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  1. Nice to have you with the 110s JG10r_VONALBA
  2. please add 6./ZG1_HarryM as one of the 110s working on the third.
  3. I am not joking when I say I would love to jump in an AAA gun or even better be in the lead of a convoy of trucks...hook up the G27 and make suply runs between cities...only if i knew there was a threat to avoid as well. I am probally in the minority but I think this would be a nice change of pace...especially if I could get out of my truck and run around as well...Maybe drive myself to an airfield and jump in plane. All of PEZs ideas sound awesome. I'm sure there are a few out there that would enjoy these things.
  4. nice. I enjoyed the commentary...sometimes that can be overdone but you nailed it. Thanks.
  5. The dayton audio amps are good from my experience. And cheap.
  6. If see any of you guys...I'm lighting a fire in the cockpit pit,hugging the ground and turning my lights on....then I'm bombing some sh@#! I kid.
  7. Red Bravo. My 1st experience exactly...that is the best way to navigate and is most rewarding when you do find your way home or too the target. Alot of our missions take place over the areas we were tonight...you will get to know them very well.
  8. Yes Lucas the first bombing run...was my 109 w/250...followed by Oggi I believe. We both scored hits. But Peter was on my tail as soon as my bomb dropped. Made some aggressive turns hoping he would over fly me. All the while bullets whizzing by until 20-30 seconds end as I was out of energy Peter put a layer of lead into my left wing. This drove me down hard and fast as I was able to belly land though it was a rough one. Nice pursuit Peter...I made a few good turns but a few more sloppy ones and you wasted no time in capitalizing. This all off the top of my head. I will edit if I find anything worthy on the track. Then Jizzo killed everyone and sunk everything.
  9. Right Neun...I couldn't have kept track of any more 109s if I wanted too. Not confusing in comms. even with all of us in same chat because we all had same focus and goal. The run up to the boat was flawless.
  10. All problems aside...watching 8 or 9 109s taxi together was really cool.
  11. hello Manu...I would like a PE2 as well this week...I may miss the first sortie this week.
  12. Sorry US dollars if you are not from the states.
  13. Yes...I have aura pro ast-2b-04 from PartsExpress.com really fast shipping just pick the free option, it took 2 days. I also have a adx maximus (not sure it that's right its under my chair stand cant get too it till later) The maximus is a little stronger but they cost 20-30 more where the aura are only 40 total and even better if you get a couple with one of the amp/bass shaker combos Go to the website and search bass shaker and a bunch of combos with amps that work great come up...I would suggest a 2 channel amp just for versatility sake. they cost about the same. Also you want a Sub amp I think is what its called. forgive me as I am no expert and hope if I say something wrong someone sets me straight. simple to set up and the way I run mine I need a secondary sound card but there are ways around this too. Just let me know if you don't have another sound card I can tell you how to do it if you need me too.
  14. Sorry about the age you just seemed full of pi$$ and vinegar yesterday. So I thought you were young(not really an insult after we get so old I think) I really do thank you for the detailed post, and taking the time to do it. I hope you can understand that someone who plays the game wrecklessly like I do does not place the same value on my virual life. It takes threads and discussions like this to get that accross to people who were not born and bread a sim pilot. The night i killed you i thought you were just some crazy bastard cussing at me in chat so I cussed back(not laying blame I may have cussed you first?)...I truely did not realize what i was doing. I had an idea after that night but it still wasnt clear. FYI that night your chute took out my #1 engine so i assume that would be your postumous victory.
  15. I have just got into racing sims and having a few old amps laying around I ordered 2 transducers...one for under pedels the other under the chair platform I have built. Nothing fancy just a 6 inch riser. They work great for the racing game I play. Well of course I decided to fire them up in BOS and holy cow what an impact. The guns when fired from 110 thunder through your feet and chair. You can feel the flak burst and bullets when they hit you. If you are thinking VR in the future i beleve you will not want to play without tactile feedback once you try it. Also you can feel the stalls of the plane which gives you cues to correct sooner too. My wife can hardly hear them as well. Just wanted to let you guys know if you were considering trying this out.
  16. I would like to be a regular at both when times do not intersect.
  17. I just downloaded and printed Finks (thank you and nice work)ID guide. Should be some nice bathroom reading.
  18. I am the first to admit that I am not a very good pilot. But if I have noticed one area that I have really improved is that the game has "slowed down" for me where I can now not only spot but track enemies and friendlies much better. A few months ago you put 4 or 5 planes in front of me I would end up trying to shoot a friendly half the time, now it seems I have more time to make decisions...Saying that a few nights ago I was twisting and turning with a couple of 109s and me in a Yak...one got right in front of me and I blasted him...nice shot if I don't say so myself...He was a grey smoking mess diving away so I forgot about it. I watched the track because I didn't see a kill message in chat, which I miss because they are on the far left of 3 screen setup. And yeah I shot a teammate who had a really nice GREY skin with red stars. So who ever that was sorry man. Not trying to be funny but I may go back to default skins for that reason until I am a little better.
  19. Guys, I really do appreciate the honest,well worded posts. Thanks for not being Jerks to me and each other.
  20. Seems like a good amount of people agree chute killing is lame for the community sake...on this I do agree. Im not telling people what to talk about but I would still be interested in the views of of people on the "meat" of the OP...if the bomber becoming a lookout-AA post after belly landing is a target? Especially once they open fire right?
  21. I will again take a spot for the Germans.
  22. Unless they allow kamikaze attacks my chances of hitting the boat are slim...add in your guys air cover my chances just went to none. Sounds like my kind of flight.
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