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  1. September 19th, 1944 Operation Market Garden D+2 West of Arnhem Netherlands Providing Air Cover for the 9th Troop carrier command Transport who are dropping supplies for the 1st British Airborne who are fighting in Arnhem and the surrounding areas. Clarence Emil "Bud" Anderson is on my right. He would destroy 16.5 Enemy planes by the time the war ended in Europe.
  2. Hit and Run Circa October 1944. Despite the Allies having air superiority. The Luftwaffe is still a lethal threat. Two RAF B-25 bombers fall victim to a flight of 3 Me262s. One Me262 however later exploded while on approach at the Achmer Air base due to a damaged engine it sustained from the B25s killing the pilot. This view was taken from the ground. The fight lasted only 1 minute and 25 seconds.
  3. Repo flight to the front (Migalovo aerodome) October 19th, 1941 (A ground battle rages down below).
  4. My Pilot poster (Heinrich Hoth then a Leutnant) He sat on the sidelines since the beginning of the war. He spent most of the time Ferrying new BF109s to the frontlines. Oberstleutnant Friedrich Beckh the Squadron leader of JG51 decided to give him a chance "Hoth..don't ferry planes anymore, stay with me. Show me what you can do..If you prove your worth you can stay with us...." NOTE.... Hoth is fictional but his bio is based on a real person. Beckh however is VERY real. (Note put on spoilers due to swastika on tail)
  5. North of Stalingrad gorund view circa September 1942. overhead 27th IAP of the Soviet Union flying La-5s was engaging against the Reich's JG3 "Udet" squadron which were flying BF109G2s
  6. Was doing a gun run on a Pe-2....Almost crashed, but and made it back home with no damage.
  7. I feel that if we visit the eastern front once again. We should look at one of the most important events WW2. We can call it the "Battle of Byelorussian" Why I believe this campaign should be done for the following reasons. Number 1 This Battle basically destroyed Army Group Center the largest German Army Formation at the time. The Soviets also enter Poland at the time. I feel this is a VERY important event in WW2 because of these 2 things. Number 2 We already have the German planes of this time. So we can basically focus on the Sov
  8. When an internet meme comes to a video game.....somewhat....Best thing about it is that. This is my Commanding officer not my character. MY character 1st Lt. Wesley Stiles is on the second row far right in picture number 2. All I know is that Major Chad Murphy apart from being a great Squadron Leader is happily married to a woman name Stacy.
  9. Firing on Luftwaffe Intruders near Stalingrad, September 1942. I would sometimes lead Luftwaffe birds to the gunners if I am running low on ammo. In this case I was....
  10. MiG-3 of the 439th Air Defense Fighter Regiment Flown by my Pilot Dmitri Zaitsev circa August, 1942 However in the first week of September. the 439th was removed from the front However Dmitri Zaitsev was quickly trained on the La-5 and was transferred to the 27th Air Regiment
  11. Pearl Harbor and The Battle of Midway were 1 day events from my understanding.... Guadalcanal however is more promising. Because of it's length and scope and it's importance in the Pacific front (A major turning point against the Japanese after Midway).
  12. Coming home all wrecked up......The mechanics are not going to be happy... Start the MRO paperwork!
  13. Close call. Leutnant Heinrich Hoth's first ground kill during Operation Typhoon
  14. December 2, 1941 Last flight in the front.....Shortly after the bombs were dropped. The plane took a direct hit from a flak gun on it's lest wing, taking out it's flap and damaged it's aileron. The pilot was forced to fly it back to safety (Had they bailed the Russians would have shot them from the ground). Crashed landed in the woods not far from the front No KIAs but all were wounded that required an evacuation from the front
  15. A little template picture I made using a screen shot of IL-2 Great Battles.(It's for my Youtube videos). Put in Spoilers due to Swastika on tail
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