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  1. Finito. As usual, with a lot of mistakes. Overall a nice little kit which leaves a lot of space for DIY corrections/improvments. Some of them I did, some I did not have the will to do. F3F2 (BuNo 979) 2-MF-10, USMC VMF-2, Captain Carson A. Roberts 1940 1:72 Special Hobby
  2. Loved the cartoon as a kid
  3. Monumental piece of work, Buglord. Feathered- very interesting subject... and insane as usual Meanwhile... a bit of progress on my barrell shaped object.
  4. How is that gorgeous WW1 bird of Yours coming along, Feathered? Been some time since we saw the last few pictures. It seemed like it was about to be finished in a few days back then. gn728: Can we see some more of the Raiden? Looks fantastic, very precise.
  5. Another nice little bird on the table :)
  6. Phew! Done. Nakajima E8N1 Type 95 "Dave" cruiser Nachi Yellow sea 1936 1:72 RS Models
  7. Upper wing attached... multiple times. Rigging done... multiple times. Floats attached... multiple times. I don't dare to breathe near the damn thing 😅
  8. Cracked wing fixed and we are back on track.
  9. Finally a bit of colour. However I made one step forward and two steps back. As I was applying the gloss coat, plane fell to the ground and cracked where the lower wing joins the hull. I guess it means at least one more round with filler.... oh well... shit happens.
  10. And I can see why. It has very elegant forms. I am surpised how sleek the plane is. Nice piece of furniture You got Yourself there, voncrapenhauser
  11. What a monster. Good job, Buglord. Cockpit finished. Just did not get the green colour quite right.
  12. A new subject on the table. Am curious how it will go.
  13. Another short run finished. Short S.1 "Cockle" 1924 1:72 Avis
  14. This build is a breeze compared to the previous one :)
  15. Started another odd bird. This one should be much easier.
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