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  1. Yeah particularly with the 45-60 minute rather thankless recon flights to open up the ground targets on DoulCamb.
  2. All my downed Halb's have come during their extension after bombing. Not intentionally timed but it always seems to be the point I catch up. Generally they seem to maneuvering enough whilst avoiding the AA machine guns to stop the Observer shooting back. All have them have also been a fatal first pass where I'd clipped the engine including one very satisfying tiny burst that set the engine immediately on fire, felt like I'd whopped some cannon rounds into them. Tiny sample size though two downed, one where Hellbender minced me with his gun and one unfortunate mid-air collision where we both broke in the same direction in a head on after a reasonable first pass. FWIW I've not noticed the diving issue with the Brisfit. I normally line up and dive from about ~1000m and on the bridges always aim to hit the abutments rather than the span since they're a much bigger target so haven't really seen the slope issue either. I'm always using a 5 second fuse though.
  3. I’ve been logging on anyway on Thursday on the assumption I’d catch the early wave so formalising it sounds great. Yesterday when I connected at 2030UTC there were already 20 people on Flugpark so convincing more to come along would be great.
  4. Yeah super enjoyable although I spent the entire time getting shot down. I noticed four contacts far behind our lines and snuck up on them in a Spad. Turned out to be 3 Halberstadt’s with one escort. Somehow got super close behind them before an observer opened up (human?) I got a burst off and then inevitably got shot down after some very low weaving. Got on chat and a posse showed up for an excellent fight over one of our Factories.
  5. Yeah I believe so. Was more commenting on the visual issue than the damage.
  6. I think this is the distant buildings setting. Same thing happens with damaged buildings at distance. That specific barge was also on fire before I bombed it on Friday night and I didn’t see that until close up. Still got the kill credit when it went boom though.
  7. Would definitely be interested, I’m very much on the play when I can side of the spectrum but am trying to hit at least an hour or so on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Am UTC-0 and normally play from 2030-2200ish. I agree with the above that finding common voice comms would be a good start. I have the J5 TS setup but there is also a Discord server for Flugpark now which seems to be the most populated server normally. From a casual perspective just getting more people on voice would be a boon to self-organising.
  8. I think you’re just looking at the wrong one/misremembering what you were flying? Cause this next one has you fighting a Camel and SE5a. Albeit in a Dr.I.
  9. Yeah that's why I was asking. The game replays are hopefully consistent with the game as it happened but the track data might actually have more information than is used. Looking at it in a third party app might provide some more data to pass on. Something is clearly going wrong in deciding to show the aircraft but is that due to missing position data on the client, missing information about what an object is on the client, a bug in the logic that determines what should be rendered on the client or something else. If you look at Revell's post in the bug report thread linked above it does look (from tiny cropped images) that there are objects tracked in TacView approximately in the right place which are unidentified and rendered as cubes then resolved to aircraft. Edit: Reading the TacView docs its a separate mode that needs to be enabled so probably not possible.
  10. I wonder if you chuck it in TacView do you see anything different? I'm interested as to whether the game is tracking the invisible planes on your client (which is just not rendering them for some reason) or whether its a server issue and you're not being told about their existence until they start to fire. ETA: Revell on the bug report thread shows that TacView had two objects tracked as cubes that resolved into aircraft. DerSheriff posted another example of this happening on his Discord last week albeit with WW2 aircraft.
  11. Latest DD promises some improvements to losing people against clouds and subsequently sub-2km.
  12. I think you pointed this out to me last week in game. Which was hilarious because somehow I'd been flying around without noticing.
  13. I believe the DM is shared by the WW2 pilots. If you’re playing online and look at the sortie log you’ll find your pilot probably took a hit and that it wasn’t actually caused by a structural hit. It cuts both ways though and injuring the pilot and particularly AI sniper they’ve substituted for an observer is super useful in a fight.
  14. Yup and will do. That's the Alt spotting basically. The biggest issue is perceptual where the target stays a constant size as you zoom in when it's in it's 'enlarged' state. Given a lot of our depth perception at long range is down to depth cues rather than binocular vision (which we lack on flat screens anyway) it gives the impression that the aircraft is shrinking even though it's actually staying a constant size in terms of screen space. It's even worse when you have a gaggle of aircraft together as it feels distinctly weird to have their distance cues change so much relative to one another. Also you lose the ability to tell how far away they are relative to one another so something 10km away is the same size as something 40km away. As best as I could tell as the real distance closes it switches off the enlarging effect and you're back to the issues we have with Expert spotting. There's similar fun perceptual weirdness I found doing some VR development. If you alter the users scale but keep their head position still it feels really bad. But if you alter the users scale and keep their feet position still it feels correct. The problem with the former is that your depth cues don't change very much whereas with the latter it makes sense as you feel like you are changing height.
  15. There’s another rendering issue as against the ground where contacts go from pretty solid to something akin to the Predator’s suit in the movie. I’ve found as long as I stick at full zoom and keep the contact centered up I can get closer until it disappears and I can track it by the blur of pixels. It feels like I know where it is by being able to track where it’s not if that makes sense. Like the results of an edge detection algorithm. Then as you get closer still the details resolve out again. If I had to guess it’s a pixel aliasing issue when a model changes from a low LOD to a higher one and the resulting finer details at that range and screen resolution turn into a pixel soup blended with the background.
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