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  1. Thanks for the lesson how to use the sim, but this is not what I'm referring about my 5 point. I'm referring to the chance to have an option to leave the couple of 7,7 at home base, transforming a vii serie to a iii serie. I don't ask a logical solution, but the chance to simulate, with historical accuracy, the 7 serie and related matters. If this is not possible, no problem anymore. Thanks for attention. Ciao
  2. Italian pilots during WWII used to put away 7,7 because they were ineffective... they have only ball bullets, not piercing or explosive ones. So they prefer a higher manuverability than more bullets.
  3. After last update 5.005 it's now flyble much more the beginning. IMHO this is the list of esthetic things that could be refined: 1-Gear down advisory lights are few brighting; 2-Altitude thousands needle too; 3-even Televel fuel sign is few visible; 4-no emergency firing sight, to use in case of broken San Giorgio; 5-option to let down the 2 wings' machine guns (as many pilots used to do); 6-7,7 mm guns's sound is too similar at 12,7 mm. This is my first MP dogfight https://youtu.be/3B1q7gjA8uk At 9:09 my omage to Maestro Ennio Morricone R.i.p.
  4. I erased nvidia last driver and charge an old one the 390.xx and now it works!
  5. I followed all your indication exept fps limiter, but I tryed to limitate 3D in nvdia panel to 30 FPS, with no success! This bug happens only with IL 2 Cliffs of Dover! Every time an Update is out! If I play IL 2 1946, IL 2 Great Battles, DCS these Audio Video freezes don't appear. As you can see the 3D of my GPU is not a regular line (even if 2 movies are not sincronized) while in other sim is a regular line with same percentage of employment. The solution I tryed in previous occasion is recharge Windows 10 by disc and this hurt me a lot! Last I will try to erase nvidia driver and charge 436.48 I found on the net, but in case it will work, anyway this will be not the real solution of the problem, we can't charge drivers from march 2019... Actually this what I see:
  6. A fictional mission rebuilt In onore della Regia Aeronautica e dei caduti durante la partecipazione alla Battaglia d'Inghilterra. -56º Stormo CT (Caccia Terrestre) comandato dal colonnello pilota Umberto Chiesa e così composto: a) 18º Gruppo Caccia del maggiore Giuseppe Vosilla con 50 Fiat C.R.42 (83ª Squadriglia, 85ª Squadriglia e 95ª Squadriglia) ad Ursel, tra Bruges e Gand, base denominata "Saturno"; b) 20º Gruppo del maggiore Mario Bonzano con 45 Fiat G.50 (351ª, 352ª e 353ª Squadriglia) a Maldegem, base denominata "Urano".
  7. Absolutely yes, it works in multiplayer. Assolutamente si, funziona in multiplayer. For infos watch https://www.sas1946.com/main/ site not here. IL 2 1946 was heavy modded by that community and is actually the best sim ever done, except for the grapchics, because it was planned in 2001. Actually Great Battles is a graphics sim only, with boring maps, ridicolous damage model and low visibility. When 1c married with 777 they chose the wrong way and this is the result. I hope they go back and work on Cliffs od Dover sim, that is for me, the best son of 1946! Ciao
  8. I think You should ask on https://www.sas1946.com/main/ site, the ones that create BAT mod. Not here. Ciao
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