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  1. Nice to cry....thanx a lot for this beautiful MOD. Subtracting all this war stuff, this could be my Shangri La 😁
  2. Aaaah, ingame they look even nicer 😁
  3. HiHo Zargos, very nice skins, really! But I have one question: all the download links lead to a site that one can only access after paying for "ovh webhosting". Is this intended? best regards eastriverman
  4. HiHo again, sevenless! After 2 more missions with the k-4 there's more info: Obviously there's still a partial problem with skins. I saw P-47s doing ground attacks with proper skins (see screenshot). But upon intercepting ground attackers, the marked targets (red rectangles) were P-38s having the "skin disease" (see killshot). On earlier occasions I noticed P-47s and P-38s with proper skins, too and up to now Spit IXs and Tempests always had proper skins. Thus, there's no general problem with the skins of P-47s and P-38s. Probably is has something to do with the designation of the american BoBP planes by the game. If the all are defined as fighters, they can fly occasional ground attack missions but if you put them into ground attack units originally equipped with IL-2s, then a problem with skins may arise. Testing this "theory" I looked through the description of the VVS units active in April 1943 and found that you replaced the russian planes in fighter units (IAPs and GIAPs) as well as in ground attack units (GShAPs and ShAPs). Perhaps the problem can be curtailed by creating a test version of the MOD in which you replace russian planes by american planes only in fighter units, i.e. IAPs and GIAPs and leave all ground attack units (GShAPs and ShAPs) untouched. Then IL-2s should show up with american fighter escorts and all should have the proper skins if my "theory" is correct. If so, then the improper skins in the current version of the MOD should be IL-2 skins plastered on the american planes...... Up to now I saw in my missions no P-51s and no B-25s. Again, if my theory is correct, there should be no problems with the P-51s, since you assigned them to fighter units only. Flying missions with the K-4, I noticed another change. Using auto pilot, all planes follow the mission's waypoints with the defined speed and altitude but the K-4s display some sort of "Befehlsverweigerung" by flying in a much higher altitude. For example, in a recon intercept mission the predefined altitude is 6000 meters , but the K-4 fly at an enormous altitude of 10.500 meters (screenshot). In a mixed flight of G-14s and K-4s the G-14s follow orders while the K-4s fly higher. So, this is a bit strange but it does not break the mission. So far for my latest findings. best regards eastriverman
  5. Clostermann wrote a book about his time as WW II pilot and as far as I remember he mentioned there that the name refers to Charles DeGaulle which was a leading figure for the frenchmen who fought on the allied side
  6. Man, you are really a fast one! 😎 I'm very much obliged to you for spending some of your private quality time to fix the MOD. The least I can do in return is to act as a tester. I had only time to do 2 missions with the latest fix (V8d) and found the following: (1) Recommendation: Always use JSGME, de-activate the old version first, then ativate the current version. (2) With the latest fix, better start over the career instead of continuing an existing one. Reason is: For example, if you started the career in III./JG 52 at Taman airfield as a squadron commander (rank major) in V8c, you could choose between G-6 and G-14. Continuing then with V8d, you still can only choose between G-6 and G-14. On the other hand, starting a new career as commander in V8d, then III./52 is the only squadron giving you the choice between G-14 and K-4. (3) Did not notice skins issues anymore until now (good news) in the latest fix. (4) Recommendation: As a german fighter pilot I've already done a complete war time career (BoM, BoS, Bok) in real time, ending up with 500+ aerial victories and using unit transfers to get access to Bf 109 and Fw 190 fighter as well and in the end my choice was the Bf 109 when one learns to become an expert in combat flying and deflection shooting. The Bf 109 has a superior climb rate compared to any other plane, the stalling behavior is gentle and one can still do some careful manoeuvering in the stalling region in order to gain the upper hand. The weak arming of the early types can be pimped with underwing gun pods. The later types, starting with the G-6, have a superior arming when using the upgrade option with a 30mm MK 108, which is a terrifying weapon. One hit on a fighter can blast off a wing or the rear part of the fuselage. Against bombers one or two additional hits have similar effects, reducing the time in the bomber's defense fire significantly. Especially "the flying tank" becomes an easy prey. With the MK108, the Bf 109s arming is superior to that of the Fw 190s. Only the Me 262 with four MK 108s is more heavily armed. The final queen is the K-4. She conserves the advantages of the earlier variants and she's faster than the D-9 and even faster than the P-51: On the other hand, the Fw 190s are more rugged and more heavily armed than the early Bf 109s, but they thave a very abrupt stalling behavior and it's more difficult to get out of a stall in a Fw 190. Both can get you killed when a stall happens at low altitude. Finally, the Fw 190s have a poor climb rate compared to the Bf 109 and most allied planes as well. Ok, that's all for today. Again, thumbs up for sevenless and his MOD. best regards eastriverman
  7. Bom dia, sevenless! Hmmmm, let me see if I understood this correctly..... Can this problem be bypassed by leaving all ground attacker squadrons alone, i.e. let them fly with their original equipment in their original role and switch only the fighter squadrons to american fighters? A change of planes in bomber squadrons seems to create no problems as mentioned in earlier posts. Perhaps even a funny "what if" scenario can be created by switching only some of the fighter squadrons to american planes. Then, as a german fighter pilot you can fight against a russo-american force consisting of american and russian fighter as well. Could this be done with your approach? Sorry, just curious eastriverman
  8. Greeting sevenless, I'm afraid I have to bother you with another problem. With your MOD, certain escort missions do not work anymore. These are escort missions for Fw 190A-5s which are labelled as bomber escort missions. Without the MOD in the the original BoK, the A-5 is used by only one german unit exclusively as ground attacker ("Schlachtflugzeug") and NOT as bomber. Investigating further I noticed that the A-5s did not carry any bombs and there were no bomb racks attached, i.e. they flew in a clean fighter configuration. Arriving at the target they, lacking bombs to drop, they didn't attack any ground targets and were just circling over the target. The do it for a long time whilst some of them were shot down by AAA and in the end I got the message that my own fuel would run out in 10 minutes. With the option to stay with the A-5s until my fuel runs out over enemy territory or to return to home base I chose the latter one but after landing the mission was marked as failure. Another hint for a wrong assignment as a bomber was, that the A-5s did not use the typical low altitude attack scheme of ground attackers at an altitude of some hundred meters but he typical bomber attack scheme at an altitude of 2000 meters. Probably the wrong designation as a bomber hindered the A-5 to complete the mission? Up to now I had to fly this type of mission twice with and the outcome was identical. In the original BoK, He 111s, Ju 88s and Ju 87s are bombers, while the Hs 129, the Bf-110, the Bf-109E-7 and the Fw 190A-5 are ground attackers. Additionally, I did not experience these problem flying missions without the MOD. There are clues that this bomber/ground attacker problem exists for some VVS units as well. Can I ask you to check this issue? best regards eastriverman
  9. HiHo again, thanks a lot for the quick response. You are right with your remark that starting as a squadron commander is a hotfix for this problem. Unfortunately, my alter ego was downgraded to "Oberfeldwebel" after refusing to assist in a mass execution organized by the SS (no joke!!). Or as we say in Germany: "Er war kein Nazi". Moreover, as a "collector" I'm addicted to starting from the ranks and earning all those promotions and medals πŸ™„ best regards eastriverman
  10. HiHo Ripper! Wow, that really looks like a dangerous animal 😎 Would be really nice to have one as a personal skin! best regards eastriverman
  11. HiHo Sevenless, I installed your MOD in the way you described using JSGME and it worked. To check it out I startet a new career as german fighter pilot in III./JG 52. There seems to be a problem with the skins of some of the american planes. Normally they should have the default skins and this the case with the planes I saw during the first few combat missions (P-47,P-38, Tempest, Spit IX, not P-51) I flew upt to now. But scanning the neighbourhood with LStrg-F2 for enemies in y last mission I saw weird things going on (see screenshots). It looks as if skins for russian planes were put onto the 3D- models of american planes for some of the russian squadrons. Wrong skin links perhaps? Besides from that I have a proposal/request: Starting the career at the earliest time possible as a NCO means to fly every mission you are assigned to with the plane assigned to you. That mean one has to fly missions in mediocre mid-war planes (Bf 109G-6 and Fw 190A-8) against superior late-war planes like P-39, P-47, P-51, Tempest and Spit IX. That's is, let's say, quite challenging even for a seasoned flyer like me. This is because the newer Bf 109G-14 and the Fw 190D-9 are only available in small numbers in german squadron at the beginning. The Bf 109K-4 isn't avaible at all in the beginning, one can fly it only in later phases of the battle. So, can the availability in german fighter squadrons changed to G-14 & K-4 and Fw-190D-9 only right from the beginning? It woud make my life in that career a lot easier than now, where my main task consists of not being killed in my poor G-6 by allied "uber-planes" 😎 best regards eastriverman
  12. Upon your feedback I had the bright idea to use Chrome instead of Firefox for downloading and it worked! So, thanx a lot for sharing this goreous skin with the community.
  13. Cool skin, indeed. But Mediafire says "File not found".
  14. Well, in any case it was surprising..... Pulling into a sharp turn, my cockpit screen went black on the spot. First I thought of a graphics bug and using the outside view my pilot avatar showed the "killed" animation. So I went oil drilling by ramming my 109 into the ground with 600 kph because you loose control completely during a blackout. Basically I appreciate the new feature since it adds more realism to the game, but playing around with it made me a little suspicious about whether or not the AI pilots also blackout and redout. In more than one case they flew even tighter turns at high speed than me and I noticed no sign of blackout on them while my own avatar already made a little combat nap. Did anyone notice that, too? Perhaps adding steroids as a player option to fight blackouts...😎
  15. This seems to be a general problem in any simulation game to make the whole environment destructable and/or moveable in a credible way. Actually, I never saw this upt to now. For a ground level simulation like TC this would mean to make the landscape itself "changeable", e.g. by cratering it with artillery fire. Additionally, all structures must be partially AND completely destructable. Example for complete destruction: If a Tiger "sees" the barrel of an anti-tank gun behind a hut, it should be possible to bulldoze the hut as well as the gun behind it and exact this happened in real encounters. Partial destruction: A Tiger (again πŸ˜€) can use a house or any bigger structure as hideout from enemy air attack by driving into it from one side. And, of course, a Tiger can completely flatten lighter vehicles like cars, trucks, and smaller guns and can shove away destroyed tanks to clear its way. This also happened in real encounters. The BIG problem is: In a computer program all these changes of the environment will cause an immense programmig effort and will hit the performance seriously not to talk of memory issues, since all of these changes are permanent. I tested on the Kursk map what's the state of play in TC: # Destroyed vehicles disappear after some time. # Some structures like fences are competely ignored. They are "ghost structures". # Some trees can be bulldozed with tanks, others not. # Weirdly, some small objects like ammo chests are indestructable. Driving into some of these chests with a Tiger ended up in an imprisonment of the tank, since it could not move in any direction anymore. # Ramming a small wooden house with a tiger produced only the "oh god I'm hit and now I crumble down and burn" animation, but one can still not drive right through it. I saw a video where this is possible with another type of house. So, seems to be work in progress. # Like many other people I found out that many objects that should be destructable, either by ramming or by shelling, are actually indestructable. I could add more items to this list, but this is already enough to explain that a lot of work is still to be done and the programmers will have to find a way to address these issues. Compromises will have to be made, since it is completely out of question to make everything REAL. For me it means to lean back and give the programming guys and girls their time. The've done already a great job. Honestly, the technical details and the graphics knocked me out of my shoes right from the start. best regards eastriverman
  16. HiHo Swing, thanx for the hint, but I had it on my radar already. All in all I secured the following "loot": KV1s: 16 Skins M4A2: 34 Skins PzIIIM: 6 Skins PzIVG: 0 Skins PzVI-H1: 28 Skins T-34/76: 0 Skins No skins for the new guys in town (SU122, SU152, "Ferdinand", "Panther"). So, as I said, not soooo many skins available. For GB & FC1 I found a shocking 102 gigabytes of skins. Therefore, I'm still open for proposals 😎 best regards eastriverman
  17. Greetings, in videos posted from numerous members I noticed very nice tank skins which I would like to use for my exploitations in the new world of tanks. But I have no idea where to find them. Searching this forum I found only very few of them. I'm only wondering, since there are tons of skins available for the planes in great battles. So, any helpful hints for a hopeful hero to get heroic skins? 😎 best regards eastriverman
  18. Greetings SCG_Neun, thank you for posting. Interesting little video. My gunnery has improved considerably in the meantime, but I'm still killed too often due to the dysfunctional invincibility option. Since I got no reactions to my question regarding this issue, I decided to assume that this one of the numerous bugs which are quite normal in an early WIP status of a game which will (hopefully) get eliminated until the official release of "tank crew". best regards eastriverman
  19. Greetings Jason, the download link for Bf 109F-4 template is broken. Klicking on it generates a message "generating new download key" but that doesn't work. So, no download possible. May I ask for a working download link? best regards eastriverman
  20. Greetings, underway as "pilot" since the golden days of MS-Fightsim & Red Baron my enemies in the Great Battles campaigns and careers are no match anymore and so I needed a new challenge. Having a strange fascination for those steel monsters I decided to try TC. Being a rookie in that area and without any manual in the early access of TC my strategy was reading through the forum and learning by doing. Point one in my to do list was gunnery training and for a stress free version I enabled invincibility + unlimited ammo in the options. Scene 1: Unfortunately, things went bad. Sitting in the belly of my new beast called Tiger I, overlooking a peaceful river scenery in the Stalingrad summer map, doing some sightseeing in the tank, I was rudely interrupted by banging noises and the last thing I noticed before I saw a message telling me I'm dead, was a horde of russian tanks blasting my Tiger to pieces. So, what part of "invincibility" does the game not understand? I hope it's a bug soon to be fixed and not a feature. For a check I tested invincibility in BoS and there it works. Does anybody have some infos for me about this "affair"? Scene 2: Unchecking anything that could harm me, e.g. tanks, I tried my gunnery skills on stationary targets like gun emplacements and trucks. Following the advices given in the forum I found myself shooting far off any target. Later I found out that this happened only upon using HEAT rounds one has to adjust the sights to the double of the real target range, i.e. to hit a target in 1000 meters one has to adjust to 2000 meters. The logic explanation for me was, that the rounds of different ammo types have different weights and different aerodynamics and so they have a different drop rate. With trial and error I found out that with HE and APHE the real target range coincides with the adjustment of the gunsight. With APCR it's slightly off; for a trarget in 1000 meters one has to adjust to 900 meters otherwise the "potato" goes above the target. I verified my findings with targets at distances of 1000 and 2000 meters. Remembering scene 1 I have to ask if this devation is a feature, i.e. is this a correct simulation of the behavior of the gunnery in a real Tiger? Is there some info available about real world gunnery in a Tiger? I did not find something like this in the forum, perhaps I overlooked it? Anyway, some help for an aged rookie is highly welcome Good hunting! eastriverman
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