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  1. "Throttle "Poltto"" Vitalij, this thing is AWESOME! I might have to start saving money to buy one.
  2. Just got my Left handed GVL throttle today. I got a copy of the "GA-Twin" design. So far everything is working for me in DCS. The T2 and T3 rockers stick a little when pushed toward the down side, but I am hopeful they will break in after some use. But over all, this thing is a lot more sturdy than I had expected. The case is a black plastic with a metal laminate on both surfaces. I had thought they were a rigid plastic only from the photos. The mini stick is nice and supple without too much spring tension fighting you trying to recenter it. And to be honest, I am not sure what I will do with the two smaller axis levers since I do not really fly full realism prop sims. But it is very nice to have the option. If you are a left handed sim pilot like I am, this thing is a dream. I'm using Vjoy and Joystick Gremlin to tweak it and as far as I know, those are the preferred software options for configuring one of GVL's throttles?
  3. Is this your first block with a "hat" switch?
  4. Since I am left handed, I think GVL224/Vitalij is the only person or company, that I currently know of, who makes a HOTAS throttle for a person's right hand. I ordered a copy of one he already did called a "GA Twin" a week ago. Now I have to wait for him to work through his pre-order Que, but from what I can see of his work, its top notch quality. I am very excited to see what its like to finally have some gear for my off hand that is made for a left handed person. The grip on the Ulfhedner is very cool too. I find myself wanting maximum buttons since I fly in VR and cant see the keyboard.
  5. Would one of these potentiometers be useful for this? Slider potentiometer
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