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  1. After playing more today i have to say whatever you guys did works incredible well. my computer used to overheat and have fps problems during night fighting stuka career missions in rhineland and now it runs cool and quiet. also the panther tank is amazing. this is why IL 2 is the best ww2 sim out there thank you so much. the tank crew campaign works so much better now with no fps drops i cant believe it. the p 47 missions on Rhineland also work way better than they did a week ago.
  2. This is fantastic, my night fighting careers that weren't spawning player planes work again and the whole game seems to run smoother with less load on my PC , especially in tank mode
  3. I just found another serious career bug, in the JU 52 Career for bodenplatte: on the first day of the battle of the bulge the in air spawn spawns you 50 ft above the ground in the middle of the forest/ trees and you immediately crash
  4. Yes thank you so much , the iii/KG 51 fw 190 nightbomber career in bodenplatte gets up to 28.10.1944 then planes stop spawning and the career cant be advanced any further attached are photos of what happens when i try to start the enemy frontline strongpoint bombing mission at 20.30
  5. the game is amazing but I'm having alot of trouble with the bodeplatte nightfighter campaigns. ive gotten about 1/4 the way through and missions have started spawning without loading player aircraft. there's no options for modifying aircraft and when yous start out it just gives you an overhead view of some city its really wierd. also the gun sites on the Fokker D.VIIF have texture errors. there are a few other issues in career mode but all in all this game is mindblowing. i cant wait for the final product keep up the good work i'll keep buying every expansion .
  6. it would be pretty cool to be a lonely zero 30,000 ft above japan fighting b 29's
  7. Yes, the mission design could be better but I have never played a game that simulates being a tank commander or any other role of the tank crew in such detail. Its really amazing how well the automated gunners and drivers work while the game is in a state of early release. Its awesome to be able to just sit back in the top of the turret and watch the battle/mission around you through the cupola while your crew does their jobs
  8. its the best ww2 tank sim ive ever played. every scripted mission is like a movie but the quick missions still need alot of work
  9. Ever since the update ship AA gunners no longer work in the battle of kuban. it seems like ground AA is not as effective anymore either. Please help i really miss getting shot at while bombing ships
  10. Thank you team this game is going to be even more incredible!
  11. Same here im about to buy a 2k$ rig and a new joystick just to play il 2 hahaha
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