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  1. I flew left-handed for so long (t16000) that when I upgraded to my VKB Gladiator, I had to remove the hatswitch to fly left-handed because flying with my right hand felt so weird....
  2. This is amazing! HOWEVER Please trade the 109 and 190 for a Do217 or something. Sooooooo many 109s already.
  3. Agree with BSR there, but also they go on sale fairly regularly. Usually when new content drops, they'll have the older stuff on sale.
  4. Pretty much that. All my screenshots are in split-screen. Also, how do you record your exploits? It's always split-screen. Thank you! I've got Nvidia shadowplay installed.
  5. Tank Crew is being outsourced to another group, so its development doesn't have any effect on IL2.
  6. Don't forget that you can alter the super-sampling through SteamVr. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-supersampling-windows-mixed-reality It's a bit different than that, but you can see how to access SteamVr's settings. Instead of developer mode and all that, just go under applications and find IL2. Turn it up a smidge if you'd like. I've got mine at 150% on balanced with a 1070 and an 8700k
  7. What are the biggest fps hits on the game? I've got a 1070 and an 8700k, which, believe it or not, actually does really good. I get about 75 fps in qmb, but about 50-55 in multiplayer with everything on high except mirrors, shadows and clouds (and like grass detail and all that little stuff). Oh, and my ss is set to 140% in steamvr
  8. If I had to guess, moving to the halo design has more to do with not having the audio issues that the Rift had. When I was researching what HMD to buy, I kept seeing horror stories about the little flat, plastic wire inside breaking from overuse with the extending/contracting of the head band.
  9. VR is still a niche market, and they don't want to price VR out of the range of normal consumers. If they did that, it would mean death for VR for us. A $400 investment takes a lot of justifying for a lot of people. If you go much beyond that, people won't buy in to it. Also, It takes a lot of money to develop new hardware for enthusiasts like ourselves. Knowing what I know now of the hardware requirements of VR on my PC, I would guess this is going to be their flagship, entry-level headset for a long time while they develop higher-end, power-user headsets in the near future. Also, it's quite a boon that you don't have to worry about having 15 open USB (I exaggerate) ports for the lighthouses is a huge plus for a lot of people. Think of all the posts about the lighthouses saying "Well, you get 2, but you really need 3." All that adds on to the entry price. I know the main reason I bought my Odyssey Plus was that It only has 2 cables and bluetooth controllers : ) Side note: it's awesome 😍
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