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  1. I swear, there will be a global filler shortage until I am done with this one T_T
  2. Thanks for the explanation. It may not sound that way, but that is a lot of effort. You leave nothing to chance. P.S.: interior parts of the Bristol.
  3. Unbelievable. How do You keep Your builds so staggeringly clean in this scale?
  4. It is the Bristol Racer. Looking forward to building it, but I fear interior painting etc. will be done as per my imagination/assessment.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. Got another interesting subject on the table.
  6. The fight is over, lots of mistakes. Some I did not even have the energy to cover up. But it will do for the home display case CAMS 37 LIA SM3, section d` entrainement Saint Mandrier, Berre 1938 1:72 Azur
  7. Rigging done. It was a fight. Not sure what was wrong but the wires kept slipping out of the holes, did not want to get straightened by heat.... melted a few... I am happy I made it as is even though a bit messy with all the CA glue.
  8. yeah.... what he said.
  9. Yes, it looks a bit Porco-Rossish What a lovely movie.
  10. Thanks buddy. There will be a lot of covering up to do. The support beams are a mess 😭 Some were too short, some were too long. For some I drilled holes just to realize there are not supposed to be any... I am still struggling to decide whether to make life easy for myself and do all of the rigging as single line, or some of it twin line.
  11. Upper wing attached... sort of...
  12. The CAMS is slowly taking shape.
  13. A masterpiece. Honestly.
  14. Oh hoh hoh! Baguette baguette! Sacre bleu! Few corrections will be required 🙂
  15. Decided to finish the CAMS.
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