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  1. So in the end I went with the ASUS TUF-Gaming-VG27AQ. Beauty!
  2. Well that's where the Ryzen shines. The magic of multi-threaded work.
  3. I have Lenovo laptop - Legion y520 with i7 - 7700HQ / 16GiB RAM / 1050ti 4GiB and I can tell you that the GPU handles very well but the CPU is what cant handle the load.
  4. It works for me too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I take that back. It doesnt work that way either....
  5. My choice came down to the Samsung 24" 1080p@144hz. Decent monitor with good reviews. And it's also good for every day use not just for gaming/flight sim. The other monitor I considered was the Asus ROG Strix but in the end I've decided to go with the Samsung (VA) not just for being cheaper but because I think it's better than the Asus (TN). Plus I like the curvature which comes natural to the eyes. I hope this helps for those who are having difficulties in choosing monitor.
  6. I've said before that I'm going with the Ryzen 7 3700x but in the last few days I took a deep dive into benchmarks and reviews and it seems that Ryzen 5 3600 is more than capable for gaming. It's a powerful little CPU and will not bottleneck any of the high end GPUs. And as I can see, many people online have the same dilemma about Ryzen 7 3700x and Ryzen 5 3600. In the end it depends for what you will be using it. If the gaming is your main priority then better go with the Ryzen 5 3600 and spend the extra money on other PC parts. But for multitasking, streaming, rendering, 3d modeling etc. Ryzen 7 3700x is the way to go. But no matter what you choose, you'll have great CPU no doubt. Here are two review videos from Gamers Nexus, Ryzen 7 3700x and Ryzen 5 3600 / Ryzen 5 3600x vs Ryzen 5 3600
  7. The monitor is the toughest one to choose. The biggest dilemma. I'm in the process of creating a new PC companion and now I'm entering in the GPU stage (rx5700xt or rtx2070 super). But the monitor is what is hard one to decide. So my dilemma is whether I should go with a 24''/1080p@144Hz or sacrifice the higher refresh rate smoothness which I hear so much about and I've always wanted to see/feel and go with a 27''/1440p@60Hz. Also, I'm considering the pixel density which from what I've learned from researching online, both for gaming and everyday use such as browsing, is ideal at: - 24 inch monitor @1080p = 91 ppi and - 27 inch monitor @1440p = 108 ppi.
  8. Well, since we broaden up the subject about the GPUs, maybe this also must be considered when choosing between the two, RX 5700 XT vs. RTX 2070 Super
  9. @simfan2015 I would lie if I tell you that I need a new machine for anything else rather than gaming and by gaming I mean -I2 BoS 90% of the time haha. I already own a Lenovo Legion y520 laptop and I'm using it with 32'' Samsung HD@60hz TV which is good for games, lets say Apex Legends, GTA V or Minecraft (just as an example) but its far, far from enough with this flight simulator. And If there isn't any real gain with the RTX 2070 Super in terms of higher refresh rate or more fps over the RX 5700 XT for IL2 then I'll go with it. Plus I don't know why, but I want the parts (MoBo, CPU, GPU) to match haha. Just for an example, here you can buy the RTX 2070 Super or for the exact same amount of money you can buy the RX 5700 XT + 16gb ddr4 3200mhz cl16. But even the money aren't the main reason, just a bonus. I would most definitely go with the RTX 2070 Super if somehow Il2 'game engine' have issues with the RX 5700 XT and that's why I'm asking. I hope this make sense.
  10. Well, if thats the case with the 2060/70 and the Il2 BoS performance and the only gain is the ray tracing for slightly bigger price, then I don't see a reason why I shouldn't go full AMD (r7 3700x/x570 elite) and give a chance to the (gigabyte) rx 5700xt. I think AMD deserves a chance as things are standing now. Thanks again for your input, @SJ_Butcher
  11. I'm saving for the 3700x. So anytime soon now... @SJ_Butcher I want to ask you at which resolution and refresh rate can 2070 super. I'm considering getting the 2060 super 8gb but I'm suspicious it can hold up to high setings on 1440p@144hz.
  12. @Sokol1 Oh, now I understand the combination and it makes perfect sense. Yeah, all combined into one clean, smooth movement like the pilot is actually turning his head to check his six. Very good. Thank you, friend!
  13. I just want to express my gratitude for these amazing videos. Thank you, @HenFre
  14. Hello @kraut1 , I want to ask if it's possible for you to 'print screen' your setings of pilot head view and camera and then upload the pictures. I'm also experimenting with different settings and I'm trying to make them realistic as possible. If its to much trouble, don't bother yourself. Either way Head Track is the way to go in Il2 but combination of both, is great way to go too. Cheers!
  15. Hey guys! As I'm scrolling through the forum I'm also watching this video. It's not sim related but maybe it'll help somehow, I really don't know. But anyway it's a great video and it's worth watching. Just look at that sheer amount of torque! My goodness...
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