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  1. Yeah man, my Nolo took 3 weeks to ship after label was printed. I was in Wol and the drift wasn't really bothersome. It's there especially if you look one direction for a while but it's not an issue for me. I am actually facing west and I too had read about facing north but have not had to do that yet. I also don't feel ghosting is any worse for me and quality is a step up. I am running 1.2.91 with no problems. It may be important to note my sensor for Nolo is about 10 inches above my head and tracks me almost 360 degrees. I am sitting about 3-5 feet from the sensor and cannot express enough how nice it tracks. Edit-west let me know how you like the BE edition, I am curious to here your opinion.
  2. Hey guys just wanted to shoot an update...I received my Nolo vr kit...so far it is working like a charm. Up and running in 30 mins after a few videos of how to pair with Pimax. The head movement is better and more responsive than my Track IR was.(this is opinion as I do not have numbers to support this). Drift is still evident but not any worse and with new Piplay update seems to be better overall. I have yet to go up in Multiplayer but I will report back after I do. So far guys this is working out like a dream...good resolution with 6DOF also want to mention I can still turn 360 and as long as the sensor can see the headset no problems looking behind me and this is mounted above my monitor not on ceiling. Pleasant surprise.
  3. (Slaps Canada One with leather glove)" I challenge you to a duel good sir"
  4. I use 40inch 4K TVs for monitors. I have had a good experience downscaling the image to 1080p. It strangely looked better at 1080p than 1440p. Maybe the way the pixels line up but also being a TV it has to down scale better due to most content being 1080. So keep that in mind. Bigger screen for cheaper than a good monitor.
  5. Roger that Wolf...I am getting better looking results using Nvidia DSR but it drops fps a bit more than using S.S. what you said would explain the big difference I noticed. Thanks for that. Also wanted to mention I do have a bit of a drift issue online...it seems almost not there offline which seems strange. This is without my Nolo which still has not shipped yet. Hopefully the 6dof tracking will fix any issue with drift. I will update here as soon as I get it going.
  6. There is soft ware on the tobii site that has a profile for the game...right click on the tobii taskbar icon and it should be there if its installed. Its called profile manager or something.
  7. Tuna right now its res is set at 2560x1440@60hz...I find using SS or DSR both really clears the image up. I have messed with the video settings over the past few days and now have it running at 60fps online WOL at all times. When using DSR factor of 2.25 it runs at the screens native res of 3840x2160 @60hz...this option drops below 60fps sometimes so its still a work in progress. Westgj I am using the latest I believe which is 1.2.75 which seems to be the most stable and best performing update...I would like to say they do a good job of addressing issues from what I can tell. Updates every few weeks or so.
  8. A Pitomnik Air-Bridge scenario would be really cool...JU52s and HE111s under fighter cover tasked with getting troops airlifted out of the cauldron seems like a blast in simulation terms.
  9. Tuna haven't received my dispatch email for Nolo yet...and yes I do wear glasses. No issue with comfort and I have a fairly large head. I always stay above 30 fps which believe it or not for me doesn't bother me. Once I get above 200m I stays pegged at 60 fps most of the time. I think the lower refresh rate(60hz) helps with lower specs as long as the refresh rate doesn't bother you. For me no problem. I will upgrade video card in a few months I hope.
  10. I know I am going to lose more than win...but I cannot wait to go up against a Spit in my 110...Dont really care to fly the Spit but I am ready to fight her for sure.
  11. I hope the air marshall is on a ship which could be sunk making the player dead in that role for the round...someone else could take up the role and"takeover" another ship...not necessarily the carrier to make them harder to find....or give them a recon(float) plane to fly in.
  12. I fly the JU-52 just to annoy sinned
  13. Before I got my vr headset I was running on 3 40inch 4K screens with 2 980 ti's with excellent results. Above 60 fps most of the time. I usually run 1.3 S.S. but I am experamenting with setting the Pimax to run at 3840x2160. which is a nice trade off with lower AA. Still trying to find the sweet spot.
  14. Zami for me I think it is just fine as far as FOV is concerned although I wish I had tried one of the other headsets to give a better answer...The latest update by Pimax is running great...smooth as can be...still awaiting Nolo vr(June sometime)
  15. While Jade and I see eye to eye on many things...I would say Triple screen 4K setup is absolutely amazing(I do play Assetto Corsa and other games as well too his point). I have 40inch screens and I could imagine 50+ would still look amazing in 4K...I sit in mine like a cockpit with screens at almost 90degrees in a I_I shape. Jason had mentioned if resources allowed, fixing/giving the game proper Triple screen support I assume would fix the aspect ratio on bomb-sight ect. in game. Hopefully adapting Nvidia's new triple screen tech would look awesome...(I believe it would be like 3 screen mode in DCS where you can adjust the image depending on angle/size of your monitors but much more versatile. <---I could be wrong about that?) All that being said I fly with my Pimax vr also alot of the time so I am torn which is better...?
  16. I mostly fly Bf110 which looks amazing in VR but the rear gunner calls out contacts for me. Then its just a simple double check before I fire.
  17. With latest Pi play update all FOV issues are fixed...I am running i6700/3000ddr4/2 980 ti's/z170 mobo
  18. No to the godrays Stick...the level bombing I do not really do. I could give it a go later as I have yet to jump in the he 111 yet...I will report back.
  19. You are correct steamvr does need to be running. I also have revive running but that is for other games(ie assetto corsa) I just never turned it off. Doesn't seem to bother anything so I just let it run.
  20. Thad I can run it without steam running in background. Now I do believe depending on which driver you use you do not need steam running but you do need to have steam vr downloaded but not running after initial setup of pimax. They are updating drivers every few weeks and I do remember an older driver where you needed steam vr to be active to play.
  21. This will be where I post my experience with the Pimax 4k HMD $299-349. First I will say I am happy with my purchase. I have yet to try an oculus or Vive headset so please keep that in mind when considering my point of view. Comfort: Feels comfortable to wear for hour at a time as thats the most I have used it...I have a rather large head and wear glasses. Others have used it with no complaints. Screen: I will start with the resolution of the screen. It really does have a nice detailed screen. It is not 4k per eye but I think it equates to 2k per eye under current configuration but has much higher pixel density than the other 2 mainstream headsets. The 60hz refresh rate for me has not been an issue, for others it may be. The smooth head tracking and crisp picture do make for a nice smooth picture and I am using DSR of 3840x2160. So I am filling every pixel of the screen. I use no AA and find the edges nice and smooth. I do use 1.3 SS in Steamvr. I wish I could compare how clear the views are compared to a Oculus or Vive but I am pleased with the screen. The only screen door effect I see is if I stare a white cloud and even then I have to look for it to see it. In action it will never cross your mind. There are vertical black lines that are for defogging the lenses I believe and they are visible for a second but disappear once you focus on the Vr world.(some complain they can see them?) There is ghosting of the screen but for me I do not notice it unless I stare at a gauge and move my head really fast.(its like having the ingame motion blur active. They are working on constant updates and have improved this drastically in just a month. I can spot well it is just hard to ID targets until they are within 4k or so. I do not want to say I can spot better than other headsets because I have not tried the others, I can just say I am happy with what the Pimax does, I am a ground pounder most of the time. Head Tracking: The head tracking on the unit has caused me zero problems so far. The tracking is great for what it is but it does lack 6dof (I have Nolo vr add on coming in June so hopefully that will fix this issue). I really do not find the lack of 6dof a game breaker as I have adjusted well enough, but I am sure it will be better with it no doubt. There were complaints of the head drift being really bad for some users but I have found the constant software and firmware updates are doing a great job of killing bugs. The drift is all but gone for me and I find I am re-centering my view less than I did with my Track IR but I do still have to do it every so often especially in a hectic dog fight. Software: The Piplay software is easy too use and they are working to make it better with noticeable gains in every updated. There are 2 versions of the software people are using. The latest is what I am using and it seems to be the best for IL2. The older version had a little less ghosting but the scale was off a bit. I have noticed performance gains in IL2 with the updates from Pimax and they are very active listening to the community even with a language barrier. I will update this as I have time but please ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer.
  22. FPS may be better but resolution will not improve with this device unless I am missing something?
  23. Hagar I agree...I attached my stick and throttle to the chair.
  24. Metabo not the exact answer...I too have a hard time looking around. I have a swivel chair that works wonderfully
  25. The way the FW-190s engine blew was very nice...don't recall seeing that before?
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