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  1. I don't need, but this is awesome. Good on yah mate.
  2. Canada in my case I make one high speed pass then tend to bugger out if I take damage but usually only one more pass on the way back to friendly territory. Also I don't loiter above targets and only turn to vulching if I have no other targets available. Knowing where an airfield is and attacking it seems quite historical to me. Again remember I am a bit of a masochist as I enjoy taking off while the airfield is under attack. So I admit my view on all 3 of those tend to go against the norm but I feel they are all historical and fairly realistic considering the mechanics of the game. Not trying to flame you or Sir Robin (who I have had many enjoyable online encounters with). Edit...really like the idea of spawing in bunkers or hangers as a layer of protection.
  3. Robin...my first bomber kill was you...You were taking off from an airfield maybe 400 yards out and I shot you down in your Pe-2...you got mad. That was a realistic as a kill as there ever was. You hold people to your own standards and that's fine...but your standard is not realism.
  4. I have on numerous occasions on SNBF and a few times on WOL had an enemy fly close and give me a wing waggle to let me know he was a gentleman. Not expecting to be allowed to do anything, but like I said above its a guarantee I will be followed in WOL. Not complaining I am just trying to state that in this game the reflection of real life is truly situational. "In real life" you would have other targets to deal with so that argument is a little silly at this point. Also...who has an escort on WOL...lol, do you even lift bro?
  5. There are many times when a wounded bird is left to be when its out of the fight. Makes tactical sense to not chase a plane that is out of the fight? Also in real life you would be strafed and bombed on the airfield quite often if the enemy could reach it for sure.
  6. Sorry missed the part where this was a one on one engagement...I dont dogfight very much and as the action I do see is very localized, I am rarely over a target alone I guess.
  7. If you flew the 110 you would lose your attachment to your virtual life(and your rules of engagement) pretty quickly. Maybe I am just dead inside?
  8. I truly doubt someone IRL is going to break formation drop thousands of meters and losing all altitude with enemy fighters close by to go for that kill. You will when you can re-spawn but yer not going after a straggler IRL. Meh to many variables to even go down that path.
  9. You imply it with your discussion of ethics and ramming my friend...And you should feel no butt hurt when you get rammed if thats how you play. Both tasteless but historical, sooo....
  10. As far as chivalry goes...I have never been left to limp home in my 110 with engines smoking, except for FNBF and SNBF. I am almost always perused and shot out of the sky so I guess I just dont see the point of returning a chivalrous gesture that is never extended to me. Flying a slow bird like I do I have witnessed this dozens and dozens of times. I hold no ill will but I will not be fooled into playing by chivalrous rules that everyone interprets to their benefit. meh.
  11. I think vulching, shoot killing, and ramming are all valid tactics...some of my best times in the game have been when ZEBRA was bombing my takeoffs. Nothing more thrilling than trying to take off while seeing a stream of bombs exploding on the airfield all around with AAA and air raid sirens screaming...Great times.
  12. VVS I fly the Rat...Axis which I fly most, almost exclusively the 110 E2 or G2. I love being the underdog and these 2 planes fit the bill. Really like the versatility of the 110.
  13. Grendel the American Bulldog with his little human waiting for his other little human to get off the school bus.
  14. I'm waiting for a rehash of B17 the mighty 8th in the IL2 engine.
  15. The rain looks amazing. Come to the dark side... The rain looks amazing. Come to the dark side...
  16. I would also like to add with the exception of 6dof the Pimax 4k updates have actually made it run rock solid as of late. Like I said until Nolo and Pimax fix their issues I do not have 6dof but it is not a game killer by any stretch. Its slightly awkward when you lean forward and the view doesn't change but its makes up for it with a steady frame rate and crisp picture. The Pimax 4K has come a long way and I am looking forward to what the 8k will offer especially with the 6dof I cannot see anything better from the other proven companies. Just my 2cents as the 4k seems to get a bad wrap sometimes and I find it pretty good.
  17. I would like to say that I have ran IL 2 at 11520x2160 at a pretty steady 60fps online. Not sure what that FOV equates too in degrees but at least it gives hope for those with good video cards. I am doing this with 2- 980ti's so 1080ti may do the trick for our game. If we could get SLI to work in VR that would be the golden arrow for VR(flight sims) in my opinion.
  18. I tried setting up my throttles for my twins on my Ch quadrant and my Ch pro throttle for fighters and general use...as long as I didnt move the single throttle the others worked fine. Not a direct answer but seems like it would be possible as long as the other stick wasn't "activated" or moved while flying.
  19. I think the next generation will fill gaps all around for VR. I will say once Nolo VR updates their driver which they are in the process of doing it should be back to normal for 4k. The Pimax does lack 6dof...but there are many cheap ways to achieve this. I agree Fenris, this gen. of HMDs were a learning process for the buyers and manufactures alike. I look forward to the competition among vendors. I will say I am overall pleased with my Pimax though I do play on my triple monitors still from time to time because it looks so darn good.
  20. I have to disagree with the statement 4k is no good for IL2. Aside from the last Nolo vr update that borked the tracking it has been a great cheaper alternative to the other big boys. Not saying its better but it certainly offers benefits the others do not.
  21. I run a triple 4k when not in VR with 2 980 TIs and staying pegged at 60 fps most of the time. My CPU is an i7 6700 O.C. 4.6(can run 4.8) but I like the buffer.
  22. Sometime in August/Sept of 1943 I believe a German night-fighter wing saw some action over the Crimean side of the peninsula during the evacuation stage of the retreat from the Taman peninsula across the Kerch Strait. One lesser known Bf-110 ace fought and died here I will try to find the info and post.
  23. I would think recon and JU-52 missions would appeal to these civi-sim types of flyers. A Pitomnik air-bridge evacuation mission or ferrying of troops over the Kerch Strait would all be satisfying missions. They could take the long way around the edge of the maps and many flights would take 1 hour or more depending on course and interference from enemy fighters.
  24. I think you are correct until you factor in deflection shooting especially from distance VR and 1 to 1 tracking become as valuable of an improvement as trackir was to us hat switchers. Just my experience that my gunnery and bombing accuracy have drastically increased in VR
  25. The retreat from Kuban was well a well executed withdrawal under great pressure especially along the southern coast. After a great battle for Novorossihyk,many attempts by the Soviets to establish beachheads were contained or wiped out completely. Fierce fighting in and around Anapa(II.& III.JG 52 stationed here?) after the retreat to Siegfried checkpoint and abandoning the Large Gothic positions.
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