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    " I'm going to guess that you're from World of Warplanes or WarThunder. " It is not respect.
  2. catlord


    no, i am not from war thunder and I am just asking a simple question. If you don't manage to answer it's your problem. And a real plane does not really fly like il2's ones in my experience but I can say I did not fly any war bird ever. I can say it is not a shame to control a "game flight simulator" with a gamepad controller, it make sense and this is my opinion, but, like Dirty Harry I could say : "opinions are like asses, everyone got one." For people interested, I join my .ini to share. It is not really perfect but allows a lot. If you have an opinion, you are welcome ! X360.txt
  3. catlord


    Hi there, i just come back to Cliff of dovers with an xbox gamepad. According to your experience what would you advise me to make a flyable config with this device. Is there any default game set up ? Thank you !
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