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  1. Yes i have it has definitely come a long way and it can be a lot of fun, i use a hotas thrustmaster A10 warthog with Satek rudder pedals so full Sim mode is the only way. I realise it will appeal to many people and i do like the aircraft it has, but it just doesn't feel authentic to me. Maybe am spoilt playing the il2series, 1946, FSX, X Plane 11 etc. But yes it does have lots of great ideas and the scenery gives a great sense of action and variety and is highly detailed. Funny thing is i keep getting drawn to it and have downloaded it off steam and then got frustrated with it, left it, then deleted it....then downloaded it again a few months back after seeing it again thinking that LOOKS amazing but once again the arcadey feel to it just doesn't do it for me. After seeing it again am thinking shall i give it another go? Then i realise why i get so frustrated with it. Shame because in some ways it is actually better than il2 battle series with more variety and scenery variation, but its just too arcadey overall, plus i like to play offline which isnt an option with warthunder which is aimed at online only. I also dont like its business model and the way its geared at mini transactions all the way through it. If you do a search online for it you will always see people asking will it play with my controller 360 or with mouse which kinda sums the whole thing up.
  2. When you centre your track IR ..ie F12 usually...if you prefer to be sat slightly higher virtually in game then when you centre your track ir deliberately lower yourself in your real seat before centring your track ir virtual position, if you know what i mean.
  3. You can Just change the name of the radio folder in your L-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/ data/audio subfolders..change it from radio to something like old radio or delete it altogether if you never want radio chatter again... every update you will have to do this again! I cant find an option in the game to do this...if someone knows how but i dont think you can.
  4. Just change the name of the radio folder in your data/audio subfolders..change it from radio to something like old radio or delete it altogether if you never want radio chatter again...
  5. Tried War thunder a few weeks ago, i should have known better with a name like War thunder! The FM is beyond redemption and that alone killed it for me. The graphics are ok for this style and type of game, but the actual game play is far too arcadey for me, in fact the whole game, the menus, the game play and graphics suggest its just a serious attempt at a basic arcade shoot em up in the air. Physics are none existent despite the claims of some of its advocates. Even if it was 100% free with everything unlocked and came with 500 'flyable' ( i use that term loosely!) free planes i still wouldn't be interested in it. I see some comments here relating to how smooth it runs on older systems and tbh that it seems is its one and only redeemable feature.
  6. Hi here's a rare opportunity to see some parts of this amazing aircraft dismantled for maintenance work, I took the initiative to take a few photos, i thought they may be of interest to some of youguys on here. Here's a link to my google album i created for anyone who wishes to take a look. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MbyJCMg32P3w78ZQ7 The last in a series of twin engined 'destroyers' manufactured by Messerschmitt, the Me410 was used by the Luftwaffe in a variety of roles.The origins of the Me410 Hornisse (Hornet) can be traced to the catastrophic failure of an earlier design the Me210. A marked improvement on its predecessor, the Me410 entered front line service in March 1943 and 1100 were built before production ceased in September 1944.Used as fighters, light bombers, photographic reconnaissance and anti-shipping aircraft, Me410s were deployed in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Italy. Me410 squadrons played an important role in the 'Baby Blitz' the series of raids mounted by the Luftwaffe against the UK in 1943 and 1944.Heavily armed Me410s were used against daylight air raids by the Flying Fortresses and Liberators of the US Eighth Air Force, achieving some notable successes. However, with the introduction of American escort fighters in ever increasing numbers, the losses suffered by Hornisse equipped fighter units mounted alarmingly and in the autumn of 1944 they were re-equipped with single engine fighters.Novel features of the Me410 included electrically powered, remotely controlled defensive gun turrets on each side of the fuselage. These 'barbettes' were aimed by the gunner with the use of a reflector sight.
  7. Great news! really Looking forward to its release! I see some people on here are still moaning about the pacific or whining as usual....so tiresome..am sure the devs have heard it all before. But please try and be positive for each and every offering we get. When creating il 2 battles, they have chosen to start in the European theatre of war and rightly so since that's were it all started in real life! It would be crazy to leave these great battlegrounds unfinished just to jump into the pacific one. Personally am looking forward to the new map and the new planes, so come on guys some awesome new toys coming along. .....Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI....Me-410......Ar-234 ......Spifire Mk.XIV ......P-51 B/C......P-47D “Razorback”.......Typhoon Mk.Ib...plus some great new Ai and even get to shoot at V-1 Buzz Bombs flying over the channel... YES if we had a magic wand we would all love to be flying hellcats, F4U Corsairs and zeros landing on swaying carrier decks...but am also just as happy to be flying Mosquitos and 410's and appreciate all the hard work put in to these aircraft....so thanks to the developers and keep up the good work!
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