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  1. That was great footage PEZ...exciting to watch. I could tell it was a good fight from the reaction on comms. That fast roll you did early in the fight to avoid the shoots was awesome...you would have lost the fight right there. Good timing on the break. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. 1.http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21236-plp-running-flawless/ Try this here. 2.http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/19343-multiple-screen-setups/ and this here too. Good Luck...let me know if I can help.
  3. They could sell $20 standalone game with gunner and tank access only.
  4. We tore that airfield to shreds...4 hangers, 4 anti air guns, multiple fuel depots...at least 8 aircraft. Half a dozen of or so trucks. I even dropped a 100 kg on the tower. Good times. It was nice to see all the PE2's coordinating there attack runs. This is another underrated skill of bombers and ground attack pilots in general. The ability to take a target and communicate with the rest of the flight...cool to see 5 of us buzzing around that airfield. 5 mins all targets gone. I think we left one truck.
  5. Bump goes the thread...still have a copy of the game to give out...had another great Saturday night bomber flight. Tell a friend...great way to fly with someone you know and they can get in for free!
  6. Nothing but clear skies and burning earth beneath the PE-2's...Just the way I like it...Thanks to the Yaks and Laggs flying cover for us...The AAA was devastating tonight. Just when you think you have a safe and easy run BOOM! I counted at least 7 Anit Air guns...at the Docks we attacked. Seems the fighters had some action. Would love to see a report or 2. I was thinking of naming our flight of PE-2's the untouchables...As long as we don't have to land we are awesome lol.(some of us that is) Special thanks to JIM and the Laggs for keeping us on track during the second sortie. Almost fell apart. Looking forward to FRIDAY AND SATURDAY next week already! Harry thanks for the AAR...I always love seeing the sorties from the other side...paints the rest of the picture. Still like to see what happened with PEZ and MANU on that fight they got in? Lucas thanks for being a man of your word and escorting us big boys. Cheers to you and all your pilots.
  7. Yes for sure Spyboy...nothing like a set of human eyes to watch our six. Just show up at start time in boschat and we will get you in a bird for sure.
  8. There are sirens...at least on WOL I think there are?
  9. Awesome...no Luft pilot in his right mind could turn down 6 PE-2s flying together.
  10. Kestrel anytime man...usually bomber guys need to stick together. It gets rough up there with all those fighter jocks trying to fireball us. Just show up on TS and look me up you can jump right in with us.
  11. Sign-ups are open for any and all...We need fighters just as much as bombers guys. The copy of the game is still available!!! Or like in the case of Seafireliv I can just get you one of the premium planes if you prefer? Heres the link for sign-up.http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20918-saturday-night-bombers-flight/page-11 We already have 3 PE2 and 4 fighters on the Red side...and 2 Bombers and 2 110s and 4 fighters on the Blue!!! anyone who shoots me down in the mission I will put 1$ into your paypal account...LOL!!! and not if your on my team...you owe me 1$ if you shoot me down!
  12. all right gramps...if you go down we all go down lol.
  13. Good thing about these flights you can just follow flight leader to objective. I usually have a beer on the way lol.
  14. YYEEESSSSS...Thanks Manu. Let me know if I can help somehow.
  15. Izman you can fly a fighter we always need escorts and hunters as well
  16. Sorry about the luck Izman but happy to have you with us...sign ups will be up soon. I will post here. Yes we use the public BOS TS server.
  17. Snake there seems to be some flex with the time...if we got enough of us I am sure we could make it later for us east coast guys...this would only help the west coast people as well. At this point Manu has been very accommodating.
  18. I agree...we usually have 2 fighters for every bomber.
  19. Thanks Jade...The bomber flights are something you need too see live to really get how good of a time we have. The videos and AARs are only part of the picture. After my first I was hooked. Our flight a few weeks ago was by far my favorite so far. for the record Jade is a good pilot.
  20. Heck yeah seafireliv. We are always looking for fighters. Its a great feeling attacking a flight of 4 to 8 bombers with your mates. Trying to keep a good thing going.
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