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  1. Guys, it's clear now that we need another person, who will be able to make server running properly. I mean renting or even selling Random Expert. That server is great and we like it a lot. So let's see if some of us can master it and make it available on a regular basis. Speaking for myself I'm not able to manage with server, but I will be glad to tip some money to make Random Expert available. At least Kuban's standard edition cost for 2018. Let's see how much money we can make all together. Let's see if we find someone who can make server running. And then we will make an offer to Crusader. Or we will not see Random any more.
  2. You feel bored? So what about those of us who do not feel bored with this server? I don't like TAW and I'd rather play on Random Expert... Not good.
  3. Kuban or Crimea will be a little bit more complicated to create, and also will be no any air-to-surface missions. Instead of that, MTO gives everything: ships, U-boats, convoys, ground troops, Desert Air Force, USN and USAAF, reconnaissance missions, monotonous landscape with a seashore and some towns and some port areas, which is ideal for any kind of war project in multiplayer.
  4. Mediterrenean theatre with North Africa, Italy, Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Malta, Crete all in one map.
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