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  1. Alright, time to move on- this kit looked great in the box, however I am unpleasantly surprised at how inaccurate the mould halves of the manufacturer are aligned. Basically all parts required massive cleaning up of the offset. The kit was cca. 30 EUR and will still need a lot of additional adjustments along the way.
  2. Done.... but with mixed feelings... many things went southwards but the cherry on the cake is the glue fumes frosting inside. Tried to remove the canopy. Made it even worse.... fu*k it... Yokosuka MXY7 OHKA model 22 1:72 Brengun
  3. And now... for something completely different...
  4. Done. Not as clean as I would like to, but anyway... Yokosuka MXY7- model 43 K1 KAI Japan 1945 1:72 Brengun
  5. Hmm, not quite happy with the green, but oh well, what the heck...
  6. Yep, it is the two-seat trainer.
  7. Very nice and soooo clean! Meanwhile, I continue reducing my boxes stash.
  8. Hi, https://www.migjimenez.com/en/accessories/523-tamiyamr-color-ammo-storage-system.html
  9. It is original detail. I was amazed at the fine details. Will be definitely getting a few more kits from this company in near future.
  10. Done. I can only recommend this kit and the company. Very precise kit, easy to build. I managed to screw up a few things as usually, but this is solely due to my clumsiness. I wanted to build the World Speed Record version, but noticed too late (after painting) that the world record version does not have the radiator below the cockpit. So instead I found a picture of some unspecified version that sort of matches. Macchi MC 72 M.M. 179 1933 (?) 1:72 SBS model Forgot to add the photo of the original
  11. A few corrections will be needed.
  12. Actually, the kit is very precise considered the fact, it is all resin. The few problems and need to use filler are solely due to my clumsiness this time. I am definitely getting one or two more from this manufacturer. Gotta save some money though, they are a bit pricy.
  13. An attemp of pre-shading. The kit has VERY delicate panel lines and bolts. I hope I don't clog them with paint.
  14. ...enough lollygagging. Time to move on :)
  15. Yeah one of the bizarre features of the plane. Never understood what is behind the design of the giant wheel. Does it have something to do with the weight distribution/centre of gravity?
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