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  1. This will not work out because not everything is animated especially for bombers and attackers.
  2. Nice, I will send this to the Squadron 🤩
  3. Ok, than... something only with the girls? 😛
  4. Just corrected that (sorry my fouled) This is easy with IL-2: BoX, the Pe-2 is starting up at 10% Throttle (if you check the Tech-Chat while start-up). The position you need to have is the "Choke-Position" when its cold (like on every cold Engine, Idle-Cut off-Position is only used for operation-ready-temperature). This is also the reason why the Bf 110 G2 turns away while start-up if you not hit the breaks. So every Engine must be set to Choke before Start-up and the Game even tell you what the Choke-Position is for every Aircraft while start-up process- if you don't know it at this moment. The Problem with warm-start-up is that there are some aircraft with bad Radiators in "slow-situation". That means on Summermaps if you need to taxi the engines are already overheated when you reach the Runway, especially problematic when you have unexperienced People or bigger Groups that need to be coordinated. Greedings Kruger PS.: we are all waiting for the best part of every campaign... your video after it HvB... where is it ?:D
  5. I tested the this especially because of this Video and had no problem with the start-up when setting the Throttle to 20 % same Problems appeared for the German-side
  6. Just to at: 4.5. Coldstart should be turned back on. It could prevent at least some people from always using the Front-Airfields... and if you aren't able to start up the Aircraft.... Just learn it! I think it is not much to ask for to set the Throttle between 10-20% on start-up (no Aircraft would start-up at Idle-Cut off!)
  7. Just to feed this Brainchild with an Argument where it comes from, this is the Story where this Idea was Crafted from: Back in the Days of IL-2: Cliffs of Dover TF-4.312 there was a Online Campaign called "Storm of War", according to many People this is till this Day the best Campaign they ever flow in. As the Campaign shifted from an Event-Campaign to a 24/7-Campaign they used a similar approach to Suicidemissions, but much more Hardcore. There was a Squadron-Hangar, a General Supply-System for all Squadron and extremely limited Resources. At first everyone was concerned that all Aircrafts will be lost in short time and no one will fly anymore. To a certain degree this was right... in the first two Weeks of the 24/7-Campaign 2 hole Squadron did not read the Rules and past out with nothing left. After this people came to the conclusion that it is not the right approach to fly head on for action and it evolved. People where forced to adapt... and they adapted, they started to organize and fly big mission together to destroy the Key-Target with hole Bomberwings and massive Fightercover because they had to, some of this Flights had even a 3-Week-Planning and several Recon-Flights for a strategic Target with high priority. It lead to a great cooperating community with high communications and also fear, courage and awe towards the Enemy. It even lead to very funny things like Spitfires bringing a shot-up Messerschmitt over the "Frontline" to jump out over own Territory. Also because the Blue side had less Supply than the Red, Blue was starting with a very german and bureaucratic approach for this Problem, they had a 4 men Supply-Staff that sorted the Squadron-Requests out by urgency, number of losses per flight and upcoming offensive. All in all those hard limitations lead not to giving up like expected, but to ORGANIZATION, PLANING, HUMANENESS, DISCIPLINE, VERY HIGH FLYING-SKILLS and far-most THE VERY BEST IMMERSION I EVER HAD. But the Campaign found its death in a Adminteam of Perferctionists who where very good in what they did, but faced more and more limitation of the Game that prevented evolving the Campaign further (they adapted to most problems extremely good), the effort to run all this must have bin a Full-Time-Job... and very sadly COMPLAINING AND WHINING PLAYERS with no good reasons that failed to adapt. I understand that this was frustrating as hell after all this work. Please be aware: I only talk about Killed & Captured, not shot down! Please check you Stats and think about the reason why you got killed or captured. For my self it was 10 Times in 258 Sorties: 1x a Friendlyfire-accident, 2x enemy fighter i did not saw and the other 7 Time it was Bullshit I could have avoided. Than please conceder this in your answers. Greedings JG4_Kruger PS.: This is the Resupply-Request-Table of 3.5 Month of SoW 3.0
  8. Hallo Ivy, my thoughts are made with the experience of flying the worst aircraft in the worst conditions (not only in TAW-Experience, but other Campaigns for over 5 years now). So the biggest impact in Aircombat is the tactics applied to the situation. This is what i meant with adapting. While I not fly VVS in TAW, I could totally teach some VVS guys how to use there Material right. Again, its is mostly a problem of tactics an teamwork, we see this every campaign with some People who switch sides and being the biggest impact on the outcome of the campaign with just significant good 8 Pilots (the stats wont really tell you about them ). This whole Idea comes also with the fact in mind that the LW killed-&-Captured-rate is always and on every map higher than the Killed-&-Captured-rate of the VVS-Side. And this should be a Factor that gives a big push to the VVS and will also even out the difference of better Aircraft for the VVS (if you Bail you will keep it like now). The VVS-Side has with its AP-Ammo definitely the hight "Kill-capacity" to say so in this Game. Kruger
  9. Hey Admins, Thank you for this great Campaign!!! Since the last two Campaigns Me and some Squadmembers of JG4 where thinking about changes on the Campaign to prevent Suicidemission, also some of the =LG= Members already heared of them. So here is the result of 4 Month of thinking and discussions within the JG4-Squadron: At first some Points of Understanding: My understanding is that the Tactical Air War Campaign should have a more "Hardcore-Historical" approach to some degree in comparison other servers in this Game, so with this in mind getting killed or captured shout have a massive impact and to be a real pain for the individual Pilot. I will try to give a Concept to achive this on a "moderate" way that not completely demoralizes people with approaches from other campaigns i flow in, but try to get every one a reason to rethink about every flight before they even take-off. The Server has the "+1 System" so everyone can fly at least something, this is a good Thing that I will come back later on this. There are Players how fly often an some who can and will not, this must be noted. Also must be noted that some are better Pilots and some are not. There are Bomberpilots and Fighterpilots that face very different Risks on there flights. Also some Pilots doing Operational Tasks within there Squadron and will therefore not be able to constantly shoot down stuff. There are also Pilots who care about the Stats, the XP system and Pilots that do totally not. All this and possibly a lot more needs to be considered when developing such a change in a given System. The Way you get Aircraft is good in the System that you have and it should not be changed at all, but somehow the gears must be shifted... so which gear will be the right one. I think it should be the Aircrafts you lose not the one you get and I will work with this and the +1 System. The Idea: 1. If a Player gets Killed or Captured, he should lose everything because he is "not there anymore" or "the new guy on the front again". So at first: the People looking at the Stats and XP... all the XP should be completely gone. If you get killed or captured on the last Map with 10000 XP you are at 0! The Pilot already lost all its XP but some of them wont care, so how to be painful to them? 2. The Player was killed or captured, he loses ALL! his aircraft. Sounds hard right?... good. Because he is the new guy, take this old thing and come with us 😄 . A good Pilot is a good Pilot because of his skills, not his Aircraft so he will be soon back up again in his La-5 or Bf 109 G4... what ever he prefers. When I say ALL I really mean ALL of them so for the maximum next two Hours he is out of the Game by definition... Not even Supply because it can be a Gamechanger to some Point. Time to rethink his actions and what was going wrong, especially what he did wrong. Bad side-effect: Some People will possibly get more encouraged to Chute-shooting, but they will always do it as long as it is possible! No XP, no Aircrafts... Is he out for the rest of the Campaign?... How should he fly again with no Aircraft left? 3. This is where I come back to the "+1 System": On the Next Mission (after those maximum two hours) he will get his +1 Aircrafts. This means he has after some Time to think at least something to fly with. It is not the best Material but we have Supplymissions for that . But as I sad: it is not the Aircraft, it will always be the Pilot on the Stick. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand he is the new guy at the Unit With all this People need to Fly more "awake" and think about there actions and plans! flying alone is dangerous! flying head over heals is dangerous! 4. AAA at the Airfields and Depots should be back at the next Mission is also a good Idea i think At the end I have some extras but I did not evaluated there impact, or if its even possible: 5. Squadron-Hangars: If one is constantly loosing Aircrafts it gets a problem for everyone. 6. Textinfos of enemy aircrafts are late and that is okey to give them all a chance (even a Po-2 :D), but they should have a Course and Altitude Info (even Altitude alone would be nice), if this is possible somehow Just my thoughts... Be aware: People with skill will always adapt to the situation they find them self in and not complain about it. (Should also be a good hint for some mostly annoying People in this threat!) Thank you again for the GREATEST IL-2: BoX CAMPAIGN!!! JG4_Kruger PS.: lol, my first Post in this Forum ... sorry for some bad english😄
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