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  1. Kotori and I should be on tonight. I consider myself mostly an Entente flyer, bouncing between SE5, Camel, and Bristol, though recently I've been trying some of the Central planes just to get a taste of the opposite side and see if the grass really is greener over there.
  2. It should work as long as you have Flying Circus, whether Steam or not.
  3. Good luck out there, Bunny287! If you go online, don't forget to hop on Discord as well. Flying is much better together.
  4. Good stuff. I wouldn't object if you wanted to share more.
  5. Only if you get a note from the squadron leader saying you'll use it for busting balloons and not for shooting planes, we're not barbarians.
  6. It appears to be working just fine in the cockpit view, although I haven't tried any planes other than the SE5 yet. I'll try the Camel and maybe the Bristol tonight. There appears to be some issues with wrapping the color bands around both the inner and outer struts. If you look closely, you can see that the colored bands don't line up perfectly when the two sides meet up. I saw the same thing on all the skins that had paint on the struts, so it appears there is an imperfection in the way the skin maps to the model, not an issue with any particular skin. I ended up removing the striping from the struts closest to the cockpit because they are the most unusual mapping, and no amount of fiddling seemed to do the trick. Kotori suggested putting colored stripes on the wings rather than the struts. I could put something a thin stripe on the inside of the top wing, top and bottom wing, or all the way around the wing. The latter would make it impossible for me (blue) to fly with my own skin as part of a Red Squadron. Also, the blue I used matches the blue of the roundels, but the streamer is much lighter.
  7. I'm working my way through it now. Even if it describes things that I already put into practice, the simple act of giving words to the various thoughts and ideas can make it easier to understand what I am doing as I fly. Big thanks!
  8. Well I am making some progress while I stay up all night transitioning my sleep schedule from Swing Shift to Mid Shift. I'm focusing on getting the colored markings right now, since adding emblems and letters isn't too hard. Kotori prefers red, but I can then swap the colors pretty easily once I have them in the right spots while still maintaining the same basic paint job. Basic colored skins without personal markings might also be useful for Friday Night Flights on Combat Box, which has occasionally done WW1 missions. In case you're wondering, the colored bands on the struts are to make it easy to tell whether it's Kotori or me who is flying in any particular video, but they still require some tweaking. I am having some trouble with the colors around the engine cowling when using the template for the SE5. The "Metal Parts Grime" layer seems to mostly wash out any color I put on, so I've made it somewhat transparent and used a much more vibrant blue to get it to appear at all. If I turn off that layer or make it too transparent, then the blue seems too plastic-ey and a bunch of metal parts (screws and hinges) disappear. I'm not sure what the best way is to get some color on the nose while still maintaining the weathered look of the rest of the plane. Edit: Here's a few generic color variations, without any personalization, just for the sake of practice.
  9. Thanks for the inspiration, guys. I took an initial swing at the Bristol and the SE5, mostly to make sure I know how to properly save a skin. I'll eventually make skins for all the planes, both Entente and Central. Something I need to accomplish with my personal skins: I need to be able to tell the difference between Kotori's video and my video at a glance. Some early videos I've made are hard to tell the difference between the two of us, so I added a colored stripe on the wing struts and a letter both on the top of the upper wing, and on the top and bottom of the lower wing. I also made a personal emblem (a helmet and gasmask for Gascan and a silver perched eagle for Kotori, which means Little Bird), though I haven't put it in place yet. For the Camel and SE5a, I am planning on using colored noses similar RNAS10 and Ball, though I haven't gotten around to that yet. I may also put a bit of color on the tail as well as a chevron on the wing or fuselage, but not too gaudy. Kotori and I are both nuclear electricians serving on submarines, so I plan on including a few things related to that. I already put a radiation symbol on the wheels. I plan on putting a serial number related to the boats I have served on. Unfortunately, SSGN728 might look a bit odd since most serial numbers are a letter with four letters. I also just got orders to a new boat, so I may have to change the number next summer when I move. I also want to find a way to put a dolphinfish emblem somewhere, since the Submarine Warfare pin is of personal importance.
  10. I'm about to start working on my personal skins. I have some ideas, but I need some inspiration. Any good sources with lots of paint schemes for all/most of the planes in FC?
  11. It is my pleasure to present Black September Week 4: Photo Reconnaissance. Warning: it's 50 minutes long, timestamps below if you want to skip around. This video took a long time to get right, because it was a complex mission, with many separate elements needed to tell the overall story. Kotori and I helped organize two wings to perform the Photo Recon mission in Sector B. We flew some breathtaking formations of aircraft, and got into a series of adrenalin-fueled aerial duels to guard the vital recon plane. Big salute to all the people who helped make this happen, from the event and map, to the pilots on both sides, all of whom I love flying with and against. Despite the losses the Entente suffered, this was still a better than normal result for us up in Sector A/B. Most missions ended up much worse than this one did. There were a number of collisions, and in several cases the impact was only detected by one plane so the other machine was unharmed. I also noticed a couple times where a plane had controls jammed, either hard over or neutral, which was lost when otherwise in good shape. We lost several pilots killed, a couple managed to ditch and get airborne again to escort the return flight, and a couple of us survived the whole flight. If not for a jammed elevator, we would have been able to finish the recon instead of crashing right outside the airfield. I saw several unknown Camels and SE5's heading in while we were escaping. I don't know who you were, but thanks for covering our escape! Timestamps: 00:00 Mission Briefing 01:00 Escort Takeoff 02:04 Accident 07:28 Recon Takeoff 10:41 The Climb/ Formation Flying 22:06 Crossing the Lines 24:25 Decoys Attacked! (Jaus v Konnecke) 26:37 Decoy Down (Jaus v JosefMai) 27:53 Wolfpack v Konnecke 28:52 Oliver Gets Bounced by Sizzlor 29:55 Gascan v Stoppani 31:00 Tailmange v Sizzlor 32:10 Gardimus Joins the Fight 32:40 Defending a Bristol (Gascan v Himmelhund) 34:07 Oliver escapes Konnecke 34:42 Gardimus v Daedallus Pt.1 35:33 Apache Approaches 35:53 Gardimus v Daedallus Pt.2 36:34 Photo Recon in Action! 37:25 Apache v Sizzlor 38:58 Decoy 2 (ChrispCritter v Konnecke, Daedallus) 39:31 Exciting Photo Recon Action! 40:03 Gascan Dives on Daedallus 40:26 Hun in the Sun (Drookasi Attacks!) 41:20 Gascan v Daedallus 42:28 Bristol in Action (ChrispCritter v Konnecke) 42:52 Riveting Photo Recon Action ("I've got it!") 43:18 Bristol in Action 2 (LeeG v Konnecke) 43:40 Dissuading Pursuers (Apache and LeeG) 44:50 Egressing the Area (Damage Report) 45:47 That's a lot of damage! 47:47 "I don't want the points, I just wanna land the plane" 48:55 Recon landing 50:12 AAR and score tally
  12. Well, on Sunday the Entente managed to complete the new map in a bit over an hour. Very fun, and a nice challenge. I'm really enjoying it. Might try Central two-seaters next. I noticed that after the mission rotated, there were still a good number of players who stuck around looking for a fight, which I never really saw in the larger maps. I noticed that the two-seaters didn't seem to respawn after use. This resulted in the northern two-seater airfield being unusable after a single sortie. Fortunately, the decoy 2-seater was shot down instead of the actual recon plane so we still completed the mission, but the bomber strike afterward had to take off from a different location. Are they supposed to respawn? I've also noticed a number of explosion effects when destroying mission targets appear up in the air rather than on the ground at the target. For example, both the factory and ammunition depot in the northern sector exploded in the air above the buildings. It looks kinda like celebratory fireworks when you successfully hit the target, though I'm pretty sure it's supposed to represent blowing up the target.
  13. It was on the FlugPark, in FC not ROF. There was a new map intended to provide a bit more action for lower player numbers, and I saw about 10-15 on each side through most of the night. Sunday should also be on the FlugPark as well.
  14. Well that was fun. Nice flight, seeing all those planes together at the same time. Kotori and I (in SE5's) tried to steam the radiators when you called it out, but couldn't heat up fast enough. Good fights afterward, too. Nothin but assists for me, but great fun in the SE5, a flight of Bristols, some high altitude Camels, and finally a flight of Dolphins. Gotta practice stall recovery on the Dolphin, it's nasty!
  15. I agree. The control cable issue is the biggest turn-off and largest frustration for me at the moment. I've mostly adapted to the wings, although there are still a few planes that really need work there. Dolphin, DVa, CL.II are too weak, the Pfalz is too strong. The other ones could use some tweaking, but not as much as these or the control cables.
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