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  1. Happened to me a couple of times now. It's like the oculus software stops communicating with steam VR. Have to restart the game when it happens.
  2. The patch notes say to lower the resolution to not waste resources displaying the second image. So now I'm confused, maybe different VR games handle the monitor display differently because I thought it was just a mirror output from one eye of the HMD. No other rendering was necessary to output to the monitor simultaneously. But since you can change the resolution in IL2 that must mean it is a separate render, and therefore the advice in the patch notes makes sense.
  3. For me, this is not a realism versus enjoyment point. First and foremost these are games that are supposed to be fun to play, with as much realism up to the point that starts to degrade the enjoyment. I bought into VR mainly to increase the immersion of these already great combat sim titles. But I play for 10 minutes on a multiplayer server and I am just finished with the effort of looking around all the time. This is not just uncomfortable it has made it unplayable. Not from anything inherent with the VR itself, but with an arbitrary choice of the devs to remove a utility that is already in the game and available to all other users.
  4. I'm all for having as close to realistic flight sim experience as possible but in this case, I don't believe real pilots would have had to turn as far. The VR headset physically restricts your viewing angle to 80 degrees compared to ~160 degrees we get in real life. Plus when you see the enemy on your six you don't look at him at the edge of your display, you try to get him in the sweet spot of focus. This requires almost a complete 180 of your head. In reality, I'm sure you could see clearly out the back of the cockpit without turning much past 90 degrees.
  5. Will snap views still work in VR? I love DCS VR implementation but they have disabled saving snap views at least along the rotational axis. This makes dogfighting unplayable for me as you have to twist all the way around in your seat to look behind. This is a strain on my back and gets exhausting pretty quickly. Being able to use the hat switch to glance around the cockpit is still an important function in VR I think.
  6. Yep got the same error after 2 minutes of flying. The new drivers have not fixed it.
  7. Version 2.006 Flying in quick mission duel. Playing for about 5 minutes, plane got into a spin then random crash to desktop. Il-2.exe.228.zip
  8. [solved for me] I was getting random crash to desktop whilst playing. But for the first time ever a game's FAQ had my solution. I set the games install folder to not be read only. Spend a few hours testing and not CTD yet.
  9. Has anyone got an X-52 profile they can share. I've been looking all over the internet and can't find one anywhere.
  10. You're just used to a 'game' perspective Randale, where everything of import has to fit onto a single screen that is maybe a few feet away from the player. If you have a triple screen set-up you are trying to replicate sitting in the cockpit. If you were to set-up the frames of your monitors inside the cabin of one of these planes at the same distance from you, then this is view you would see through them. Your head is in the correct position it just takes a little getting used to at first and trackIr is needed to make it work well. If you sat in the cockpit of one of these planes the dashboard would be below eye level so you would need to look down a little in the real world. There maybe a way to alter the FOV by editing an ini file but this make the world look like you were looking though a periscope with everything at the wrong scale.
  11. Win7 64 bit Core i5 3570K GTX 770 res: 6000x1080
  12. omg omg omg thankyou devs. I thought I was pretty much done with this game, unlocked most of the mods, multiplayer seems pointless, I saw no indication that triple monitor will ever be fixed. Did a couple of rails loaded up the 1.006 and bam! Just had the most immersive gaming experience of my life. I'm now really in the cockpit and everything is the correct size. I can finally identify friend from foe just from the shape of the plane. Suddenly I don't care about getting 'mission complete' notice after a sortie, I actually want my escorted aircraft to make it back safely because I feel I am occupying this game world now. Thanks again devs and I just wanted to recommend to everyone playing that the extra two monitors are worth every penny.
  13. One of the main reasons I bought a triple monitor setup was to play this game. It frustrates me so much that this is not a priority for the developers. It's a fight sim for god's sake, the one game genre that really excels when you have peripheral vision.
  14. 1 hour is too short. The amount of times I join a ROF server, climb up to a decent altitude and then get the message 'mission will be over in 5 mins'. I think 3 hours is a decent time since you will probably play to the end no matter how far into the mission it is when you join.
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