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  1. also remember good ol pythagorean theorem....a2 + b2 = c2 when flying diagonally across a grid. since each grid is 10 x 10 a perfect diagonal across is ~14.14 km. since we dont really fly perfect diagonals most of the time, this is just a rough estimate to use. Your diagonal can be anymore from 3 km to 14.14km depending on the angle you are flying through. Also remember if you are flying US/Brit planes, 1 mile = 1.61 km. So a 10 km grid is only 6.2 miles. Traveling at 250 mph, it would only take you about 1 and 1/2 min to do. Like the previous posters said, pick landmarks. Look for them. and online,for gods sake, dont fly right along the rivers. A lot of people use rivers as guidance and enemies love to circle the rivers and bounce them. Its best to stay about 10 km away from the river.
  2. I think the issue was that I was using the wheel brake axis only to realize there isnt a wheel brake axis. its all brakes together coupled with the rudder input to lock the wheel to the side you want to turn. I will have to try it out though as I havent had a chance. I might change my in game name to GroundLooper!
  3. ahh so the master brake button along with a push on the rudder axis will lock the wheel on the side you pushed and allow the tail to swing? pretty cool!! I was hammering the toe brakes on the tempest for the longest time trying to figure out why I was ground looping. Only to discover...it has no toe brake! So, if you ever saw a guy spinning in circles on Combat box in the spit or tempest...it was likely me. I even spun out on the runway and was telling guys to go ahead and take off because I couldnt get the bloody thing to straighten up and taxi right!
  4. sounds good. I emailed drookasi so I will coordinate everything with him
  5. awesome, how are the MP servers now? I fly WW2 on Combat Box and its pretty solid with no stutters most of the time. I will be on Saturday. What time do you get on?
  6. I would love to. I tried about a year ago but my work got in the way and now want to get back flying again. Yep, that was me VonKost, myself, and VonHuetz I think it was were the original members. If you look at the old ROF forums and search by my name, you might even see some of my old recruiting posts from way back in the day!! Would love to fly again with you all! I have more free time. I will email Drookasi
  7. how does that work for the tempest when it doesnt have axis brakes? I had to bind a key to brakes for the tempest and use the rudder while holding the key to make the differential tail swing to one side or another. The other poster was right about crosswind taxiing though. There is a mission on Combat box in Winter. I cant remember which one but, if you spawn as tempest, you are on a part of the airfield that is practically impossible to make a left turn out of. I have to go right every time
  8. HAHA I love that scene!! By the way, this is J2_NigelMcElwee. Old school founder of J2. S! my friend!
  9. I think its awesome they will have it in the game. How cool would it be trollollloling around and see a V1 just cruising for the English coast?! I hope they do model the sputtering sound it made due to the continuous flap opening and closing in the engine to maximize thrust out of the back of the engine. What a cool sound that will be!!
  10. it is what it is. You should feel good you helped them so they can spend more time and effort developing this great sim.
  11. I turned off technochat a long time ago. I loved it for awhile but realized, it was more fun to learn the limitations of my plane and actually look at the instruments. It may put me at a slight disadvantage to the guy who is zoomed in all the way on his reticle, and not bothering to look down at all. Sometimes the looking down and back up is enough to make the plane I was chasing disappear. WOOPS!
  12. I thought it could be that as well. Works great for takeoff rudder trim. I guess I will just have to map the reset zoom to the button right behind it. I wish I could calibrate it in game and pull it back slightly to call that center.
  13. yeah I like the axis for quick zooming. It works fantastic. But the rest back to default zoom and then clicking a button to "reset" to my modified zoom is a pain. I wish there was a way to modify the center of this axis to be "back" from center so when its released, on the axis panel, its centered to the "left" instead of dead center.
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