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  1. Quick google search turned up the following link. http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/falco_hungary.htm Like you said though, no references to Odessa. A few locations nearby are mentioned though.
  2. Where were the Hungarian CR.42s operating?
  3. Just curious if anyone knows if the CR.42 was used in the Odessa region in 41? I've read that it was in the general area but not sure how close to the city. Whats your opinions on the Falco as collector aircraft?
  4. I believe Jason said it was going to be a bubble top in the Q&A. Didn't know what sub variant yet.
  5. What's the better type for ground attack. A fast fighter-bomber or a dedicated ground attack machine? What do you prefer?
  6. Will we have the paddle blade prop?
  7. Great news! Not what I was expecting but this is awesome. Can't wait for the Jug! Although not a big deal the name is a little clumsy. How bout Battle over the Siegfried Line?
  8. I was just thinking about how awesome this game would be in Korea! One can dream!
  9. Those 8 you picked are perfect IMO. I think the collector planes are more difficult to figure out. Based on the fact that the previous collector planes were not necessarily used during the BoS/BoM/BoK battles or they were in small numbers perhaps something a little different for Midway. P-38F for the US? Have no clue about the Japanese though.
  10. B-26B, G4M, and H6K could be included for Midway as well. Having a B-17E would be a dream come true though As far as Okinawa goes I imagine an all USN/USMC selection featuring the F6F-5, FM-2, Helldiver, Avenger, and F4U as premium. Japanese would get the A6M5, Ki-61, Ki-45, D4Y, and Ki-84 as premium. There are so many aircraft to choose from though its makes it hard to pick!
  11. My take is 2016/17 Kursk 2017/18 North Africa, could be a number of Battles
  12. I still think Kursk is the next logical step. That be said, I've thought about what I would like after expansion #3 and Operation Pointblank would be amazing if done correctly. Of course the engine would need some serious work before that could happen but it sounds like the devs are working on a plan to upgrade. We are just going to have to wait and see!
  13. I know everyone has their favorite aircraft and it's fun to speculate but battles like Berlin and Western Front 44-45 would not be a good idea and I don't think they would be very fun either. I'm not saying they aren't interesting, I just don't think they would work well. Personally I'm hoping we get Kursk next before departing the eastern front and moving on to North Africa/Med or the Pacific. It's important to focus on the pivotal battles where one air force didn't completely dominate the other.
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