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  1. Again guys there is a valid conversation about strategy and tactics to be had. In athletics trash talking a bit is good to get in your opponents head. Making them "mad" will shake their focus. I believe on some level this relates to getting in someone's head. As I see I have rattled a few skulls today, maybe you guys can come find me on Saturday Night Bomber Flights...I will ask that anyone who chute kills me be exempt from punishment. No hard feelings. If you noticed most of my focus in original post was on bomber guys on the ground shooting and become anti air posts and spotting. I see the parachute issue as a bit more separate now. Which is too say I feel like I have gained something. Feelings and strategies often conflict and intersect. Asgar is that you sneaking around. See I even let you belly land and didn't Strafe you a few weeks ago.
  2. Chief I had no idea who that even was until 5 mins ago. Yes moments like that have sparked this thread for me...My mate Harry was stuffed on the ground a few weeks ago and I thought it was a smart move. This Snake guy is upset but he refuses to see that maybe I had a different perspective on the engagement. This all happened at 100 feet off the ground and lasted 20 to 30 seconds. Just to again give some perspective. His mate was actually killing Mr. X. of all people after snake was just gunned by Mr.X...so yes a very real possibility they were communicating. As they were talking on the game chat as well...one of themy asked if he was going to make a video of that which I thought was funny as well.
  3. That's what you have got from this discussion. You are way too sensitive maybe you should move on before you become number 2 on my shoot-chute list and you anguish over it for months.
  4. No, I did collide with your chute. I admitted it. I saw you bail quite late. I remember because it was the only time I have done that....and at the time I did think you bailed to avoid me...so that's called perspective. After I watched the track I saw the whole thing unfold. In my defense you were in a combat area with many of my fellow flyers around so yeah...I killed you to make sure you couldn't spot. Please be a little tougher, it will help in life. I did not do it to be an ass as you would like my motivations to be. Stop projecting...it's strange. If you noticed the bullets went over you towards your plane that was in level flight just beyond you. And for the record this was months ago.
  5. 12.OIAE_Stick-95 So your point in the OP is to what? Have people change your mind or really to garner support for your thinking among other chute killers? Very strange indeed. My point was to engage in a discussion about this subject. I added some flare to the post to keep it fun. I have discussed what many consider a valid strategy of eliminating the communication pipeline which is a valid tactic in gaming. I am sure many a cable layer was killed in many wars? You seem to be the only person not at least seeing that I have a point, even if they disagree? Strange indeed you would try to make it seem my motivations are anything other than what I have clearly stated. I chose not to fly my plane with emotions as I believe it makes you weaker at this game. I was acknowledging that I understand there is an opposing view which is what most people do in a discussion. Comprehension in context is also very important.
  6. In said Chess match after you lay your king down. He cannot then radio my Kings position to his queen and rooks to then take out my king. If he could I would follow through with a straffing run after the check-mate.
  7. I totally underestimated this comment! You sir are a funny man. Chief, Thanks again for bringing reason too this forum good sir.
  8. Forgive me as I am a very satisfied person. You must read most of what I type with bit of levity and light-heartedness.
  9. Chief I respect you on these forums and I agree with your post. I just want to ask do you not think that if someone is calling too their mates and giving away positions that they are a target in the scope of the game. If they would just float to the ground I would let them live no problems. This is more directed to the squads and people using teamspeak and I should have made that clear in the OP. Not everyone comes into these games understanding all the rules, so I think discussions like these are a part of people learning to navigate the game.(pun intended) Just for perspective like many in this forum my first real game was Chess. This is where a lot of my GAME mentality comes from. There is no mercy in Chess! It is a strange concept to grasp for some who do not value their virtual stats or lives either.(like a 15 year old who just logged off Call of Duty) I fly in squad and chat often, my mates can attest I do not chute kill or otherwise act like an idiot. Thanks to everyone for your input, even if you are upset, I like that 99% of us express ourselves with respect. ​Brings me to my next point. I propose we have a forum sanctioned HIT LIST!!!! what is this you say. Any one who acts like a jerk on the forums or in game, we will have a thread and that person can be place on your parachute kill list. you can only have a max of 5 people on this list at any given time. You must give 24 hour notice to the person on the forum in said thread and via personal message...WULF you are number one on my hit list good sir.(slaps with leather glove).
  10. Hey WULF...I have made a habit of rocking jaws loose. Come see me tough guy.lol. See how silly trying to be tough on the Internet looks? Stay on topic and don't call people names. It really deflates what your saying, even if you have valid points. Just so you know I have a beautiful,skinny, sexy wife who is years younger than me. Looks like those *athletics* paid off. Oh yeah, I stay home with my kids for a living? What do you do that makes you angry?(knickers bunched much?)
  11. I guess I play to win. That has always motivated me in athletics and in games. I do not have a win at all cost mentality, but i do see if someone is calling to team mates my position, than it becomes a valid tactic to take the person out where ever they are. Again I think many fighter pilots are against this method for the most part. As I said I spend most of my time 200km or lower attacking with little or no ability to run away when attacked. As it stands now I do not attack airfields unless the mission calls for it, Nor do I chute kill. I do however look for any advantage in a game or sport I am playing. I have been chute killed, and I think its a valid tactic. If pilots in WW2 had radios and where calling to the enemy positions of your buddies you would waxxx that guy!!! So I think if you take your ability to run away out of the picture, your outlook and tactics will tend to change on some things. For the record I have never gotten my knickers in a bunch on the internets To associate character traits with a tactic in this game is a bit of a stretch I would think.
  12. It is an interesting discussion. Take part. I mean no disrespect. I often agree with many of the things you say.
  13. Okay I am at a crossroads in my simming life. I have been playing multiplayer for less than a year.(i tried it a little before but i prefered offline.) I know I will upset a few people with this but here it goes. I see nothing wrong with shooting people in parachutes and even more shooting a plane who has ditched and is just setting on the ground "disabled" and here is why. 1. I have had my butt saved a few times in my short online career by a friendly who is on the ground sitting in the gunner seat of a bomber that was taken out of the fight. Now i would not go diving 2000Km to go get a plane but if its close...I am straffing that fool! They are on the ground telling the enemy your position and even telling the enemy when to break away and which way to go from an attacker! 2. Brings me too the point of someone in a gunner seat shooting at you whilst you are making an attack at a ground target. I have not been shot down this way but have had an engine damaged by a gunner of a bomber that was also "disabled". 3. I am not a good enough pilot to give the benefit of the doubt in these situations, so I will kill instead of give an advantage too the enemy. These all seem like powerful points for targeting the threat, especially in these servers where there is a lot of teamwork... Also I must mention as a fighter these things may not be as important to you but as a guy who used the treetops to get away and hide nothing worse than a guy on the ground giving me up for dead in my slow 110. Please lets discuss and bring me back too the light. The Darkside is strong within me!
  14. Running at 6240x2160 With a 40inch center monitor 3840x2160 and 2 23inch wings in portrait mode at 1200x2160 (custom res.) I run 50-60s most of the time in multiplayer. I think 40 to 48 would be a nice sweet spot for how close you are sitting. And I second 980ti is min for 4k.
  15. Dont tell the wife...i have 4. all off ebay under 60$ and one was only 35$.
  16. Nice...I just cant let go of my sidewinder FF2....but if I did it would be the Warthog. Especially since I play a bit of Elite Dangerous as well. SHRAPS I would lead the PE2s but I am flying with some mates from the 6./ZG1 this week. now next week I am in to fly PE2 again. SHRAPS where you headed with those PE2s anyway...we will meet up for some "tea"
  17. No JIM the PE2'same will be lost without you.
  18. What I have gained from this conversation...I am seriously underpaid!!!
  19. I have seen those but I did not know they operated in units. Really cool info in the link. Great use for an old aircraft.
  20. You can turn the side monitors for portrait view and you will get a less zoomed in view and a little more of the bombsight would/should be visable...I run at 6240x2160 and I can see quite a bit more of the bombsight than you have pictured though the very top and bottom are missing but only maybe 10% missing in total...I believe its resolution related. I will link a thread in bit that might help if PLP is an option for you. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21236-plp-running-flawless/ hope this helps a little
  21. I'm sure I could give it away with a better topic but I want someone who is mildly interested in SNBF. I have faith we will find a pilot.
  22. I see how the mission for Manu kept him from escaping so to speak as he had to maintain his escort mission. I as mainly a bomber guy like to watch how a true escort flys...deflecting attacks, putting themselves between attacking fighters as a buffer knowing they are giving the enemy the advantage. In desperation even giving up your six to tempt the bad guys away from bombers...in these moments fighter guys get to feel what its like to be a bomber (hopelessly stuck to your mission!). Hope for a mistake and try to drag them to your wingman for some hot lead. Manu is very strict about maintaining the cover for his flights, and to this the bomber flights always look forward. 2 weeks ago he flew over 6 enemy fighters, he having a distinct height advantage. Rather than give up his escort for what could have been a glorious battle, he buffered us from the flight and we all made it too target without a scratch. On our return not so lucky. Pez you were there for that one also...2 110's, 3 JU88's and 2 109s vs 3 yaks and a Lagg I believe.
  23. I have just started to fly Yak and already "discovered" how well the rudder helps the "snap" turns at high speed. I really like flying it. I do appreciate your details on the manuvers as well, all of these things help a rookie fighter pilot like me.
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