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  1. I can read at one point he was going to release pricing information, what's wrong with being excited?
  2. Any news on availability, orders, price ect
  3. There a picture with them all laid out on a table
  4. Another Aussie good stuff , you feel my pain of buying flight sim gear with a bad $$$
  5. With throttles and panels ect will they be daisy chained?
  6. When will panels be available? Do you make to order?
  7. We're you doing the f/18 stuff a few years ago?
  8. Used warthog stick for a long time has served me well no complaints switched to virpil absolutely love it . I have no experience on vkb so can't pass judgement good luck anyway you decide to go and enjoy
  9. Pending on a few review's but yeah probally would
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