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  1. Will post as soon as I am home tomorrow...but I will say the "magic" setting for me was to make sure under sli settings is too make sure you choose single as your render method...for example it will say afr, afr2, single ect. Choose the single option. Make sure the number of cards is also correct. For you of course that option should be "three" since you have tri SLI. Sorry if you know all this already but I hope you f out nd some of this helpful. I will check back as soon as I arrive home.
  2. My point was your hardware is fine and my 2 cards and "weaker" CPU are getting same frames as you and im running 5920x2180 so it seems you may have a messed up nv control panel or inspector setting. SLI can work but if the nvidia inspector profile is out of wack it may explain the prob you are having.
  3. Question...why can we not assign these to an axis...is it for realism sake or just needing patched?
  4. I have a four monitor 1920x1080 setup running 2 780 gtx ti (SLI)on ultra settings and I get between 40-60 fps with dips in the 30 flying very low with explosions. you should be killing this game with that card 1920x1080? I will say make sure you set your profile in NVIDIA inspector if you have not. I also make sure both cards are running using MSI afterburner and my G13 display so its easy for me to tell. Let me know if you need my NVIDIA inspector settings.
  5. Hey guys...sorry must be carryover from CLOD but I was trying to set pitch and rads for BF109 and I guess these models that is set to auto...hence my not seeing the axis used...I switched to a Russian bird and all responded as expected...thanks so much for your help. I will be airbound in multiplayer next week when I get home from out of town. Thanks agian.
  6. Okay...so first thank you all for your helpful promt reply. If I understand right, I only have the quadrant set too 2xrads,boost,prop pitch,and mixture...they are all being "seen" in the control settings...but when i get in game the axis do not respond? I would assume I could use them both as long as I dont have the throttle set on both the ch throttle and the quadrant at the same time...which I am pretty sure I am not doing. Sorry if I am a little dim but thats what I think you are saying? I did not calibrate them in windows first so I will go do that now and see if that does the trick. Thanks again.
  7. I have CH pedels, Stick and Throttle all work just fine...The Quadrant is loading fine in the controls section but when I get in game the axis do not work? I am not using the CH control manager software and I hope to not use it. Just odd because they all work fine in CLOD and all work fine in BOS accept the axis on the Quadrant??? I have tried inverting axis and such...unpluging the usb. Hope its something simple I am overlooking. Thanks in advance. This is the last thing keeping me from jumping in multiplayer...and I know you guys are looking for a turkey to shoot at.
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