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  1. I just wanted to let anyone who was considering this purchase know my thoughts. model #51396 I have a nice set of Logitech speakers z5500 but my issue has always been the wires running behind chair. I have a 17,15,4,1 year old(I know, I know, what the hell was I thinking) and I have always seemed to have little kids around, so no go on the surround setup as the PC has always been for everyone to play on. So I have seen these rockers and it hit me, with the built in speakers they could be the rear channels in my setup. Well I purchased the pedestal version of the seat and I love it. For the price of most other decent office chairs you get a great cockpit seat.($199USD). The speakers on their own are good. Bass hits hard and full, the 4 inch speakers are very nice and crisp. My first though was to fire up IL2 and HOLY CRAP it rocked...there is also a built in transducer or bass shaker built in. It vibrates and jumps with the engine and when you start to stall it gives great feedback as well. Playing Elite Dangerous the effects are probally even better. The weapons react very nicely and the thrust effects are spot on. This is all done with the sound from the game so nothing to tweak or adjust as far as force is concerned. The comfort of the chair is the weakest point. Even with the pedestal it sits low to the floor. 18inches off the ground is the where the seat is and it cannot be adjusted up or down. I could build a riser with no issue if I needed too but my desk sits low already so it works great for my setup. I do use a cusion for lumbar but that could just be my 40 year old construction back. I have sat here for hours and had no problems but the chair feels like a gaming chair. I feel like I am laying back abit more so I had to push chair closer to my desk than my regular office chair. I would give an 8/10 on comfort. These are my early impressions and I will let you know if anything changes as time goes on.
  2. I will take a 110...sure I can make it this week.
  3. Hate to do this but I have to bow out due to family events...I will be back for sure next week. Look forward to reading the AAR's.
  4. Nice video Harry...I knew you were going down. Intense.
  5. Thanks Manu look forward to seeing you above me.
  6. See this thread herehttp://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21236-plp-running-flawless/...not sure if 3D mode will work for a custom resolution but I would give it a try. I have a few ideas if it doesn't work. Just let me know. I have no 3D experience but I do recall seeing that you must run your monitors in landscape mode for 3d effect to work? something about the way the monitors render the 3d it will not work in portrait mode. This could very well be outdated information as far as I know but I wanted to pass that along.
  7. Don't give up Gramps...most fun I have had with this game by far. Just got me a 110 shared kill and a Stuka...awesome fun.
  8. If you can wait a 3 months or so? Pascal will be out and you can get one(970) dirt cheap on Ebay...reduce your resolution a bit for now. I bet it still looks amazing with a lower res...just for now.
  9. I will take a 110 please & I can switch sides if we need it again. Had a great time flying red last week.
  10. Hey Ride. FYI I was having same launcher issue with soft th. If you remove the d3d9 file and the file soft th creates(same folder where you placed d3d9 file) then start launcher, it should work...let the launcher update the game. Place the 2 files back in the folder and soft th should work again. This will have to be done for each game update. You will still have to launch game with IL-2exe.
  11. This happens to me if i leave my XBOX one controller plugged in...unplug it and start game and its back to normal...I know its a stretch but worth a shot
  12. do people still do this??? I am not responsible if you damage your stuff trying this...Just in case because I have no $ lol.
  13. Okay here goes... 1. On the monitor you will use as your main/middle screen go to the NV control panel and create a custom resolution that is equal to the horizontal total of all the monitors. you are using. For example: you have 1 27 inch 1920x 1080 monitor and 2 19 inch 1280 x 1024 monitors. PLP settings would be as follows. 19inch 1024x1280// 27 inch 1920x1080// 19inch 1024x1280 this would equal a custom resolution of 1024+1920+1024=3968x1080 or you could 3968x1280 and only lose 200pixels off the middle monitor but it still looks great. This option should eliminate the fish eye a little better due to the aspect ratio if that is the correct term? What ever you decide to use the custom res must be done on the 27 inch monitor I do believe. I had one monitor that wouldn't take the custom resolution but the other 3 did fine. If there is a major pixel count difference in the monitors, line the bottoms of the monitors up in the control panel settings as well...this will make sure you can select all menus at the bottom in game. For example my system looked like a big H shape. 1080x1920//1920x1080//1080x1920 but it looked great. just had to move the middle screen up and down until I found the sweet spot looking out the front of the plane. took a couple of times moving the monitors physically and in the NVcontrol panel. When you do this the icons will become very small just find the yes box and click it and after a few blinks it should go back to the 1920x 1080 resolution. because the icons will be small move the NV control panel window to the wing monitor so that you can change resolution back manually should it get stuck on high resolution...This will not effect windows resolution only let the game see that you have that resolution available. So next start your game and go to video options and change the following settings: Vsync off (not a must but windows 10 and 8.1 have built in vsync and it ran better for me with vsync off ingame and in NV control panel) Fullscreen off so you are running in borderless windowed mode Go to dropdown menu and select resolution...since update 1.2 you have to start game in launcher then select custom resolution from there as if you go to in game menu to change resolution it will not work. It will not let you select the custom resolution...if you change any settings you will have to restart and go back into game through the laucher again selecting the custom resolution. It will stay after you set it as long as you do not change any graphics options in game. if you do change a setting, rinse and repeat. I would like to first thank _ MaD_ for helping me test and consult on this workaround, and also a thanks too Dakpilot for giving me a valuable nugget on Vsync info. Both were very helpful even if they didn't know it. Also the racing sim community has a great bit of knowledge on triple screen setups and the like, so thanks much to all of them in general. UPDATE... I received a broken 4K TV for free...was fixed for $130 dollars now I have this...with custom resolution of 5234x1800 PLP 1017x1808//3200x1800//1017x1808=5234x1800(I have settled on this resolution so I can have better frame rates) Ideally with SLI I could go to native resolution of 6000x2160? Not sure if I could even go that high? It still looks amazing...just for info...The monitors are 2-23inch Dells(1920x1080) and the middle TV is a Samsung 40inch(So when everyone is asleep tonight take the TV out of the living room and set it up...it is amazing). Just a side note, Had to trick my TV to run custom resolution at 60hz...it would default to 30hz unless you set it too 1920x1080 @60hz first. Then I was able to get it to accept custom resolution with 60hz. This may just be my TV? Hope some have found this helpful.
  14. Okay...give me a day or 2 to put it together.
  15. O yeah I just watched that head on...that was close...and I was killed in first sortie. We lost another yak but the pilot bailed I do believe I am not sure with who it was in the first sortie but I dove on a 109 and we had what I would consider a solid dogfight until I lost him in the fog of war. 3 mins later boom I'm down. Pretty sure it was HUND. Great fight whoever it was.
  16. I know this is no new discovery but I have 4 monitors running flawlessly in PLP mode with stacked center monitors. 1080x1920/1920x2160/1080x1920 portrait /2 stacked / portrait landscape The benefit is that it mostly eliminates the fisheye effect you see on triple screen setups with out having to go PPP setup which I had for a while. Let me add that this is running in true resolution no super zoomed in perspective and this is not using SOFT TH. Great for adding 2 19inch 1280x1024 monitors as wings for your 1920x1080 center monitor with all running at proper resolution. So dust off those old monitors and try it out it is a game changer The way I have it set up it will work for normal PLP setups also...this means mixed resolutions will work with this fix(workaround) as well too. I know a lot of people struggle with triple screen setup so if anyone wants to know how just let me know and I will leave a guide. If not then I just wanted to brag a little. You need at least windows 8.1 but I am sure it works in windows 10. Sorry if this is already out there but I just wanted to share what I believe I have figured out.
  17. What is the button limits for a single controller in this game? Looking at getting one with 48 functions? Thanks.
  18. Holy cow this just fixed every stutter I was having. I knew it was Vsync causing the problem, I just had no idea Windows 10 has built in vsync...It works great. The stutters were not terrible but enough to frustrate a bit. This thread should be posted up top for all to see. It really is a game changer. See my sig below...FYI I am running a bezel corrected Triple screen setup at non native resolution. 3300x1920. So not sure about the native resolution issue. Thanks for the information guys.
  19. Me and son both have triple screen setups
  20. +2 (my son and I both have triple screen setups) and If word gets out that a flight sim supports triple screen with little fuss then you may attract more customers. There are large forums devoted to wide and triple screen setups. And Im the kind of guy who would "whore" the game out over there too. And many talented guys and gals would help if the devs have any questions as well. FYI BOS looks great in triple screen portrait mode.
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