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  1. Odessa would be awesome! My guess is it'll come out as a expansion/standalone map accompanying the IAR 80/81 one day.
  2. Just upgraded from my Odyssey+ to the G2 and it is many, many times better. I had been running the O+ at 40-60 fps on high with my 8700k and 2070 Super, but now I'm getting 50-70 fps on the same settings with a 3070 and the G2 but with an EXTREME upgrade in clarity. I can't stress the clarity part enough!
  3. What is your system? I shopped locally at a small store (Gigaparts) and scored not only a G2, but also an RTX 3070 on the same day. I went from my Odyssey+ and a 2070 Super getting anywhere from 40-60 fps on high settings to the G2 with the 3070 to 50-70 at the same settings (albeit a TON clearer - can't stress that enough) on a system with 16gb of RAM and an 8700k. That is in multiplayer, btw. Test flying in QM I get a stable 90 fps at the same settings. I come from a 1080p 60hz monitor, so the 60 fps doesn't bother me.
  4. I found this little gem while perusing the Reverb G2 sub this morning. It's above my head, so I thought I would share it with you guys and maybe you can make heads or tails of it. I also have a question: can you bypass SteamVR by using only the IL2 launcher? "Yesterday in r/WindowsMR a WMR developer said that the only current way that the WMR for SteamVR plugin and SteamVR's OpenVR API can interface is through copying the screen buffer. This can consume large amounts of memory because of the G2 100% size (2160*146%) , especially when supersampling. They have found a possib
  5. We're really handicapped that we can't either: 1) use binoculars as the gunner looking out of the cupola, or 2) be able to use the commander to look out the commander's hatch. Thank you guys!
  6. That's true, but you've got to remember the mission makers will just lock everything, anyway, so they could probably get away with rolling it out without any options 🤣
  7. 'Tis true. Had to fly the Finnish server. Drove around in a tank lost for about 45 minutes, then got shot with some random AI gun.
  8. The rough terrain is great when driving a tank. Since the body movement has increased going over the rough terrain, is there any way to get more antenna wobble to reflect this in first person? It looks a little unnatural by not flexing very much. Thank you
  9. The rough terrain is great when driving a tank. It's a little bit of a rough transition between rough and smooth terrain (in a tank), like meandering to the left or right while on a road. Also, the dynamics of motion of the tank bodies have changed, so can we get more antenna wobble?
  10. Used to, I could just cut the engine, roll over, hit the dive brake and coast to awesomeness (Stuka). But now with dive recovery, hitting the air brake in the ju88, etc. just seems to mess up my stabilizer/trims, etc. and make me miss my target. Thank you in advance!
  11. The Fuzzy No-Neck Recognizable Traits Flies anything with a rear-gunner because they're using Gen 1 VR and too lazy or otherwise unable to check their six Common Location Circling friendly bombing targets Typically Flies Pe-2, Bf-110
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