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  1. Hi Tigre, eastriverman IS happy😀 BTW, I played through the rest of the Prokhorovka campaign and encountered no problems in terms of bugs or "show stoppers" though the difficulty level is pretty high now. But that's OK for me, keeps the tension. The use of well-hidden AT-gun emplacements in the campaign reflects the real soviet WW2 anti-tank doctrine. Even tank aces like Michael Wittmann regarded AT-guns to be more dangerous than enemy tanks. So, with the update of all of your campaigns to 4.502 I have an excellent excuse to play through the
  2. HiHo Tigre, of course, I couldn't withstand to try the improved Prokhorovka campaign. Still familiar with the missions from the old version of the campaign I did not exspect major surprises. However, after the first mission I'm stuck in the second mission. Knowing from the old version that I've to turn right and blast my way through Yamki, eliminating ALL resistance there, even the crappy machine guns. Then a counterattack of 3 T-34s has to be repelled. After Yamki a SIS-3 and a machine gun near a farm house must be destroyed to clear the way to
  3. Greetings Tigre, when Tigre calls, eastriverman has to step in 😀 This new campaign really saved me from dying of boredom in this 2nd wave of Corona....... But back to the topic: After several attempts I was able to successfully complete missions 1 to 4 with a lot of dangerous steel beasts to kill. Liked to play cat and mouse with the russian tankers especially because it wasn't that clear who was the cat in the end. However, there seems to be an issue for me with mission 5: After having successfully ambushed tw
  4. HiHo PhunkaeG, you are asking a very justified question. Being a great fan of flight simulations and a dedicated modeler as well, one of my first actions in the good old days of Red Baron 3D was to create personal skins because it was quite easy and the results looked quite good for that time. And therefore, it was fun. In Great battles things are a bit different. The graphical quality of a good skin is of another world but I found creating a skin to be a complicated, error-prone, time consuming, and annoying process. So, the guys &a
  5. Hi Aliocha, thanks for your remarks which I agree to. Perhaps there is a little misunderstanding about why I mentioned those details. I've read many publications about the two biggest catastrophies of mankind in the 20th century, namely the first and second world war. Having lost a lot of my relatives in WW2 and truly believing in the wisdom of the ancient greek statement "if you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat history" I always wanted to understand the failures in politics that lead to these wars and how this escalated during
  6. Greetings Steini and all the tankers around, when I read Tigre's "answer" I really thought I was "in the wrong movie" and found that it wasn't worth any answer. Fact is that I appreciate the work of mission/campaign builders as much as the other members in this forum. Actually, I liked his campaigns and his latest campaign "panzerdivision" shows a major impovement in mission design compared to the missions in the preceding campaigns which were already pretty good. So, from my side I assume a major misunderstanding due to language problems. May t
  7. Greetings, tankers! I'd like to ask for some help with 3 of the scripted campaigns published here, namely the Causcase, the Belgorod, and the Koursk43 campaign. First, without looking into the campaign files, it was hard to understand the mission objectives with the german localization of the game, since there are only mission briefings in english and french. The *.ger mission briefings were not in german but in french. I made copies of the *.eng files in another folder, renaming them to *.ger and copied these files back to the campaign folder.
  8. Download links are dead (404 error) .........
  9. Greetings! Only a simple question: While looking through the list of keyboard commands I found no special command forusing/unusing bonoculars. So, how to use them? best regards eastriverman
  10. What we learn from this is, that the more you go into detail the more complicated things become. For example, bullet drop due to gravity is larger at sea level than it is on top of Mount Everest (probably illegal to fire a shot there). But even on sea level bullet drop is smaller at the equator than it is at north or south pole since earth's shape is not that of an ideal sphere.... And then earth is not made from a homogeneous material. There are regions with different density of matter. Guess what that means for the value of earth's gravity constant g. Actually, there
  11. Yes. The Coriolis force is a so-called pseudo force present only in an accelerated reference system. For example, the centrifugal force is a pseudo force, too. Where Coriolis force matters is aerial navigation. If you set a straight course from a starting point to a target, the earth with your target point will rotate underneath your straight flight path and you will miss your target if you don't take this into account. Wonder if this is simulated in GB, too......
  12. Well, we talk here about P-38 fighter bomber squadrons and they were active in ETO until the end of the war. But to talk of BOBP: In my BOBP career it's January 28th 1945 and I never saw a single P-38 though the main map (headquarter) says that there are six P-38 squadrons (401,402,428,430, and 485) based at Florennes airbase on that very day. I flew there the same day and look for P-38s on the way, but none were there. Ariving at the airfield , there were 11 P-38s and some P-47 on the ground. With target markers on, none of them was marked as a
  13. Well, for a proper ballistic calculation all the forces that affect the bullet have to be taken into account: 1. gravity. This force is responsible for the bullet drop. On earth's surface it's almost constant. Going up it becomes smaller following a law of inverse squared distance. 2. Drag/friction. This force slows the bullet down and therefore adds to the bullet drop. The details are described in the post of <unreasonable>. Since v is the bullet's speed relative to the medium (air), wind will change this speed and should affect the drop. Not mentioned by <unr
  14. Cheers Jaegermeister! That's nice for you but there's a bit of a misunderstanding. I'm on the side of evil Darth Vader and I'm looking for P-38s to shoot down.😀 In my career, only P-47s appear as fighter bombers and in rare cases Spitfires, too. I never ever saw a single P-38 on the whole map though I searched for them thoroughly!! I agree with you that there should be swarms of fork tailed devils everywhere because ground attack was their prime task in tactical air war in ETO. But there are so many bugs in BOBP that I sho
  15. I'm with you! Things have become worse which is pretty obvious when comparing Great Battles with another spawn within the Sturmovik universe, let's say RoF. In RoF, the planes of any squadron present on the map, no matter if AI or player's squadron, have skins with historically correct makings of these squadrons. There are even aces present which you can duel with and their planes have individual markings. Cool! In GB none of that. All planes only have a a single dull camouflage paint job (winter/summer in BoS, BoM, Bok; bare metal in BoBP) and national insi
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