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  1. Hey, Just wondered if anyone was using tacview? I have it and wanted to know how to get it running with IL2... Cheers
  2. Fair enough, think I'll go grab the DCS F-16 and throw that around! Cheers
  3. I dunno, maybe I'm asking to much..... I guess I should stick to other flight sims to get that pilot yank and bank feeling and just have fun with what they did in this one. The original IL2 and DCS really made you sharpen your stick and rudder skills, it was a skill you would always try to improve on and you would study and practice to get it right.
  4. I try and fly with 50% fuel as much as I can. I've played the original IL2, CLoD and have DCS, played many combat flight sims so I'm not a rookie by any means, only to this series from IL2, which I've had about 2 weeks. What has happened to maneuvers like the scissors or displacement rolls, some of the tactics used since the days of WWI. I don't see them here, just get as high as you can and dive, shoot and run. It's all good for the scenarios we have on multi, but at some point there is going to be a need to defend targets, bombers, tanks and troops and the old style
  5. Just wanted to start a discussion of the stall spin handling of the P-51. I'm finding it departing without any warning and seems to be almost a death trap in lower speed dogfights. In my opinion the P-51 seems to give no warning or its really difficult to judge as there id no real control or feel with a computer hotas system. There is a manual online that describes departures and recoveries and I will try and add it here. Is this purposely modelled in game to be more of a challenge? I'm not sure, but I'm hoping the flight model will be tweaked to become more realistic as the IL2
  6. No, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say....... From the pilot interviews I've see, they have said there was a signal from the "whistle" that the aircraft was ready to depart or "spin" etc. Even upon landing the pilots said the "whistle" would increase much more. As it is now, there isn't much warning that you get before the P-51 stalls, that came in the form of a buffet and an increase in the tone and volume of the whistling sound. This is historically correct. From the outside you can hear it ok, but in the cockpit is were it really helps. I'm surprised that th
  7. I've been flying the P-51 for about a week now and just wondered if there was a way or could the devs increase the volume of the AoA whistle a bit more? There needs to be a little more notice of a departure and in the real aircraft there is a buffet before departure. It's probably me but when she goes she really goes and when in combat its nice for a little more warning. I'm not that skilled yet at IL2 aircraft so I'm asking from a new players point of view. That whistle on the P-51 is awesome anyway and I'm pretty sure more seasoned vets won't mind.
  8. With all the new aircraft and higher performance, just wondered if the MK XIV would be on the collector aircraft list? Being a Canucklehead I'm always partial the the Spits!
  9. Hey Guys, Just wanted to ask any experienced pilots out there how to battle in the P-51. I'm Canadian and was flying the Spit IX and have found that it is just not competitive with the new German rockets so I've decided to try and learn the P-51. I've had IL2 for about a week and played the first IL2 years ago and decided to try it again. Is there any info on how to fly the Mustang against the newly added German aircraft? I'm getting my ass shot off continually and any info would be great. I'm not new to flight sims and do well in DCS jets but the flight model or maybe its
  10. I try and get on the KOTA server as much as I can, I'm pretty new as I've had IL2 great battles for about a week now. Do the pilots ever work together? When I first log on, you see guys hop in their aircraft and shoot off in a million different directions. Is there no team work? I see a bunch of Tempests and P-38's fly off by themselves, wouldn't it be more effective to plan an attack with a wing of bomb carrying planes with CAP fighter protection, and wouldn't that be more realistic?
  11. thank you Wellenbrecher.... I'm going to give the re shade a try.. thanks for testing
  12. I was thinking about this fix..... this is the problems I'm having. Does this go against the game user agreement?
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