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  1. Leutnant Christoph Von Schleicher Born: August 8th, 1919, Bodental Austria Died: November 3rd, 1941, Moscow Oblast, USSR (Age 22) Branch: Luftwaffe Squadron: II (Schlacht)/LG2 Vehicle: BF-109E7 Tour Began: October 3rd, 1941 Tour Ended :November 3rd, 1941 Killed in Action: November 3rd, 1941 (Friendly Fire) One of my Luftwaffe pilot in my Career. Sadly killed in action. Accidentally killed by his wingman who was an FNG when they were doing a gun run against Soviet Artillery in the "Western Front" during Operation Typhoon (Battle of Moscow). His rank at the time of death was Oberfeldwebel. He was promoted to Leutnant posthumously His squadron leader took this picture of him on the Morning of November 3rd after coming back from a successful recon. He died later that afternoon when they went back out for the Soviet Artillery operating in the area. (Put under Spoiler due to image)
  2. They will release the Pacific soon. I mean they do have the "Rising Flag" in the Axis group when you select which side your on... If they release the Pacific Midway and Guadacanal should be on the Top List, When they start working on it.
  3. When is the timeline of the Battle of Normandy (I know D-Day was 6/6/1944). But does it start in March 1944 or earlier? (Now I can do a complete tour as a 365th Hell Hawk pilot)
  4. The 3rd German Panzer Group is fighting against the 31st Army at the Kalinin Front. The Soviets are putting up a fierce resistance and they are supported by the 569th SHaP squadron of Il-2 which inflict quite a bit of damage to the Germans. A MiG-3 from the 27th IAP was shot down by members of the JG51 (BF-109). I am actually the JU 52 pilot that drops supplies and skedaddles out ASAP. We almost came up against an IL-2, but he decided that dealing with the 3rd Panzer Group was more important. I appear at 1:35 just FYI 0:00 Drop Zone and Il-2s 1:35 Steffen Steiner's JU-52 supply drop 5:58 Mig-3 crashes close up 7:38 IL-2 attack flak guns
  5. A Young Soviet pilot is sent to the 126th IAP PVO to defend his homeland. He goes up against the KG53 Condor Legion (Ironically my other player Major Herman Hubar commanded that unit in the Moscow front) escorted by BF-109s of the JG51. His first combat sortie was almost his last. (SPOILERS Despite the fact he shot up the Heinkels. He recieved no confirm kills in this mission) 0:00 Intro, take off and cruise 15:19 Heinkels and Baptism 17:32 Evasive maneuvers 25:00 Heading home 34:16 Approaching the base 39:00 Hunting Party
  6. I saw the Midway film....It's not bad. Way better then THAT film in 2001....But if your looking for something like "Das Boot" or the "Thin Red Line". You will be disappointed. But some of the Aerial sequences are over the top.
  7. This uneducated poster must point out an inaccuracy in the Officer ranks in the USAAF. In the pilot career There is no such rank as a "Flight Officer". The lowest active duty officer rank at the time for the USAAF is 2nd Lieutenant So instead of, Flight Officer, 2nd Lieutenant , 1st Lieutenant, Captain and Major.... for ranks why not go...... 2nd Lieutenant , 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major then Lieutenant Colonel? If I am wrong let me know...
  8. For me the very first days of Operation Barbarossa (focusing on the north and Leningrad) should be the first choice We can have old Soviet A/C such as the I-15 and even an earlier Ju-87 Stuka and Donier 17
  9. I first heard of General Hoth from the German film "Stalingrad" (1993). Hoth was only mentioned in the film he was never shown . He was basically the "Felix Steiner" of the film (As in hoping he could save the protaginist from their doom but was unable too). As for planet Hoth being inspired by a General well....The only explanation would be.....
  10. . Partially (A very distant relative), but he was named mainly after a planet from a galaxy far far away.
  11. Is there anything about this man?...He's a Soviet pilot who flew IL-2s and twice awarded The "Hero of the Soviet Union" Medal. He appears in the second half of the video Boris Sverdlovsky is another guy I would love to hear stories from. This is the only source I can find in english...
  12. Oh that I am well aware of Rudel's reputation
  13. When I created my pilot for a career. I decided to use a German athlete template for him. It of course described him as a bit of an initial screw up and a bit of a killjoy (Named him after a planet in a galaxy far far away to match his icy demeanor). Then I listened to an interesting interview from the late Dr. Heinz Migeod , one time Stuka pilot No worries, no politics discussed in this brief video.. Did anyone noticed this?
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