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  1. Taking the right fuel can be important for certain planes and certain circumstances. I've had some long missions in the Bristol, longer than the usual recon or single target out-and-back, where me and a couple others hit several targets deep behind enemy lines. Got into a couple dogfights, then ran out of fuel just as I was making my first firing pass on the last guy blocking our path home because I forgot to bump up my fuel load from the usual. I've also backed off the throttle to cruise when defending point targets like Observation Post, Balloon, or Recon. The N28 seems particularly fuel-hun
  2. Tank Crew 1918! Wait, you said ships you could man? I think I need to pitch the Battle of Jutland to 1C....
  3. The Camel in FC blows its engine above 1550 RPM according to my pilots notes, which is not achievable in level flight. You have to be diving a bit to blow the engine. I'll double check tonight and see what my usual RPM is in level flight on the FlugPark.
  4. Just curious, did anyone survive two or more weeks of combat? It seemed pretty deadly out there.
  5. I just did a bit of SCIENCE! and have a bit better idea what may be going on. On all the rotaries (N28, Camel, and Dr1), if your mixture is very very rich and the throttle is full, the engine RPM will drop a bunch and start bouncing around. Anyone flying nearby will hear a sound effect of blipping, combined with a small puff of smoke from the engine. Lean it out, and it goes away. I have not tried it with mixture full rich and throttle reduced. I recorded both my perspective and Kotori's perspective while testing all three rotaries for both the mixture and with actual blip switch for compariso
  6. Same here. Must be full rich for the engine to start, then I lean it out to max revs for takeoff. I don't know if he got video of it, but I can record some tonight and post it tomorrow. I'll check all the rotaries, and should have both the pilot view and the wingman's view. It seems like it should be very easy to reproduce.
  7. Much like the "hood ornament" on the German planes, I often use the oil caps on the Bristol to draw a bead on my target, then walk my fire in. With some practice, I'm pretty quick at getting a good shot, but it's not the same as a proper sight. There are certainly times when I don't have time to correct my fire and I need the first bullets to score the kill shot. That's where having a collimating sight in the right spot makes a difference.
  8. I've noticed the firing patterns of the ground machine guns when passing low over the front lines or attacking ground targets might give a hint at how the AI gunners work. Try it: fly low over the enemy side of the front on the FlugPark server and you can watch the ground fire coming at you. I can clearly see that they fire a burst several seconds long, and every half-second or so they adjust their aim a bit. From my perspective, a line of bullets will pass, say, below me, then in front of me, then behind me, then below me again, then above me. If they get the aim right, then a line of bullet
  9. The Bristol, especially with the Falcon 3 engine, is incredibly fast. It can also dive pretty fast with the engine at almost full power. It's a very tough bird, with the wings and engine getting shredded but it keeps on truckin'. It is a bit vulnerable to losing control surfaces, but there are two elevators (if one gets jammed, the other may still work fine), and it is one of two planes with adjustable stabilizer (which for some unknown reason cannot be disabled/jammed). You can pick up an extra 1 or 2 MPH in level flight if you set the stabilizer full forward. I almost always take the twin ta
  10. There's a checkbox for "warmed-up engine" that is normally checked. I don't know why you wouldn't fly at 100% throttle for the flight out there. Maybe back off throttle so save fuel once you reach the desired altitude at the desired patrol area, but to transit from takeoff to the target area is usually done at full power. Don't forget to adjust mixture for optimum burn.
  11. May be easier to fix once HSD has the account system to allow you to upload fixes for your own skins rather than asking someone on the HSD team to manually delete the skin before reuploading it...
  12. I usually fly the dolphin a bit lower down, lined up with the iron sights. This provides the best view by far, looking both above and below the wing easily. If I want to line up a shot with the Aldis, I sit up just a bit, take the shot, then relax back into my seat for the rest of the maneuver. For a snap shot, I have gotten a bit of a feel for where the gun will shoot, so I get it close and take a shot. If I settle in on someone's six and have time to really unload, I can walk the shots in on exactly the spot I want. I tried lining up my default head position with the Aldis, but I found
  13. Finally got back from the battleship event and took the Nieuport out for a spin. Looking forward to getting the template and making my own skin. In the meantime, the tactical codes are nice. I kinda wish they could do letters as well as numbers, and could do up to three symbols instead of just two. Still, very nice to have. Kotori bounced an unwary Fokker to score his first kill in the new Nieuport That feelin' when you chutin' but he's still shootin' (hasn't noticed the bailout yet) Kotori scored two and I got one, but Kotori's engine died while we circled the airfield fo
  14. I mostly fly FC, and make my personal skins for it as well. Some of them have metal cowlings, and while they don't look bad, they could be much better if the metallic shine was improved.
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