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    Bruno Ganz 1941-2019

    Probably one of Europe's greatest actor probably best known for playing Hitler in his final days in Berlin in the film "Der Untergang" (Downfall). Although my personal favorite film he was in was Nosferatu The Night Phantom. RIP https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/feb/16/bruno-ganz-always-poetic-and-inspired-from-hitlers-bunker-rant-to-a-berlin-angel
  2. A German airman of a Heinkel HE-111H6 is making some videos on his camera. But he captured more than he bargained for The MiG-3 gun cam is also shown
  3. Were these guys in Stalingrad at any time when the fighting was fierce in 1942? Or was it a dramatic license for the game. Especially when it came to the FW190. I could not find anything on the web or documentaries. I know they were located near Leningrad at the time. But did they send any detachments to Stalingrad?
  4. Wouldn't it be nice. If there was a Battle series based off the Spanish Civil War? Reason why it would be a good Idea is because it was where the Soviet planes (The I-16, Tupolev SB2, Farman F.400 etc ) and the German planes (BF-109C, Heinkel-112, Ju-87A etc) met for the first time on the Battlefields. It's where the old meets the new. We can call it Battle of Brunete... Think of the possibilities .....
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    John Ford homage of an IL-2 attack

    Screen shots from the video game Il-2 Battle of Moscow. (A glimpse of an Il-2 from the 62nd ShAP firing his rockets on a fuel depot) thanks to user 216th_Cat For giving me the idea It is heavily inspired by John Ford's The Battle of Midway and those kamikaze shots later on in the pacific war (when Battleships would fire a crap load to stop the kamikaze attacks) A video of it was also made..
  6. This area is about 70 miles southwest of Moscow (Note: Army Group Center was only 20 miles away from Moscow, it was said they could see Moscow Red Square from their location). This is shown from a Luftwaffe ground personal viewpoint. I flew one of the IL-2 in this raid but I was forced to disengage due to Aileron damage. That happened simply because I broke the number 7 rule of RAF Ace Adolph Malan. My Aircraft appears at 1:29 (Dropping the bomb) 2:29 (Hitting the fuel depots) 3:45 (Final pass and getting hit, bugged out westward to a friendly Forward Russian base) Out of the 7 Il-2 of the 62nd ShAP that left that day. 2 crashed in enemy territory (2 experienced pilots were declared MIA). 1 aircraft (me) diverted to a friendly base to the west (which was dangerously close to the front, you could hear the guns from there) and landed. But the aircraft was heavily damaged, the Russians were forced to destroy it when the base was evacuated a day later. Plus that base was a MiG-3 fighter base not a Il-2 base. There mechanics had no experience on the Il-2s. The mission was however a success. It hampered the German Forces in this area.
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    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Cant wait to play as a "Hell Hawk" (365th Fighter Group, USAAF)
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    BF-109E7 Combat

    A simple video on a day and life of an BF-109E7 pilot on the Eastern Front. This happens to be the launch day of Operation Typhoon
  9. Flying over the same river near Sochi 75 years apart. Just comparing the 2 games that take place in the same region in different eras
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    Heinkel Collision

    When you have a pilot who thinks he sooo smart (I had him kicked out of my squadron for his shenanigans) (NOTE CONTAINS SWASTIKA. Not a Nazi just FYI) accident starts at 3:10
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    Heinkel Collision

    got it linked sorry
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    Heinkel full mission

    Basically a complete sortie of a Heinkel bombing group. It's a bit boring. But there is combat but it is not like those Hollywood film types....It's more grounded. This mission was however poorly executed. I panicked but also the Luftwaffe decided to give us BF-110 for Escort instead of the BF-109s which caused problems later on.... Order of battle Luftwaffe Soviet Air Force KG53 27th Fighter Air Regiment Major Herman Hubar (Me) Major Iliya Fyodorov 7 Heinkels HE-111H6 6 MiG-3s ZG26 Major Joesph Von Graben 6 BF-110E2 Location: Kalinin Front Result: German Victory Casualties and losses Luftwaffe: Soviet Union 22nd Red Army 7 Killed in Action 40+ killed 1 Heinkel HE-111H6 destroyed 80 wounded 2 BF-110 destroyed (Due to the bombing) 1 BF-110 damaged Soviet Air Force: 2 MiG-3s destroyed (0 deaths) 3 MiG-3s damaged (Note other planes lost in the area such as the IL-2 are not counted because they were not involved in this skirmish) 0:00 Title Cards 0:44 Condor Legion Takes off 2:58 Climbing and cruise 16:18 Escort takes off (BF-110) 17:30 flyby 18:32 BF-110 collision and rendezvous 19:52 MiG-3 intercept and combat begins 21:43 First casualty 22:51 Endurance 28:34 outside view 28:49 Target in sight 29:23 prepping for bombing run 29:49 Bombs away and impact 30:51 Egress while under fire 31:15 Escort not escorting and Il-2 goes down 31:49 Relentless MiG-3s and BF-110 fail 33:48 Escaping 35:10 MiG-3 final attempt and retreat 36:16 Another relentless MiG-3 38:46 Returning home and descent 49:51 fly over base 51:54 panicked landing
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    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    One of the MiG-3s is forced to disengage from a fight against a group Heinkels HE-111s simply because he has ran out of ammunition. Somewhere over Smolensk Oblast, USSR October 16th, 1941
  14. cripplehawk

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Disaster is about to strike.....The Mission was a success however Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ1QjtCG42Q (Keeping it as a link due to Swastika image)
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    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Heinkels leaving on a mission.
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    JU-87 for Battle of Moscow?

    No it does have the JU-88 (Bomber) and the JU-52 (Transport)
  17. cripplehawk

    JU-87 for Battle of Moscow?

    Any chance you gents will make a JU-87 (Possibly B-1) for the Moscow Campaign or is that out of the question.
  18. cripplehawk

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    A silly short video of a MiG-3 gun cam (Heavily edited via Pinnacle studios)
  19. Does anyone have this problem. I wanted to look at one of my replays but this is the message I got It happened after the update today on 7/19/2018.
  20. Will Operation Market Garden be shown as well? The first day September 17th 1944 was the Day that Market Garden commenced. The day the career begins
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    Bodenplatte...Next year (2019)

    My reaction when Bodenplatte is being released in 2019. I thought it was 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfACcHD24LM