hopefully it's testing as well.
  13. And plenty of people report no problems with Pimax and DCS as well. Im not going to let the internet keep me from a cheaper higher resolution option. Also DCS and IL2 are completely different engines as well. Pimax and Vive and Oculus all use the same software but pimax has better hardware on paper so I will wait and see for sure...example in E.D. people much prefer the Pimax to either popular brand. This game is the gold standard for simmers at the moment. Much of my positivity comes from using my analog thumbstick to slide around the cockpit doest bother me and the Pimax can do everything else. (Actually tracks faster than the Vive or Oculus.)
  14. Pimax are working with NOLO? It is a stand alone motion controller that will add motion tracking as well. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzaQkS-koIgqs9EOTtF9z3w Also the 4k is $299
  15. I have a Pimax 4K on the way and you can get 6dof with a few different options one being track IR. Now if it will work with IL2 we will see. After updated the 3dof is getting great reviews. To say there are only 2 options is not correct. Pimax can use steam vr and the oculus equivalent. From their forums it says the 8k will have motion tracking (6dof I assume) and it would hopefully be backward compatable with the 4k. They do interact well with the community even with a bit of a language barrier.
  16. Thanks so much Beazil...Many years of building this up. I have a Pimax 4k on the way to top everything off. Still will use triple screen for many other games even if I cannot come back from VR? I will say ID on aircraft is superb in 4k. I think you will be more than happy with the 144hz setup...I was so torn but I have realized over time that 60hz refresh rate is good for my eyes...when I see 120 or 144 I perceive a slight difference. The size of the TVs just won me over in the end. I look forward to your impressions of your setup and also to the improvements Jason discussed about giving a proper 3 screen mode.
  17. if you(not u Gambit)see this picture and do not understand what the JU52 brings to this and future games then I cannot be your internet friend. It is simply awe Inspiring.
  18. Installed latest drivers and now 11520x2160 runs great...45-50 fps on the ground with 8 110s on the runway and 8 HE111s in the air at 300m. Pegged at 60+ when 200m off the ground...amazing.
  19. I will give it a go and if I get caught up I will ask for sure.
  20. I just ordered a PiMax 4K headset...I will let you know if spotting is better as I assume it will be.
  21. Thank you sir...look forward to getting my hands on this.
  22. Hey there kissklas my extension has been shipped...could I possibly get you to post a link to the 11pin adaptor you say is needed...I am a noob and dont want to buy the wrong one...Ebay would be fine for me. Thanks and I will of course post my impressions after. Thank you for this cool idea.
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