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  1. Maybe they could place an order and print maps for those of us interested, at a cost of course.
  2. Jhay I look forward to your gunners making my E7 into swiss cheese.
  3. As long as I can attack some nice size ships with Torpedo's I will be a happy man.
  4. Not too far off topic, could you use an XBOX controller as well I wonder?
  5. One thing I have noticed about being in the right place at the right time with MRX...when he gets a kill people ask what grid is he in? Like moths to the flame if you ask me. I do it as I wouldnt mind getting him a time or two. I had 2 solid chances to get him in 2 flights...Both times my bad gun skills are what kept me from hitting him. I got my lagg behind him nicely and just missed my shot. Not speaking for everyone but thats my experience with him.
  6. These flights are really nice for those who are short on time...1 hour or less if you want it to be. But still a very intense multiplayer experience. After we often keep flying for hours just because.
  7. nice video Mastiff, looked like the physics were a bit off? I got to hear that attack on comms...sounded intense.
  8. Yeah some of my best times are meeting new pilots on TS. Last night myself and IZman (his first foray into MP) and I killed him in a nice short 1 on 1 engagement...He then 20 mins later caught me chasing a Stuka and shot me down. I was happy for him that he got his first kill so quickly.
  9. One factor I chalk it up too the participation ribbon culture we live in today. Raising a bunch of whimps. People are forgetting how to take a loss and I believe games like this hurt peoples feelings because it takes a while too get good. I do believe this intimidates people into not flying online sometimes. (they will say they dont like it, or say there is nothing for them, but i do think it goes beyond that for many, but not all.)
  10. Welcome CpnCholo...If you see a bomber falling behind all the others...that would be me. Just let me go my bombs will not hit anything anyway!
  11. Blitz I am not flaming...I am truly asking. Did IL2 original have all of those things within 2 years of release? Just asking because I was not a multiplayer back in the day. Where at in Ohio, lets go have a beer
  12. Okay I do believe that LA time is 3 hours behind me...that would be a bit earlier I do think if my maths are correct? I too like flying the attack/bombers...nothing like it for me.
  13. Well Pharoah the Saturday flights are usually 3pm or 7pm eastern time US eastern time zone. Not sure what that is for you but I really hope you can make it. We have a really good time and always a lot of action. The missions are very well designed and makes for a really good time. I hope the times I have quoted are correct. If not Manu or Neun will be along shortly to give you more details and correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Happy Birthday Hauggy...but I gave you your present last week when I "let you" shoot me down
  15. Yeah that was the best part of the release notes.
  16. Its going to go this week....I can feel it! Lol
  17. Manu I will try to be at the EU mission...whatever side needs a warm body would be fine.
  18. I would like to fly with Gambler tomorrow as well. We keep missing each other, such is life.
  19. Some of my best moments in this game are when you are at a severe disadvantage and then turn the tables on the other pilot...I look forward to these moments.
  20. I think the stars are in the correct position too? Think I read that around here.
  21. Was intense this evening for sure. Thanks guys, had a wonderful time. I will AAR in the am.
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