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  1. Exciting.... Got here by accidentally clicking on a link send by some sucker... And why the hell the blue plane is burning?
  2. Zak is not the guy who checks the accuracy of the data. Thats the guy: http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/37-dannye-ispytanij-la/page-5?do=findComment&comment=267084 As you can see they are quite active in the russian section also. With source data provided.
  3. I never wrote anything about balance, AFAIR devs dont care about balance also. Atleast they said so. We both flew old IL-2 alot so you cant scratch that and say it never happened - it was a balanced game. But you are right about their atitude, they didnt got one big thing - that they are selling not only sim, but HOPE. And if you say to your customers - there is no hope (we wont fix this or that) you are screwed, better remain silent.
  4. Btw Kwiatek, why dont you combine all your tests, tracks, historical data into one presentation and send it over to the devs. Im sure that they will take it more serious then some forum talk.
  5. Like I said, if they focus on FM of every plane, there wont be any further development cause they cant spend time (resourses-money) on it. It wont bring any money to fix all the stuff thats needs tuning. This game is not yet prooved as successfull and the sales are a joke compared to IL-2 ForgottenBattles. You have to be happy that there will be addon in general. Just try to put yourself into their shoes. Its a battle for survival of the sim and the project in general. Some of you may remember that in the best days of the HyperLobby you couldnt get online cause there were 1000 people flying it, compare this to the online players in BoS. You have to be more realistic in your demands from the devs. There are alot of stuff thats not ok, but also the only hope for all of us is if the next addont brings enough $$$ so they can cotinue developing and fix issues. The sim is not only about realism its also about gameplay and lots of options for every taste and mood. IL2 had that with less realistic planes,fm,dm but still it was succesfull. I will be happy if you succeed in making it more realistic, but focus on other issues too then, not just LaGG and Yak speeds.
  6. Even Pe-2 can be used as fighter at that altitude better then LaGG, but IL-2 high-alt agility is shocking.
  7. If you dig into this one you have to do so with the rest also, stability, roll rate, climb, turn rate, flaps use etc... this crap will never end. DEVs dont have the time and funds to spend on fine-tunning every single plane. Have you ever tested the IL2 at above 6K? Im sure not, cause you arent thinking out of the box at all. Let me tell you its still slower then anything else upthere, BUT with its low level engine and FM it so agile and turns and climbs better then LaGG - way better, no problem fighting a few 109s and killing them. If you still think LaGG speed is the main problem go on try to force the DEVs to fix it.
  8. I Do not claim anything, I just say if you reduce its speed only and not the FM it will ruin it completely. Nothing is black and white kids. Use your brains and look at the bigger picture, not just speed test. Devs wont change that so you better learn to live with it. Like with all the previous sims. You didnt comment on LaGG practical ceiling. What you explained everyone here know.
  9. No idea what are you talking about, so you think its too good that it can barely reach 8k when the ceiling was near 10k? Try to get over 5k with it and fight a 109, then we can discuss again your statements.
  10. I wont argue if the data is correct or not, I just want to say that right now LaGG practical ceiling is around 8k where you can barely keep level flight. If you cut 50km from that speed guess what is going to happen
  11. Hope your wife doesent see this message, cause you will get a special massage with the kitchen pan
  12. We all know that the BoS team will participate on "Igromir" game show. We also know that budget is tight for extra expenses like those: So I would like to ask all virpils from around Moscow! Comrades, you have to convince your girfriend/wife that the motherland need them now! Imagine them wearing some tight VVS uniforms....uhh....ahhhh... Im sure you know what I mean .... Convince them to participate in boosting the moral of the pilots awaiting BoS release. That will increase even more well going preorders. Do it for the great future of BoS !!!
  13. Im sure all the other "pro pilots" won't like it too Seeing your name in this message will hurt bad
  14. not at all, the =FB= guys are WarBirds (FreeHost) veterans they know what im talking about. Let me explain, cause most of you dont even know this game. When you maneuver low over ground and the enemy crashes nearby, because of stall or stupid attack you get an ingame message that credits you with a "Maneuver Kill".
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