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  1. Yes, I already work on a bigger update. But it will take time.
  2. Here you go, not my best work but I only had 6 hours. I will possibly update this in the future. DOWNLOAD (21,3 MB)
  3. Just to say, I would like to see what you guys do with this templates. 😉
  4. First and most important, the Skins it self are less glossy like I mentioned in the main-post about the Alpha Layer, everything else is adjusted with the light- and camera-settings in the Skin-Viewer. Also a nice to know is the graphic-settings (like Anti-Aliasing) I set up in the NVidea-Settings for the Skin-Viewer. I made the Screenshots in 4K wire DSR and scaled them down afterwards, if you have any further questions, don't be shy to ask. Just a Bf 110 G2 to Show off more 😛 @ACG_Woop but a good Point here: The Templates are structurally designed with functi
  5. Oh yes, that is right Ju 87, Hs 129 (and Mc 202). This are not included because they where not really worth the effort when it comes to the relevance for JG4. I'm sorry to say that. 😑 just to show of what I made with this Templates and why I made them (the Images are all High Resolution, so please drag them out to view them in full Quality)
  6. Hello Il2: GB Skinning-Community, some of you probably know me, but most of you probably not. Just to introduce myself: I make the Skins for the JG4-Squadron. Within the last 10 Month I was undertaking a major overhauling Project of our 1398 Squadron-Skins. After all this work I thought it could also be interesting for some of you. The main goal of the Project was to have all Templates well organized and in the same build-up-style, with the same features and most important the same "Handwriting" so to say. I orientated my work on the style of ICDP because I like what he is doing
  7. This will not work out because not everything is animated especially for bombers and attackers.
  8. Nice, I will send this to the Squadron 🤩
  9. Ok, than... something only with the girls? 😛
  10. Just corrected that (sorry my fouled) This is easy with IL-2: BoX, the Pe-2 is starting up at 10% Throttle (if you check the Tech-Chat while start-up). The position you need to have is the "Choke-Position" when its cold (like on every cold Engine, Idle-Cut off-Position is only used for operation-ready-temperature). This is also the reason why the Bf 110 G2 turns away while start-up if you not hit the breaks. So every Engine must be set to Choke before Start-up and the Game even tell you what the Choke-Position is for every Aircraft while start-up process- if you don't know it at this
  11. I tested the this especially because of this Video and had no problem with the start-up when setting the Throttle to 20 % same Problems appeared for the German-side
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