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  1. Not a single play session goes by without hearing someone complain about the damage model. Whether it's control surfaces getting jammed or disabled too often, or wings falling off after a single burst from long range, there is always a sense of frustration. I can't argue historical reports or engineering analysis since I don't have any reference materials, but there is no doubt that the damage model has had a significant negative impact on the player base. I'm gonna keep the drumbeat going: fix the damage model, its bad for the game!
  2. Yes, I have enjoyed a coop campaign with my brother for a while. Recently we have been going all-out on the Black September event, but I think we'll get back into it soon. I think it even got a recent update that adds historical skins to make it a more colorful experience than just the base skins. It's funny that so many people complain that there's "no campaign/career mode" when PWCG was so popular back in ROF and works so well in FC.
  3. Ahh shoot! I started making personal skins for Kotori and I last week with the hope of including them in the next update, but they're not ready yet. Curse you and your update! How dare you put in the effort to make it easy to manage my skins! 😡 Oh well, I'll post them when they're done, so they can make the next update.
  4. Kotori, Wolfpack and I got into a fight on Thursday night while trying out the new visibility patch. This was the last one for the night, but all of them were fun.
  5. Forgot to post this one when it came out! Episode 4 Episode 5 I was gonna capture some external footage for Episode 6, but the game updated and toasted all my tracks. I'll have to make do with what I got. It'll be some heavy dogfighting over the tanks, so you can look forward to that when I have time to edit it!
  6. Oh well. It's not the end of the world. I'll use what I got already, and make sure to be a bit quicker when capturing video from my tracks next time.
  7. My brother and I have been recording the Black September MP campaign for Flying Circus using OBS to capture our VR output. I then edit the two views together to make a final video. I was planning on capturing some external footage via some tracks I recorded to spice things up compared to the VR output I normally use. Unfortunately, as soon as I have some free time to try and capture, the game updated and won't load my tracks for replay. I know this commonly happens with game updates, so I'm not surprised. Does anyone know of a way to make the track records work again? Is it possible to roll back the update so I can capture footage? The VR footage I already have is enough to make a good video, so I won't be sad if they're toast, but I think I could make a better video if I could use my track records.
  8. Episode 3 is up, in which we bomb a Central artillery battery. This was recorded in VR from the Sever Test 2.
  9. Here's episode 2! Also filmed during the second server test,this one picks up where the first one left off, and includes an attack and dogfight at the Observation Post in B. Are you guys able to tell the difference between Kotori's perspective and mine? I'm trying to make a skin that is easy to tell the difference from the cockpit, but I've never made a skin before.
  10. Kotori and I have been editing footage recorded from Black September. We'll be posting each sortie as we finish them. The first set of sorties comes from the second server test, though I will cover all events I participate in. In this sortie, Kotori and I attempt to both perform the Photo Recon and destroy the Observation Outpost in Zone B. Many thanks to those who made this event possible, and everyone who flew with and against us.
  11. That would be nice for both the Arty and Infantry Contact. I know it's not too bad with no opposition, but very dangerous to be firing off flares and drawing attention to yourself when you must stay within a circle over the target area. On the other hand, the arty spotting and infantry contact don't require you to return back to the airfield after completing the mission. Photo recon isn't really complete until you deliver the photos, so you have to return to an active airfield. After that, the target spawns to claim credit. I imagine the same triggers could be used for arty, but the mission is complete once you give the corrections and the target is destroyed. It would be difficult to claim credit if you complete the mission, but then fail to return home. That actually happened to me while doing the Infantry Contact in Zone A of Black September. I completed the mission just as an Albatros finally caught up to me, and took out my engine while I turned for home. I'm no mission designer, but I can't think of a good way to assign credit to the appropriate person in that case.
  12. Added the Arty Spot and Trench Attack. Still working on the Infantry Contact mission I recorded on Saturday. Not sure how long I should wait between firing flares for the infantry contact, though. I'm guessing it's about a minute or two, to give the infantry time to respond.
  13. I fly FC with an Index, and it's not too difficult to identify what I'm shooting at. The ranges are much shorter in WW1 than in WW2, so it's easier to ID the target before you have to start shooting. All of you're points are perfectly reasonable. Some are the result of IL2 not being designed for VR from the ground up, some are just limitations of VR as a medium right now. I wish the HUD wouldn't float with my head: it has blocked my view of targets before, and I can't simply move my head to see around it like I would for any other obstacle in the cockpit. Running into the edges of the fixed cockpit (and the physical/virtual disconnect of that motion) can be very nauseating. Personally I won't go back to flat screen for flying, but I don't hold it against anyone if they don't fly VR. I'm just happy to have another target pilot in the skies.
  14. ROF had a system of taking photographs using the bomb sight that was used in a number of MP servers and events. There was also an artillery correction mechanic, but I think it only worked in single player. Nothing like either of those in Flying Circus, though.
  15. I recorded the recon flight I did on Thursday and added some commentary to make a How-To video. The description of how to accomplish the recon and arty spot in the mission description are great, but I figure it might be nice to have some visuals as well. Episode 1: Photo Recon Episode 2: Arty Spotting Episode 3: Trench Attack Episode 4: Infantry Contact Patrol Edit: posted the arty spot and trench attack. Edit 2: posted the infantry contact patrol.
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