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  1. Aaaah, You have decided to refurnish the house?
  2. Corrrect. It will be an army plane, not one of the specials.
  3. Something without rigging for a change :)
  4. Done. Happy to have this one off the table. It is a gorgeous plane and would deserve a better quality kit. Potez 25 A2, RF 22 Nr.2054 Rochefort training unit French Naval Aviation 1937 1:72 Azur Frrom
  5. Phew. Done. Gotta say, I learned a LOT. The material is very specific to work with and will still require a lot of practice before I master it.
  6. Upper wing attached without too many complications. But then it started. Are these Uschi rigging lines something for masochists? It took me half an hour to attach the first small line. And I still don´t trust it will stay in its place. Am using quick dry glue, gel. Any tips for working with this products? I saw some videos where the guys basically say how easy it is, but either I am a klutz or ....
  7. This slowly turns out to be one neat looking plane. The outcome depends on the next step. Wish me luck guys, I am about to try rigging with ''Uschi Van Der Rosten''. I have zero experience and no idea how it is gonna work out.
  8. Six.... twenty.... Until this very moment I did not think I need help... professional help....
  9. This reminds me of Louie Anderson describing his operation in his Big Baby Boomer stand up. Can't find this particular part right now. But the whole thing is worth watching
  10. Dark blue grey my ass- even the colour scheme in this kit is wrong. This does not look like a French Navy paint at all. I will try and use something else- have to overspray the whole goddamn thing.
  11. Oh man, sorry to hear that, von. Wish You all the best and a quick recovery 👍
  12. A bit of progress after 4 days of filling-sanding and trying to fit the parts together.
  13. Had a bit of break from model building. Gathering strength to continue with this upcoming filling and sanding festival.
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