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  1. Я посмотрел запись. Я не уверен в том, что наблюдалась нечестная игра. Больше похоже на технические проблемы. Хотя всё может быть. Но, если банить в похожих случаях всех, то сервер опустеет. К сожалению, игра у нас такая...
  2. Я не могу забрать файлы с Dropbox. У меня нет там регистрации. Если не сложно, помести архив в общедоступный файлообменник.
  3. Посмотри личные сообщения на этом форуме.
  4. Den is banned, I'm not here yet. I answer: http://il2war.ru/index.php?showtopic=777&page=45&p=29795#entry29795
  5. The developer was asked: will the engine modes change, as well as the flight model of the P-40 airplane taking into account the rudder steering changes. Answer: nothing definite due to time deficit, Changes in the rudder direction will affect all aircraft.
  6. Mmm, unfortunately not quite understand.)) Side view of the drawing taken from it: It imposes on the screenshot to find the right construction line. Then it's simple. The installation angle of the wing is known. Bot ceases to hold the plane for up to 1-2 degrees of failure. Calculate: 10 + 1 + 2 = 13 Close to said game. But far from the estimated 16.8. The landing configuration is even worse. 2 + 1 + 2 = 5. The parking angle of 13 degrees. Very far. Landing on the three points is not possible.
  7. 1. 1. From the description of the airplane from the Han. 2. We put the plane in avtogorizont. Reduce the speed. We fix the position when the bot stops to keep the aircraft. We measure the angle. The accuracy is not perfect, but for a rough estimate of the working method. Р-40. Clear wing: Mechanization, the landing gear: Poor everywhere. But especially in the landing configuration. The aircraft landing on three points can not be right. PS. Do not forget about the installation angle of the wing.
  8. Series motors E and F are different from each other gearboxes screw. Series E - gear unit in a separate housing. Serie F - reducer directly on the engine block. 35 = 39, 63 = 73, and so on. Otherwise differences in the package.))
  9. Stalling angle. In the game P-40 it is 14 degrees. According to our calculations and in accordance with the wind tunnel should be 16.8 degrees. Therefore, the aircraft in the game has a bad turn and low resistance to stall. 16.8-14 more than 16.75-15.5. The pilots of P-40 pilots cry more than Fw-190.))
  10. It can be a word?)) Here is how it was. Developers reconfigured Fw-190 on the document: This purging of the aircraft in a wind tunnel at Chalais Meudon. The critical angle of attack is 15.5 degrees. But the Germans made a mistake. They are not correctly defined correction factor. In repeated trials, they found that the angle of the amendment should not be 1.5 degrees. The amendment should be 0.25 degrees. This report was created by them "Messungen an einer Fw 190 im grossen Windkanal von Chalais Meudon bei Paris", Focke-Wulf Bericht Nr.06006, 1943". Developers obviously this is not taken into account. The critical angle to be 16.75 degrees, rather than 15.5. That is, the plane should be a little more stable in extreme turns. We have sent a report on this issue. I hope someday they will consider it.
  11. )) Documents Documents discord.)) And here is the engine that in 1941, that in 1943, that in 1945 the same. TO on Allison engines of 1945 for P-39 aircraft. Motor -35 (E4) = motor -39 (F3R). 1550 hp = 3000х60".)) There is no point in denying the obvious. Even if the obvious was recorded later. From the letter characteristics do not change.
  12. Hello. Interpreter. Excuse me.)) In "Foka" corrected the critical angle of attack. In "Foka" fixed lift of the wing. Now it's right. Now it is impossible to make high-speed turns. Stall = tailspin. As in life.)) The aircraft for speed. Excellent roll rate. Excellent weapon. Handle in the stomach = no.)) The problem of the rudder in the overall game. He correctly modeled. Developers know about it. Maybe someday it will correct. Good luck.))
  13. Han led soveskoe guide rewritten from the US for students. It is ridiculous to fight for the leadership of the students.)) But Han read selectively. On the next page: I translate. The manual says that F-40E carries a turn with a roll to 70 degrees. Lead time on the specified time 19-20 sec. The game is 32 seconds. Maximum roll 58 degrees. The game has a bug. Glazing. Here is a glass of the P-40: Here's how to game: Worse than the Soviet aircraft. It is not right. American Glass was the best in the world. In the Soviet Union there was an order to take the quality of the glass on the P-39 and P-40 for a sample. The game has a bad sample.)) The game lantern P-40 wedges on speed. As even earlier Soviet planes. There are documents confirming this? Or just for the company? The plane is fighting for the Soviets.)) Airplane P-40 has to do and do. So I think. So I think of my friends.
  14. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. (Russian proverb).)) The atmosphere is standard. At the top of the timer. On the right message about exceeding the time limit. 3000х45" Mode. Safe mode for the engine for 15 minutes. It is proved by documents. 3000х50" mode. Safe Mode for 5 minutes. It is proved by documents. 3000хFT (65"-66"). Which mode pilots used in combat if necessary. After 10-20 seconds. no one filed. It is proved by documents. In Game: 1. Wrong. 2. Wrong. 3. Wrong. On such a plane can not fly. None of the game or in life. It is death. Fifteen thousand kamikazes (as produced aircraft), is not it too much? We are against an infinite WER. It is not right. In the game take off=new plane. We have a reasonable compromise. Option proposed by the Venturi good. I write as simple as possible. Translator distorts phrase. I continue later.
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