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  1. though not ideal the audio does a nice job with my bass shakers. Also I do believe telemetry export is in the works for the future? Will need a co-sign on that to be sure.
  2. Well technically you owe my Pimax an apology but I will pass the message along
  3. Rider if the option is selected in game properly I would think its a matter of setting up in windows sound settings..here you can test to make sure surround is working..
  4. pimax looks better and with nolo will BE better than oculus or vive at a cheaper price...maybe try before you give advice or at least be informed about the products.Also swivel chair is a god sent for checking 6
  5. make sure u are at 5.1 in the speaker settings in game and in Windows
  6. Pimax 4k is only $299 US dollars brand new. No 6dof but can be upgraged later. Has better resolution than Vive or Oculus and only needs to run at 60fps to be fluid. There is an oculus app that you can make it picture in picture like on a television...well I am sure you could set up a webcam or phone to video stream your keyboard and you could see what you are doing that way?
  7. Lonny hello...I am using the 1.2.57 latest drivers and latest Nvidia drivers and I am not getting the effect you are describing. I also set my Pimax too video mode and changed the resolution to 2560x1440 as it was at 1920x1080 as default. Then back to Pimax mode for gaming. I agree the latest driver is close to the aspect ratio of the 1.1.92 driver as well. For IL2 the scale feels better in latest driver.
  8. If they gave bombardier access to bomb sight they would accidentally have a poor mans mighty eight with the missing multiplayer concept. A team of 4 bombers and gunners in a co-op bombing together with escorts. Sounds awesome to me.(I have 4 kids...almost a full crew)
  9. as a workaround for gunsight adjustment turn off vr and adjust like you would before in 2d. Then save where u like with F10 key. Then when you boot back to vr the setting will hold.
  10. You enable vr within the game graphics settings...restart the game and you should be in.
  11. I haven't tried any other headset so I cannot compare FOV but it is listed as the same as the rift I believe. There is no 6dof but there is a pseudo effect if you lean and you can easily see over the nose. I am working on getting vjoy to work with my track ir. Will update as I progress. I also have found the drift is an issue but bearable for me.(my trackir clipped quite often so i was recentering alot) I do believe this will be remedied with nolo due out in June? They are working with Nolo vr directly(Also the devs are actively working on this and many other issues) Not ideal but the screen looks really good to me. Light ghosting but steady 60fps with no ill feelings.
  12. Pimax works very well...I will post a detailed review in a few days. I can see contacts at 8k+ but cannot I'd till much closer.
  13. Great choice Gambit. I can hardly tell a difference between 60hz or 100+hz. 4k is amazing.
  14. Pimax 4k is working and looking nice...no 6dof but everything else is there with beautiful resolution. I will play with visual settings later but so far amazing for only 300$ & head tracking improvements in the works.
  15. I have been ramping cars in Assetto Corsa all day trying to get some air in anticipation.
  16. CuriousG this is a little off topic...where do you stand on IL2s getting shot down by tanks??? Sorry! just randomly popped in my head.
  17. Lastly, at this time id avoid anything other than a Rift for VR (then perhaps a Vive) as all others are pretenders to the throne. Pimax blows the vive and oculus out of the water in Assetto Corsa visual quality. Head drift is no worse than track ir. And many options for 6dof ad ons so don't count it out just yet. Much better in Elite also. Touchdown disable the Pimax software so it doesn't try to start up when you start PC...let it boot up then start software, seems to run much better this way.
  18. Most games that run on oculus or vive should run fine on pimax less hand controllers.
  19. wife...frying pan...nice forehand...done.
  20. I can't speak for VR mode yet but I have a snap view set for my six and straight up also. Works great for tracking head on passes.
  21. Zami I am in your frame of mind...I see you have a really nice monitor and I have a 4k. Its so hard to step down is resolution.(even if I must sacrifice and or improvise in other areas such as 6dof) As long as the ghosting isn't terrible (I think they have screwy timings set for the screen in direct mode? Drivers need worked out which gives me hope and they update regularly) I will be sticking with the Pimax until a major resolution upgrade happens across the board.
  22. I know each game is different but I have no issues running SteamVr and getting Oculus support with Assetto Corsa through my Pimax headset using revive latest versions of all software. So with one less hoop to jump through I believe it will run smoothly for Oculus users even if the performance is impacted a bit. I personally don't notice a difference in my headset but I am maxing out as 60 fps so that could be a major difference when trying to stay above 90 fps at all times? Stick I was just referring to some of the negative reviews online about the head tracking not being very good. I find it works quite well but no 6dof. I will try to use the Pimax and Trackir through vjoy or something and will let you know how it goes.
  23. And I think adding a Russian transport would be good for the sim and the community.
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