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  1. Nazi Germany executed Case White against Poland, which marked the beginning of the Second World War....... Schleswig-Holstein which fired the first shots at Westerplatte Poland in at 0445 Local Time September 1st, 1939 \
  2. Becoming an Ace on his 6th mission. Unfortunately the mission against the Soviet convoy is a failure.
  3. Became an Ace on his 6th mission is part of the group known as Lehrgeschwader 2. Flies the BF-109 E7 He mostly does ground attack missions (Convoy attack or arty supression etc)...
  4. A very long misssion....Apart from being a night bombing run on a Railyard. We did not fly in a group Everyone went to the target at their own pace, most likely to prevent a collision. Plus the VVS did not have any "Night Fighters" at that time...1 Heinkel (my number 2) was lost but all crew members were rescued...As of now my character has lost 5 Heinkel HE-111-H6 (3 in hostile action, 2 due to stupidity) 10 men Killed in Action and 15 wounded in the span of only 11 missions (26 days)....How many planes were lost in a squadron on average at this time? If anyone knows
  5. Heinkel crew about to bomb a Soviet Rail yard just before 2130 at night. The Soviets however despite taking casualties have manged to shoot up one of the bombers. Location was at the "Western Front" November 11, 1941 (Picture is unedited)
  6. Major Herman Hubar's 10th mission against the Soviets. This time the action takes place on the "Western Front" of the war and not the "Kalinin Front" where Hubar's usually goes up against. He loses his 4th bomber in this mission. Luckily no KIAs and all were rescued.
  7. Probably one of Europe's greatest actor probably best known for playing Hitler in his final days in Berlin in the film "Der Untergang" (Downfall). Although my personal favorite film he was in was Nosferatu The Night Phantom. RIP https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/feb/16/bruno-ganz-always-poetic-and-inspired-from-hitlers-bunker-rant-to-a-berlin-angel
  8. A German airman of a Heinkel HE-111H6 is making some videos on his camera. But he captured more than he bargained for The MiG-3 gun cam is also shown
  9. Were these guys in Stalingrad at any time when the fighting was fierce in 1942? Or was it a dramatic license for the game. Especially when it came to the FW190. I could not find anything on the web or documentaries. I know they were located near Leningrad at the time. But did they send any detachments to Stalingrad?
  10. Screen shots from the video game Il-2 Battle of Moscow. (A glimpse of an Il-2 from the 62nd ShAP firing his rockets on a fuel depot) thanks to user 216th_Cat For giving me the idea It is heavily inspired by John Ford's The Battle of Midway and those kamikaze shots later on in the pacific war (when Battleships would fire a crap load to stop the kamikaze attacks) A video of it was also made..
  11. This area is about 70 miles southwest of Moscow (Note: Army Group Center was only 20 miles away from Moscow, it was said they could see Moscow Red Square from their location). This is shown from a Luftwaffe ground personal viewpoint. I flew one of the IL-2 in this raid but I was forced to disengage due to Aileron damage. That happened simply because I broke the number 7 rule of RAF Ace Adolph Malan. My Aircraft appears at 1:29 (Dropping the bomb) 2:29 (Hitting the fuel depots) 3:45 (Final pass and getting hit, bugged out westward to a friendly Forward Russian base) Out of the 7 Il-2 of the 62nd ShAP that left that day. 2 crashed in enemy territory (2 experienced pilots were declared MIA). 1 aircraft (me) diverted to a friendly base to the west (which was dangerously close to the front, you could hear the guns from there) and landed. But the aircraft was heavily damaged, the Russians were forced to destroy it when the base was evacuated a day later. Plus that base was a MiG-3 fighter base not a Il-2 base. There mechanics had no experience on the Il-2s. The mission was however a success. It hampered the German Forces in this area.
  12. Cant wait to play as a "Hell Hawk" (365th Fighter Group, USAAF)
  13. A simple video on a day and life of an BF-109E7 pilot on the Eastern Front. This happens to be the launch day of Operation Typhoon
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