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  1. So here is the deal...I have always apreciated the threads where people give away a free copy of the game too someone. Well here it goes with a slight twist. I am giving away 1 FREE copy of Battle of Stalingrad standard edition. There is a catch. You must attend​ ​ 3 Saturday Night Bomber Flights Over the next 2 months.(I will be more than willing to help get you ready) Thats it, thats all it will cost you. Just please honor your word and try to fly with us. I dont want to be one of those guys who complains about lack of players and doesnt do anything about it if I can. I would prefer it goes to someone who is strapped for cash or really in no position to buy the game but has been a forum lurker for a while or something. So if you know someone tell them to post here and I will give it too them. Please do not take advantage of this if you have the game already, just come fly with us already LOL. I hope I can add a little cheer to someones day! Jason W. aka GrendelsDad First to post and commit to the terms gets it...I think the devs said you need a forum accout so if your posting your good.
  2. Awesome work guys...Cant wait to get back to painting war machines again. Stuck in the world of Warlocks Orcs and Undead with my kids right now, so all my painting time goes there. Only a few more years till they are old enough to get into it with me. Just had a closer look at the work here...excuse my urban slang but this is some next level shit right here!!!
  3. Funny thing is they did the same thing in Assetto Corsa as well. I gained 20-25 fps with them turned off in that game. These overlays piss me off lol.
  4. Yeah he did sneak up on our PE2 and blast it out of the sky a few weeks ago...just sayin.
  5. You don't happen to be using MSI afterburner or Riva tuner? These both would almost cut my fps in half when used...I had to reset to get the card to run at full speed, for some reason it was only running at 700 MHz or so. But again its a long shot, disable reset PC and try. Good Luck.
  6. I will do my best to influence the powers above me...I am excited already!
  7. Check out the thread on PLP setup...this might be what your looking for...I run a 40inch 3840x2160 middle with 2 23 inch wings in portrait mode both at 1200x2160(custom resolution) for a total of 6240 x 2160...it looks amazing! and runs at 50-60 fps on ultra with HDR and no SSAO fyi. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21236-plp-running-flawless/
  8. Gramps if you can make it this week I will fly with you.
  9. I would like to be the first to offer to fly the 111 or an 88 what ever the mission calls for. Also I will need another pilot to also fly with me because I don't know jack about either...actually I have never flown either sooooo. I am off to WOL to practice.
  10. Hello everyone. I am here on behalf of the Saturday Night Bomber Flight crew. We really need some Russian pilots on Saturday nights. For the guys who like to fly bombers there is truely no better place to be than apart of a flight of 4-10 bombers flying into a target together escorted by 4-8 fighters. The fighter guys looking to add a few notches to your belt...well come get it I dare you. Your whimpy planes will be shredded trying to get to the bomber formations. And if you do get through the cover well you are not going to be facing BLIND AI gunners. Every bomber pilot I know when the shit hits the fan jumps in the gunner seat. So if you are a good pilot and want to step up the realism and competition then come join us. I think many people are intimidated and think they are not good enough yet to join such an event. Well I must say that was my thought first as well. But you will soon see that there are many levels of skill at this event. Some guys wreck on takeoff, some get stuck in the mud...its no big deal. We all have fun and thats the bottom line. Last night i Kamakazied my 110 into a truck(not on purpose) and it was fun as hell. no one was upset, Think I scared my tail gunner who was a human(sorry MILO). My point is this is for all of us, not just elite pilots. Too add to this point, do not worry if you cannot navigate that well, you will follow your flight leader and over time you will pick up how to navigate yourself. You will learn to navigate by accident and necessity when your flight leader inevitably goes down in a fireball. Which brings me to the point of comms. This is the best part for NOOBS like myself. You can ask why you keep burning that engine and what are the proper settings for rads and fuel, loadouts, anything you need or want to know. This is the place to be for info and these guys are always there to help and answer any questions you have. You will become a better pilot very quickly if you want too. and if you are just looking for some casual fly time this is also a good place too come...look at a few flight plan pics and follow the plane in front of you to the objective. I have had multiple encounters every single SNBF I have participated in. I have seen or been contacted by enemy within 15-20 minutes in every single mission I have flown. Was in a flight a few weeks ago and 6 out of 8 of us didn't make it home and 4 out of the 6 of them didn't make it home. You will never find this scenario on regular public server. Events like this make the community strong, and the game last. Please come shoot down some German planes next week, I promise we will not shoot back at you...especially if you come straight at the bomber formation slow and at our six. HEY 216 IM TALKING TOO YOU!!!! also if we need numbers many of us switch sides no problem.
  11. I may be wrong on this, I do not think any monitors are at 4K above 60hz? Some one will be in shortly to confirm I am sure. a lot of helpful people around here.
  12. I will follow my leader and take an E7 as well
  13. any way we could take a few 110s as I have a few of us inline if we could?
  14. I also want to mention that Jade_Monkey should recieve an award for bad-assadness as he was the first 88 we saw go down and he could barely control that 88. He came about 10 meters from hitting that bridge with his plane and final bomb. That was amazing too see on the track...lesson to be learned fighter pilots. If a bomber is near a target and you think you shot him down, better be sure cause we will take something with us if we can.
  15. 2 ju 88 (Jade_Monkey & Rogge) 2 Bf 110 (5.ZG1_Haug & and myself) 2 109 F4 (4./JG52MANU653 & 4./JG52HUND) All bombed up an flying at 2500km headed to bridges in sector 379 10 minutes to target and at my 3 o'clock 9km out I see a flight of 6 or 7 Yaks and Laggs co-alt. I call my escorts to action as it seems to me there must be some of our guys over there. Manu calls to the other 109s and knows it's not us...time to haul ass! I want to mention our flight leader took us just north as too avoid contacts and his strategy worked perfectly. Great job. back to the flight... The 88s & and 110s start hammering to the target. Our escorts of 4./JG52MANU653 & 4./JG52HUND immediately placed themselves between us and the Reds gaining a bit of alt in the process. In the fog of making sure I'm not bring chased I veered off course and ahead of the flight a bit. This caused the 88s to arrive at target before us(without escorts as they were following the 110s who were off course). Jade and Rogge smashed 2 bridges in 2 mins. As we were all forming up to take down the third, the Unescorted 88s were jumped by 3 YAKs...we were just far enough away to watch Jade get smashed by what seemed like 500 rounds. Engines flaming and he is climbing like a madman trying to get away from PEZ and uRpark. (see post below for detailed heroics) As Derrick is cutting through the other 88 I approach with Haug close by and send a volley into the Yak1. He still doesn't break off as I zoom past. Almost the same instant Manu slides behind derrik & fills him with enough lead he has to break off right away and head home. I see his stream of white smoke down below me so I chase after as it seems he may still be in the fight. After a few terrible shots by yours truly Derrik is forced to jump and live to fight another day. Haug was chasing PEZ landing multiple hits(In the battle he clipped some trees banking for a shot). Manu then turns his attention to PEZ as well. After having his wing Swiss cheesed up by Haug, he was forced to put that pretty red nosed Yak down in a cloud of dust dirt and grass. URPARK saw Manu chasing PEZ & he was ready too deliver some swift lead of his own. On an extremely close pass he shredded Manus plane. Lucky for Saturday Night Bomber Flights, Manu hit his chute to safety. As fate would have it park wasn't to enjoy his victory for long. HUND was already behind him measuring his cannons. BoOM!!!!Park made a run for it and the last I saw he was fast, low and leaking from his tail. His plane was leaking too...hehe. Costly battle for both sides but the Yaks sure got some payback for those bridges the 88s took down. 2-88s lost Jade and crew made ultimate sacrifice going for last bridge...nice one. Rogge and crew bailed out 1-110 crash landed in area of air battle pilot and gunner survived 1-109 f4 lost Manu bailed out 1-110 made it base crash landed on runway 1-109 made it home safe. 2 Yaks confirmed down both pilots survived I believed 1 possible kill (pilot surely needed new underware) And this was just the 1st sortie! Please come join us guys...Lots of fun and friends to be had!
  16. You may recieve a slightly zoomed in vie but it should work fine I believe. Now I have zero ROF experience so I may be wrong...but I run 5252x1800 and 3840x2160 with no problems.
  17. Hello Jay, thanks for your post. My issue is i need to have fullscreen unchecked to run in "windowed" mode so i can stretch resolution across 3 monitors with a PLP setup. I have found a workaround for me. Start the game with the launcher and make sure i tick my custom res. of 5252x1800@60hz. As long as i donot change any graphics settings the resolution will hold. if i go to graphics settings i have to start from launcher and select resolution again. This works for now. I also tried editing the startup and the setting works that way too but if i change any graphics settings game defaults to small res(640x480?) and i have to change again. So to claify the issue i am having now is that i cannot change the resolution ingame to a custom resolution...i can only select a native resolution of my monitor? This was not an issue before patch so not sure what changed. No big deal as the work around is fine for now. Hope this helps if anyone else is having similar issues.
  18. Just as title says when I try to select custom resolution with fullscreen off it defaults too 640x480 or whatever the lowest setting is? I am looking for fix now, if anyone else has same problem let me know please, maybe we can figure it out. FYI 5252x1800 is my resolution over 3 monitors.
  19. GrendelsDad

    The Dive Bomber

    Nice video man...I am sure other twin engine fans will like it too. Awesome.
  20. This is my first ever Intel system so I am by no means an expert. Not sure if this is placebo or not but i had better luck with 1t for stability sake but i did have to up the dram voltage a little. Not enough to make me nervous at all, as i have seen many people with much higher voltage than i am running. Most satisfying for me is all the auto settings in the bios, much less heat i believe allows for the good overclock. And the "lottery" of getting the good chip of course.
  21. Going to leave these here due to a request.
  22. Yes Dak...it is very nice. Maybe not the best solution for office work but great for games,especially sims. I am 6ft 235 pounds and often have 20-40 pounds of baby sitting with me at any given time. The wireless option is a bit touchy but I switched channels and it sounds very good now.
  23. My plan is to eventually turn this chair into full blown cockpit chair. But it is a nice hold over until I do. This thing is begging to be modded and have a couple of transducers attached to the sides as well(on order will report back asap).
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