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  1. Nice, remember watching your RoF pwcg videos a long time ago, keep it going
  2. Bumping the thread again, great server with BOM planeset, ai flights and nice ground action.
  3. There are many incredible artists out there playing BOS, here a two gems that deserve to be watched imo.
  4. Thanks for the mission. Joined the server for a bit today came across some big flights of ai Laggs around the front city that put up no fight at all, just kept flying in formation while getting shot up.
  5. Yeah, too bad there wasn't a fix for mig3 ffb behaviour in the patch.
  6. I recorded a video for comparison, both at idle and power. At idle the stick wants to fall forward and trim doesn't affect it, add power and the stick moves a tiny bit when re trimming.
  7. That's probably right, here is a video of the G2 with 90% fuel taking off at + with ffb. It's tail heavy after getting up to speed and only gets nose heavy when you trim all the way to +2.
  8. Won't the elevators be accelerated downwards as the tail hits the ground? Or would the propwash dampen that even at taxing power?
  9. And i was so happy, that for once in a flightsim, the stick doesn't shake around just by taxiing. That's one step in the wrong direction imho. Everything else sounds good though. Wouldn't that depend on the bumpiness of the field? Stalingrad ones are pretty harsh
  10. Awesome update! I hope the Mig 3 FFB effects can be fixed as well! 21. Improve force feedback effects on FFB capable joysticks (taxiing over bumpy field, ground impact when landing without landing gear);
  11. I like the scratches but dislike the fingerprints/smudges + the blinding lightning effect you get on flat windows in certain angles off the sun.
  12. For me I couldn't fly without it! Stiffness and position of the stick gives me constant speed and attitude feedback that helps me judge how much rudder are needed to point the nose straight into the wind. Without it I would constantly have to watch the slip indicator and speed dial to fly smoothly instead of doing it by feel alone. You get a pre stall buffet in most planes that starts as a small rumble that intensifies the more you pull. If you are stalling during a climb the ailerons get looser and looser as speed drops making it easier and easier to deflect the stick to the right or lef
  13. 0% on pitch and roll, 18% on yaw feels spot on for me. I use a 8% center dead zone for all non moving FFB axis (just for aileron in most planes but also elevators in FW, BF & M.C with their stabilators). Tried flying with pitch curves but can't get used to the handling during vertical manoeuvres and I feel I have to use the trim a lot more. Yaw really gets much easier to manage with a curve but adding a too big one makes flying 109 above combat speed too painful for my left leg
  14. The new MiG-3 seems to have added some new ffb effects, if I pull back on the stick the trimmed position moves a fair bit forward and when I release stick & the plane returns to original AoA and trim moves back to original position again. Feels weird and not smooth at all, stick kinda jumps back and forth with small deflections changing the trimmed position back and forth. Anyone else with ffb have same effect? This is using a G940 stick.
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