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  1. 9 hours ago, Matviyko said:

    Hi Jason.

    Can you confirm if SLI still works after the most recent patches? Have you tested if 980Ti SLI gives any performance boost in VR when compared against a single 980Ti?



    Pretty sure SLI will not work in VR.  Very few games do because the game has to be written to perform in SLI mode while using VR.  This may be old news but last I knew that was how it works.

  2. I would make a new product with a Ruhr/England map and one heavy flyable (B-17).  

    If it shortens development time I would eliminate some crew positions.  Copilot, navigator, waist gunners, and radio operator come to mind.  That leaves pilot, top turret gunner, tail gunner, ball turret gunner, and bombardier to model.

    The mission would allow jump points.  Takeoff from England.  Form up.  Jump to the Ruhr.  Drop bombs.  Return to England map and land.

    The maps would still allow a couple of hours of flying time but not the eight hours that it really took to do a mission.

    Jump points would be settable to allow missions to be shortened further.


    I would price this at about $60 - two maps, one plane.

    If this is successful then follow up with the B24 as a collector plane for $35.


    The map making would be work but it would be of a routine variety.   The fighters already exist post BoBP.  That leaves the team free to focus on the B-17.

    All that's needed is a detailed crew roster...I still have a copy of The Mighty Eight on my hard drive. It was my favorite game for years. I will say one of the most compelling parts of that game was the audio interactions among the crew. When people were hurt you could hear the desperation in their voices. Really gave the missions atmosphere during the long stretchs between takeoff to target. Is what I am trying to say is this is a great idea.

  3. I remember playing a Friday night bomber flight mission where we had a team of panzers assaulting a town held by T34s with a full compliment of air forces fighting right above the tanks(approx 12 tanks and 40 various planes). I was in a German tank and I will say with IL2s hunting us from above you quickly forget about lack of infantry. Also the aa guns were used as anti tank guns to great effect.

    During the action I was cut away from my team by 3 IL2 who pushed me out into the open. With no hope of escape I was heavily damaged by rockets after 3 to 4 mins. of trying to land a shot and getting close, one of the IL2 made a pass head onto my gun...boom out of the sky.

    My point of the story is if missions are set up right with a mix of A. I.and human players multi and co-op could be downright exciting. Nothing like knowing that tank has a human inside. Don't get me wrong infantry would be a nice addition down the road but in my opinion not a priority. I would think some type of bunker with "infantry" shooting out will be in game as well as an assortment of anti tank gun teams of various sizes.

  4. Sorry it took so long Gambit but just checked back and the last few posts will go nicely with the Air Bridge missions.  Germans shuttling troops out en mass in JU 52s and the Russians could rescue downed pilots in the Po2.  I wonder if there would be a way to mark a pilot as downed after a real pilot goes down and somehow other pilots in the COOP go to rescue the becon.  The downed pilot could wait and call out bad guys for his rescuers or he could respawn and the PO2 could still use the downed craft as a rescue mission.  Not sure if that even makes sense or if it could be done with ME?  Any way here is a good backround on the Cauldron.  Long but good read, I will post others as I dig them up. 




    Here is a cool video as well.




    Here are some pictures of Field Marshal Paulus as he was surrendering.



  5. The level of talent involved is completely irrelevant. In that situation a pilot would bail out or ditch.


    But it’s great that you decided to acknowledge that your motivation had nothing to do with history.

    If he is over the Sea of Azov, and going down anyway sure a pilot may decide to Taran if he knew he was going to be a sharks dinner no matter what anyway...so there is that.  Okay getting nibbled to death by dogfish isnt really that scary but freezing to death in the Sea sure is.

  6. Badass has nothing to do with it. I’m looking forward to seeing how he responds to being vulched, rammed, dealing with d-bags who think that killing a Pe2 is a big deal, or any of the other online behavior that can be frustrating when you’re trying to have fun.

    I have 4 kids...bring it
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  7. Lol. I read complaining in the chat every friggin night. Constant complaining. None of it is memorable.

    You already said that it was your first bomber kill. That’s why you remember it.

    In any case, why the F would I complain about being shot down? It happens to me all the time. The only time I ever post anything online, and in the forum, as well, is if someone says something really moronic. So if you made some idiotic comment after you shot me down, then I responded to that. But complaining about being shot down? Never happened.

    So you may have responded but not really sure? vs the word of a guy who clearly remembered shooting you down nearly 2 years ago. Hmm...again pick one of these statements and stick with it.


    The only problem with that narrative is that you’re lying. I never complain about being shot down.

  8. O lord...ice one pass on a busy airfield is not vulching. Let me help you chief, if you were following the thread it was brought up to show Robin talks a game of rules and realism and whines when he was realistically killed. So my point for the simple folks is, don't claim to play the game like *real life* then complain when some real life tactics are thunderously brought down upon you from the heavens. So in closing pick one.

    Lol. Now you’re crowing about shooting down a Pe2?

    No you are acting like "Billy bad-a$$" saying you will see people online so I thought I would let you catch a gander of how stupid it sounds.

  9. Yes sir...I just got done researching this "battle" for months. When I get home Sunday I will follow up with my sources. JU52s shuttling tens of thousands of troops out of "der kessel". It would be amazing I am sure.

  10. BraveSirRobin "I already told the rammer that I’m looking forward to seeing him online. Now I’m just mocking you for making s#!t up."


    No need to make this up...why else would I remember a kill from years ago? Because you complained, that's why.


  11. Okay...well since I was "vulching" maybe this time was an exception for even "gasp" you. You have complained in this thread about your views on ramming for 2 days. Now you want me think you never complain in server chat? The odds are not in your favor. Ramming is a part of the game and "real life". Get on with your life my man.

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