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  1. Looks awesome Jason... I have been sticking with the P-47 as it is my favourite... looks like I will like it even more now! :D Stay safe all and best wishes in this tough time!
  2. Not sure where you are from but I broke the bit that clips onto headset a few years back and I bought a clip from Delan Clip and it seems to work with TrackIR... It was a lot cheaper too! I still use TrackIR from time to time but I'm not VR and love it!
  3. Thanks for the update Jason and team... Looking forward to the new damage model. I used to play another sim but fell in love with IL2 when I tried it ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for all of your continuing hard work!
  4. BoN if possible please... Got to love this community!!
  5. Wow, I didn't realise that me posting this thread would result in so many people contributing. I will persevere with the 47 when I don't mind being shot down but I am struggling all round. I am able to hit ground targets but all too often get shot after dropping bombs. I will try the advice to see if I can find some more speed as at around 5-6000 feet I am struggling to trundle along at 250mph... Normally taking around 50% fuel. I look forward to testing the advice. Thanks for the contribution and I cross my fingers that something can be done with the damage model ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป I appreciate that in a way multiplayer doesn't reflect real life in that the Luftwaffe is represented by very good and numerous pilots as opposed to almost air superiority in real life so flying the 47, you are open to more threats than in real life. Keep smiling!!
  6. Thanks for your inputs all... At least it isn't just me feeling like I'm not getting anywhere with the Jug. Hopefully the Devs can resolve this as it is probably my favourite from WW2 and deserves to be flown more but I shy away from it because of the above issues โ˜น๏ธ
  7. Ah OK, so it is potentially a limitation in game restricting the P-47? The damage model does frustrate me too as I am sure I have read stories of 47's coming home with massive damage and I've heard of radials still running with cylinders missing but the other day, I received one shot to the engine from a 110 gunner and it was curtains! Engine stopped fully a couple of seconds later โ˜น๏ธ
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before... I remember having read about how to fly the P-47 before but wasn't sure if this was covered. Apart from feeling extremely fragile in the P-47 due to it seemingly not being able to take any damage at all, I also find myself feeling extremely slow, even in comparison to the relatively slow Spit IX. . This is mainly down low as that is where the majority of multiplayer fights take place and after bombing, I am a sitting duck. I have oil and intercooler flaps at neutral and cowl at 10% or less and I am lucky to maintain 250mph when straight and level... Is this correct? The only reason why I ask is because I have recently watched an interesting program about Y-29 and the BoBP and it focussed on a couple of US airmen, one of which was a P-47 pilot who kept up with a 190 and managed to evade a 109... Both on the deck! In sim, I have no chance to do this currently as my 47 is incredibly slow!! I should also mention that although not interlinked in sin, my throttle and turbo are linked on the HOTAS. I normally fly at 2550rpm and around 50" MP. I also normally take around 50-60% fuel. I appreciate that the Jug is a rather large beast and is best suited to higher altitude fights but I try not to turn fight and after diving and getting a shot in, I am left a sitting duck and 95% of the time, my foe easily hunts me down and the game is over very quickly! Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Have been flying a bit today and I am still struggling but every time I put the ,cfg file from November it does help. Once I have some altitude I am at 70-90 FPS but down low it can get down to 30... Never used to do this so something must have changed. Maybe I need to lower some settings but will have a trial with these...
  10. Weirdly, I have just replaced the start up file with a back up from November and boom, I'm back to around 90fps ๐Ÿ˜
  11. HI all, I haven't flown for a while but did get on last night and noticed that my FPS are down to 45-50 but they used to be at around 80ish. I am using a Rift CV1 and have a 1080Ti and I& @ 4.3ghz, 16GB ram I haven't changed anything apart from having used a montitor a few weeks ago but I pasted by startup.cfg back into the folder. I have also replaced it with a back up and it is still 45-50. I have tried online and career and if I look at a blue sky, I am good, if not, the FPS plummets... Any ideas? thanks!
  12. Badders46_VR + BoN This community is awesome! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  13. Wow! I didn't expect so many others to be having a similar experience... I use open composite but it definitely sounds like something in the background so will take a look into that! Thanks all! Happy New Year!!!
  14. Interesting... Exactly the same as me but I couldn't do anything at all. Will keep an eye on this and will check back ground applications too! Glad I'm not alone!
  15. Hi all, Weird thing just happened to me in flight. I had been dogfighting for about 10-5 minutes and was RTB. Had someone on my tail and took evasive action. On doing so, the view shifted to low right in the cockpit and I couldn't move the stick or do anything at all. I ended up crashing and was dead. On dying, I couldn't press escape to finish the mission either. This has happened before but as it has happened again, I thought I would ask the question. It was on the Combat Box server and I use VR. Weird thing is, almost every first flight I have no control just after take off and have to tab+shift back to il2... it does this in DCS too... Any ideas? Thanks!
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