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  1. 1. I hope this barge is really large like the ones on the OHIO river. I have yet to sink a boat in this game. 2. I hope it has AA guns for us to fly into. that is all.
  2. Holy crap I missed the maid line...that's great...as good as my life is right now I still have to do the damned housework.
  3. looks like we are flying into a hellstorm...I love it.
  4. Unreasonable, you do not live up to your name as I find what you say reasonable.
  5. Right on Pharoah. I like your convictions.
  6. See these are all things I find interesting and I did not know either. Thanks for the info.
  7. The numbers 666 in game chat have effectively saved my virtual life a few times as well I would like too add. Spektre was also in my gunner seat a while back and told me just when to cut my throttle so this P40 would over shoot us and he sure did...right into my guns...One of my first kills, so the comms have played a pretty significant role in my gaming experiences thus far.
  8. Woke up dead, before I read your post I want to tell you Atom Heart Mother is an underated album...hope that makes sense too you. Good day. After reading I again agree with you...wasting ammo is a bad thing but as terrible pilot I tend to not have that problem. Good insight as many others have had as well. And too show my case and point...on SNBF Spektre crash landed his 110 and was spotting for us on the ground quite effectively I may add as I was able to get home safe with no flak damage. So I do think the attacking the guys in bombers that have set up a lookout base/AA gun. is a bit more of a valid target which I stated early in the discussion.
  9. I asked for a discussion, I thought it would go without saying that we wouldn't call each other silly names in the process. Not a big deal, just an awkward way to have a discussion that is all. To be fair Feathered your last comment I am on board with. Nice delivery.
  10. No I was just stating you made me think of how much I like that aspect of the game...taking off under duress.(I thought it showed how I like too play the game and give insight to those that think I am a chute killing maniac.) No harm intended or interpreted.
  11. Again with the "knowing my motives already" and again try to call me a name in a sideways manner. Lame. Also if i shoot you, you lose your view of the action to a large degree so I dont think it is as weak of an excuse as you so Bravely put over the internet. Way to try to be a bully. We have another tough guy on page 3!
  12. Awesome read Harry...if not true it would make a nice sequel to Memphis Belle.
  13. I am sure she is lovely...but if I see her with a radio in her hand , let's just say you are cooking dinner.
  14. Me too Chief ...I was having kids in 1998 as well. My last was born 2014. Do that math then ask me what I was thinking.
  15. I was making babies in 2009 not playing online flight sims. Just read my OP tomorrow when you are not angry at me. Who is going out of their way to piss people off? Have you read my posts where I acknowledge that its not the best thing to do? As the discussion progressed I guess I was coming around. But it does not completely invalidate my view that a radio makes you a combat effective person within the scope of the game. Your last post is much more constructive and I get it. There is sense in what I am saying if you look at it from a purely strategic point of view. And with this discussion I see many of you do not share my gaming mindset. Doesn't make me rude or give any indication I am trying to piss anyone off or am low on character. Again I stated that in original post to let people know I see there is another side to this issue and I am not blind too it.( which is a courteous thing to do in discussion if the subject is sensitive, little did I know how much so).
  16. Yes Stick I restated my points after I saw the discussion stalling on the parachute issue. No power play at work here guy. I have shown respect for everyones opinions in this thread, even yours to some extent. Your attempt to paint me in an ill light only reflects on you son. i call you son as you seem to be younger than the rest of the people posting in here. I meant to steal zero of your joy. I was playing a game that i bought. Wasnt worried about feelings as I reserve that for the real world most of the time. But I see that there is a genuine dislike for this practice and it takes seeing it in full force to get an idea of how serious it is for some. I have not been rude to anyone accept WULF and he got what he deserved. Stick I am sure you are a stand up guy, but ease up man. I thought again the shoot kill list was pretty funny if I say so myself. But again speaks to how serious some are that they can see comedic gold and just walk right by because they are upset. Please address all of my statements in this thread as they are generally connected and all apart of a discussion. You cannot just cherry pick what you like and take it out of context and expect to be taken seriously. I am generally helpful and joking on comms and in game chat. I am asking for escorts, talking to friends. Have I said something rude in video game chat before...sure I have been playing games for a long time. But I live and learn like most. Not sure what you are on about there. Lets stop this because it is silly and a waste of our time. If I was a repeat offender I would understand your anger but I am not so please chill.
  17. Sorry they were in game chatting with me and others and shared a tag name so I assumed they were on comms. English is my first language so please forgive my lack of skill with its use at times. I was defensive I guess after being called a F@% by a forum member. I believe we posted so fast that you thought I was talking too you and I now see that your post was between me and the guy above us. I apologize for it takes me some time to post as I am tending to family a little. the only point I disagree on is that spotting is a very big part of this game in my opinion.
  18. Sorry one more post as to the type of player I am(Seafire struck a cord with his post)...I will spawn at an airfield under attack because I like the aspect of taxing under pressure...Sirens blaring, AA guns going off. To me this is a great part of the game. I do not mind putting my virtual life at risk as I think it makes for great drama.
  19. Lucas I agree...I will not comment anymore as I feel like my points have been expressed, and some information was collected and processed. Now lets go virtually hunt each other down.
  20. Correct, and I like to call myself a considerate player. Which is one of my motivating factors for having this thread. Because if I don't care if someone shoots me in my chute how is one to assume others would be so upset by it. I had an idea before today and now I have a better understanding.
  21. Let me share another story of misfourtne I had playing this game months ago. I hope he see's this and chimes in. I was attacking Russian base(I believe). I was diving on the AAA protecting the airfield, as i dove I dropped my bombs and had my wings blown off by the flak gun I was diving on. Well my bombs hit the runway and Jimmy VA i beleive was his name was blown to pieces by my bombs....As a new player I thought this was awesome...I watched it on the track after and it was even better watching the Yak go up in the cloud of bomb smoke. I didnt consider I was BASE raping at the time. I thought I was clearing the AA for The HE 111 to bomb after me. I wasnt doing any of this to be a jerk. I was having fun. Now I know you stay away from spawn airfields because to me its lame to shoot someone trying to taxi and almost too easy so i just stay away from them generally. Plus that Flak is a killer.
  22. I feel like Bryce Harper and this thread is Goose Gossage...man I hope someone gets that reference.
  23. Neun thank you for the kind words. You know I am a team player and I think about this from a team perspective. I really did not know people valued their virtual lives so much until I woke up this morning to being called a sexual slur!!!???(that's not even the guy I chute killed months ago) I feel like I have handled myself like a gentleman and will continue to do so going forward. I consider all of you guys my virtual FRIENDS and I think for the most part this discussion has been decent. on that note I want to acknowledge what JG77Con said...You sir are correct, this is not Call of Duty, I do play some FPS and it is a different animal. I may have a bad habit or two that carries over from these games that my kids love so dearly. Thanks for pointing that out as I wasn't considering that point of view either because too me they are both "War games" and I am learning that there are subtle differences.
  24. Yes I do believe by having this discussion that I am helping this sim. community(I help plenty around here fyi). If you read my OP you would see I have stated I am generally new to this game and I am sure these things get brought up by new people from time to time. I think many of you cannot see past your stats to even consider that I may have a valid take on this discussion. You instead prefer to be way over the top and not acknowledge any thing i say other than "shoot parachutes". making general judgements about my character is really silly thing to do. I have honor and respect, I also choose to not be narrow minded and accuse others of lacking in these areas over a discussion about a game we all play.
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