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  1. I wish I we had a "black death" like track to run. I am running a high resolution so that may have something to do with it as well. This could be a plecebo but from looking at fps it seems to bottom out around 50 fps where with HT off it dips into the mid 40's. But with no track its hard for me to tell? I really like the system. Plays everything really solid. I will say that at my resolution my GFX card is stressed to 80-99% while playing and that's what leads me to believe that its the HT making a small difference. The chip overclocked easy as can be and that was a noticeable difference in IL2 for sure. I thought that HT on was unusual from what I have read around here. I think you will be very pleased with an i5 if you go that route.
  2. I am new to Intel so please forgive my ignorence. From what I have gathered Hyper Threading is to be turned off In this sim for best results. I seem to get slightly better performance with it enabled. Especially with multiple (A.I.)HE-111's on screen. So my question is this. Does Intel implement this in anew way on Skylake that makes this run better than on the older chips?
  3. I always enjoy when I am watching a Video and I start to move my head expecting the screen to move. I am conditioned like a good dog I guess.
  4. You got me there? I would think both. I bought in all at once but someone will be along shortly with an answer I am sure.
  5. I will admit I am one of those guys who takes off where ever when ever...But I always look before I leap as too stay out of any real pilots way. hehe. Its not that I want too but when that bird gets going sometimes I just follow her. Please forgive me and don't hesitate to grab a tank and pull me out of the mud when you see me this summer. Thanks ahead of time.
  6. okay off to ebay. will post link here.
  7. She has served me well but its time to let her go...I now have a 980. I am looking to sell and ship to the US only for 325$ this is the ASUS reference version that is known as a beast of an overclocker. Works 100% fine. Was running in SLI so no overclocking done on this one. If interested or have a question let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hello Gents, Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I have an AMD 965 Phenom II x4 and she is overclocked to 3.95 and runs BOS with Ultra settings at 3300x1920 resolution. My fps runs 50-60 fps up high and 40-50 fps down low. I understand for some that is too low FPS but for me it is perfect. Not trying to say AMD is anywhere near as good as Intel for this game. Just letting thread starter know there are plenty of good cheap AMD CPUs that will run this game great. Also I do have 2 780 Ti in SLI. I believe this game is a bit more graphics card dependent than many say. Because it seems I am getting really good performance compared to many other users running much better CPUs than I use.
  9. So I reinstalled the game and now it works fine.
  10. this just started for me this morning...I had played last night and now I get the same message?
  11. Hope I am not to far off topic...Did the heaters in any plane degrade performance at all when turned on? Seems my car is a bit slower when the rear defrost is on?
  12. Unit loaded default windows USB drivers...all of the buttons, ON/OFF rockers, and dials all work flawlessly with no other drivers needed. my flaps, rads, are now axis. NICE! I too like the cool factor of the rocker switches to control engines and such. Only downside is that all my controls were offset in BOS but thats a small price to pay for this button Panel. I may get the FLT-2 if it is released as well. Wonder if my wife will be as thrilled with this one as I am?<---------sarcasm.
  13. Okay FLT-1 received. Looks awesome...light weight should be easy to mount. High quality build. I will be setting up my controls for a bit and will be back with my impressions. So far, so good.
  14. would really love to be able to move map around as I use and irregular resolution...4 monitor setup...with 3x1920x1080 1x1920x1080 all the menus and the map are located "off screen" please help devs.
  15. Well I have been looking for a panel for a while now...So I will let you know how it is when I get it. The reviews for the other products are very good. I am sure this will be no different.
  16. Bussard...please give update as I was also thinking of going the Win10 route.
  17. I own the premium edition and want to unlock the IL2 with the rear gunner. I have looked around and cannot see where to unlock this or do I not have access to this plane?
  18. The Inspector lets you have access to SLI settings and seems to have more options than the standard CP settings. Maybe soneone with some knowledge will chime in with a better explanation. If you are not overclocking a slight 10 to 15% boost on the CPU might get you back to the 60.
  19. Hello Zetterman, I believe the Inspector tool is geared to us with SLI setups. I would say to change all of the SLI settings to what I have with one exception. The three settings asking for number of GPUs for you I would make this THREE since you of course have 3 cards. Also go to the search bar up top and you will find a IL2 BOS profile. This is the one you want to change and do not forget to APPLY the settings at the top right of the window. Hopefully you already got this going good.
  20. Hopefully this shows up...and hope it helps. http://img.techpowerup.org/150301/nvidia_20150301_154018.png and the rest.
  21. The devs do realize I can just turn on my CH software and make all controls an axis if I want too? That seems very silly and makes me see that there is a bit of a Russian bias going on here. I am trying my best to deny but that is really lame if they allow for some Russian planes but not the German ones. All good CH software here I come. Do they not think this is an issue or what? Not looking to start an discussion just first I have really directly come accross such bias in this game. Heard about it plenty but just my first run in with it that is all.
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