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  1. I was only asking because I have had it on always in the past with most of my settings in ultra which looks very pretty in the HP Reverb avg 60fps. Turned SSAO off last night and noticed things in the cockpits I've never seen before, it looked much crisper and the colours stood out much more and the Avg is now 80fps. before anyone ask. WIN 10, 2004 I9-9900K ROG 2080ti 32 GB Ram
  2. I was just wondering it gives the allusion of depth on a flat screen but in VR you don't need a allusion as you sitting in a cockpit like the real thing.
  3. Hi, just a quick question is SSAO, Screen space ambient occlusion necessary in VR.
  4. buttons on joystick, this is where alot of brakes are on real planes.
  5. VKB-Sim T Rudder Pedals MkIV .These every time, small well made and do a great job.
  6. Hi, what be the price of this one please. above.
  7. Took the jump and so far very happy with the result, picture is so much crisper. Using the same setting as the Rift S I'm getting 10+ in FPS on the Reverb then the Rift S.
  8. I do have all that computing power the only thing I hate having to install steam on it.
  9. Now seeing its not compatible with OpenComposite, out ways the Pro's of the screens I think.
  10. I own a Rift S and was thinking of trying a HP Reverb, is it worth the change and also will the Reverb work with OpenComposite.
  11. Hi, what are the prices for these controllers
  12. Hi, brought it from the VIVE UK website, payment went to Ireland. Under your consumer rights you have 14 days (cooling off period) where you can return if not what you expected you may be liable for postage, but I'm sure that's not out of the country. I'm afraid if I send it I'll be sent another back and I have all ways said I don't want another just a refund. Thanks for the info. I've got someone from there Facebook page looking into it from the US, they agreed it don't seem right having to pay to send aboard. They don't like you putting story's like this on their page. From what I can see on that everyone having trouble with it and wanting to return. Same here wouldn't touch a VIVE even if was free.
  13. Just a heads up, got one of these Monday set it up that evening first thing that came up low light recommend more light this is in the same room I use my Rift S with no problem. I gave it second try the next day in day light { well lit room with French doors and windows } again same message and the only way to bypass was to have lights on in the room as well. The hand tracking is a joke on this and the picture is no better then the Rift S and half the frame rate of the rift. So decided to return and what a joke this is 3 emails saying I would like to return the item 3 emails back saying that it will get better with software and firmware upgrades. My fourth email just said I want to return and my money back which I have a right too Got a email back saying we booked the VIVE Full KIT for order number 1-------0 to be returned, however please be informed that you will need to ship the device to the below address on your own expense: The address is in Romania, I'm in the UK. They gave me a reference number so I visited there website and used the number and its listed as a repair or swap. So for the price of £700 you would be better off with a Rift S and give the VIVE COSMOS a miss. Not worth the money or hassle.
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