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  1. When I used PWCG, I took off my VR headset and used the desktop window to set up the mission, make kill claims, and such. Once the mission was generated, I put the headset back in and loaded the mission in the game menu using VR. It is not necessary to close IL2 to generate a new mission or to make claims and debrief a mission after completion. I suppose you could also use Virtual Desktop to access the desktop while wearing your headset if you really want, but it's not necessary.
  2. That'd be perfect for the snow map, it looks very festive.
  3. I'm running a I7 9700K @5.1Ghz with a 3080, using a Valve Index. I just posted my settings on another thread (Mr Magoo). I'm maintaining 80FPS, with occasional dips into reprojection under certain demanding conditions. I think part of it is lots of planes in the same area, and part of it is the smoke and clouds, especially when the sun is passing through the smoke/clouds. However, I adore the clouds (especially that double layer 😍), and the smoke from burning towns is extremely useful for navigation. I can't say I've flown on many other servers, just Combat Box for the occasional Friday Night
  4. Think we could throw in some of these skins I made for Friday Night Flights? https://drive.google.com/file/d/16n44HY_zagSi9id6JDQLnKJmlp3X8NT3/view?usp=sharing
  5. I used my skins to make some skins for use on Friday Night Flights by Combat Box. I only have skins for Entente planes, since that's all I made. The Camel, SE5 and Bristol are all available in Red, Blue, Black, and Gold, while the SPAD is available in Blue or Red. I haven't made anything for Central yet, nor for the Dolphin. Soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16n44HY_zagSi9id6JDQLnKJmlp3X8NT3/view?usp=sharing
  6. Fixed. Thanks for catching that!
  7. Well, the deadline has passed, but I finally finished my SPAD skin. Here's a link to the set of skins that I would like to be included. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L-uP6b46cZO2-1HQWHfQSKZLCpKrYEwI/view?usp=sharing
  8. Here's a link for my current set, SE5a, Sopwith Camel, both Bristols, and now the SPAD. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L-uP6b46cZO2-1HQWHfQSKZLCpKrYEwI/view?usp=sharing I just finished making a custom non-historical camo scheme for the SPAD and applied the red and blue markings I had earlier to differentiate between Kotori and I. Apparently most camo schemes for the SPAD are applied at the factory, so there are a couple patterns that they tend to follow. Mine is unique, but inspired by the historical paints, so it should fit right in with more historical planes. I haven't qu
  9. I mentioned it yesterday at the debriefing after the map rolled, but what would people think about having a mission for fighters to do? Right now, only the two-seaters can win the map. I read about defensive patrols, offensive patrols, barriers patrols, many different things for the fighters to do, whether they meet an enemy fighter or not. Specifically, I was thinking that it should be possible to set up patrol areas similar to the photo recon but tailored for fighters. There are lots of ways this could be done, and would require some thought to pick a fun method that encourages fun gameplay.
  10. It was a nice change of pace when when the stormy weather first appeared, but the novelty has worn off and it gets a groan every time it pops up on the rotation. Dancing between a double layer of clouds is really a lot more enjoyable.
  11. I'd love to see that thing in action before I move out west. There's a model battleship event in Statesboro I'm trying to attend on the weekend of the 27/28. If I can get the time off for that, would you be willing to let me visit and take some pictures, Chill31?
  12. Can confirm: tanks and trucks do not need to explode to be considered destroyed. Trains are really tough. They can be shot up by machine gun, and you'll even see them start to leak steam from the boiler, but they can really take a beating. Those things are best destroyed with bombs, and it takes practice to figure out the right timing to get the engine when it's on the move. I'm not sure if the bridges can be taken out with the little bombs, but the big bombs can take out a section in a single hit.
  13. We were so close to finishing the Lens Noon map. We were in the process of returning the final photo recon mission home when Central finished. The northern recon was complete and all targets were smashed, we just needed the photos to win. That was a well fought map. The Lens Morning map was also hard fought, but it started to die off at the end. Every mission met with opposition, but the numbers slowly dwindled. There was even a fight at the final photo recon, but everyone signed off with a single target left to win. I had to shoot down the last balloon all by myself to get credit for at least
  14. Aha! A deadline! Just the thing I need to kick my ass in gear and finish the skins I've been working on. Thanks!
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