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  1. Outstanding! Thank you for all of the work you've all been doing. Just the amount of time it must've taken to write the dev log is impressive! Not to mention the dedication to designing and implementing all of the changes to an already great simulator! Really looking forward to flying the Spitfire!
  2. Really looking forward to flying the Spitfire. Skins look great. I'm glad there are some official US and RAF skins!
  3. That may be true - hopefully it wouldn't be. Il2 BoS was probably the best early access experience I've had. Getting new features and new planes consistently just about every week for the duration was great. I joined in right when the 109 was first released. Even just flying it around with nothing to shoot at yet was enjoyable. For the Pacific, I would gladly pre-order or back a kickstarter!
  4. I would love to have the experience of A2A's B17 in a combat flight simulator with a campaign similar to that of "B17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth". That's a good point, Feathered_IV. If aircraft were added like you said (one recon and one tank buster), we'd get a lot more variety in the type of aircraft we could fly. I don't see how it would break the game to have aircraft of different abilities added to each side asymmetrically.
  5. I get a cracking sound, too. I'm glad it's not just me! Though I'm sorry you have a problem, perhaps it means it will get fixed eventually. I just wait to put my headset on. I also have not gotten the HUD software for programming and using profiles for the X55 Rhino to work with Windows 10. Thankfully, the HOTAS works with Windows 10, just not the profiles. So I just had to remap the controls in IL2. The only function that is lost by not using the profile (for me) is using the mode switch, which is really not necessary for IL2.
  6. I have not had any crashes with Windows 10 so far (admittedly, I have not played IL2 much), but I do get terrible screen tearing now where I had none with Windows 7. That is with the latest Nvidia drivers that just came out (355.60).
  7. I think the debate on the tactics used in multiplayer dogfights is related more closely to that of strafing aircraft taking off in multiplayer, as it is more about the enjoyment the players get from their time with the game. It seems to me that most of the debate centers around one set of players getting annoyed at the tactics of BnZ players because, ultimately, it is less fun to play against a BnZ player. We are, after all, here for entertainment (in one way or another). That entertainment is different for different people. For some, it is most enjoyable to be turning as hard as possible without stalling ("one inch from out of control"), trying to bring their guns onto a target that is fighting back. For others, it is the enjoyment that comes from engaging another human in a contest and surviving - which leads to the use of tactics that will result in perhaps fewer kills, but fewer deaths as well. I certainly fall into that category. In all of the multiplayer games and simulators I play, I try to stay alive as much as possible. The tactics a simulator pilot uses (in IL2 BoS/BoM) versus what an actual combat pilot uses are going to be different. One risks at most his reputation, the other risks his life (and by extension, that of his friends through the ultimate outcome of the war in which he is fighting). This can be easily demonstrated with students of swordsmanship. Using a training sword, you might find a student being much more bold than when they train against a live blade. It is an incredibly eye-opening experience for students. They tend to, all of the sudden, second guess their tactics, measure (distancing), and footwork when a mistake may result in something much worse than a bruise. Though what they are doing is exactly the same as it was before, when they face a real blade, the way they go about things changes. So I can see where pilots of world war II would have used the tactics that put them in the most advantageous position (such as only attacking when the risk was minimal). And for some of us, replicating their tactics in a simulator like IL2, is a way for us to connect to that moment in history, and pay homage to the pilots who shaped the outcome of the second world war. I don't think we can complain about the way someone else is playing so long as they are not exploiting a bug or hacking.
  8. I am really looking forward to trying out the Macchi this evening. Especially since I know so little about that aircraft.
  9. I told myself I would pre-order BoM when there were custom graphics options. Great news!
  10. Thank you, Habu! That is the way I was hoping it would work. For multiplayer, just to be clear, if I have BoS+BoM and someone else has BoS, we can still play multiplayer (great!) - but can the BoS player play a mission that has BoM aircraft in it (just not pilot any of the BoM aircraft)? Or will each mission only allow either BoS, BoM, or BoS+BoM players to join? So for an example, say a multiplayer mission has a BF109F4 and a BF110 as flyable. Would a player that only has BoS be able to join the mission, but only select the BF109F4? Thanks, again!
  11. How will BoM content be handled in multiplayer with BoS players? Will the online community be divided between BoS players, BoM players, and BoS+BoM players? Or would I be able to fly with someone who only has BoS, just they would not be able to chose to fly the planes they do not own? Also, how will the early access work as far as content? I greatly enjoyed BoS early access, checking for Friday updates and trying new aircraft as they were released to early access. Will the new BoM aircraft just be added to my existing BoS installation or will the BoM early access be a separate install until release? I would very much like to pre-order (especially if support for BoM would mean a possible expansion in the future), but I'm on the fence. I haven't had much time to fly, and am just now going through the single player campaign, but I'm finding it quite boring. In the 6 missions I did with the BF109F4, 4 of them were exactly the same - Intercept two IL2s with one Lagg3 escort, then watch two BF019G2s shoot down a lone Yak on the way back to base. The same exact thing happened in all 4 missions. In the other two, there were three IL2s with two Lagg3s as escort. I was also disappointed to earn no XP for damaging enemy aircraft when on a ground attack mission in the BF109F4. The combination of doing the same thing multiple times and earning no credit for actions during the mission have lead to feeling the campaign is a grind rather than a feature. I am eagerly awaiting news of the possible changes to the campaign system.
  12. Probably because you never explained what FlyingNutcase asked. The truth is World War I and World War II are very different and appeal to different groups of people. You are managing the release of the ME based on the idea that you understand how the community will respond, when you don't seem to understand this simple concept. A disclaimer saying the ME is released as is and unsupported is all you need. Simply don't reply to requests for support. This sim was set to, in my opinion, destroy DCS: WWII. Now it seems that (at least as far as content) it will blow IL2:BOS out of the water. This is frustrating to many of us because we want this sim to be successful in the long term. Flight sim enthusiasts will stick with a sim so long as there is content. This is why people still fly Flight Simulator X and IL2: 1946.
  13. Can you please take out complex engine management? I think its too hard to manage oil and radiator temperature, RPM, and manifold pressure while flying and keeping track of friendlies and enemies, correctly identifying aircraft by their silhouette, and lining up my aircraft such that when I pull the trigger the rounds will travel 300+m out in front of me where I've calculated the enemy aircraft will be when the rounds pass through that area. Its too hard. I think you've misjudged your own community. I don't think anyone is upset that the FMB will be released after the game, or even that it will be difficult to use. At least for me, its just infuriating that you think I'm not intelligent enough to figure it out, so you will select a few community members to give it to. From the sound of the singleplayer campaign, the FMB just got a lot more important. Please give it to everyone or no one (read as: everyone). I suggest you take a look at the Arma 3 community. There are hundreds of missions available for that game. Its editor is pretty simple, but can be quite complex when adding scripts and triggers and more interesting features. I have downloaded exactly 0 missions for Arma 3. My buddies and I only play missions that we make. This is the same for every combat flight simulator we've played (IL2, DCS, etc.) This was not helpful. So, I can either prove you right, that I'm not capable of learning the editor - or I can prove you wrong, and be frustrated that I won't be allow access to the editor I learned to use. Win-Win. I would also like to introduce you to a website called YouTube. You can find video tutorials for anything. I imagine the community would produce these for you. A 2-second search reveals there are already tutorials for the ROF editor available. Thank you for the update. I've been enjoying the game quite a bit.
  14. Thanks for the update on the update! Looking forward to its release, whenever that is. Event Horizon Stalingrad - Where we're going, we won't need eyes... This team should be getting much more press on PC gaming sites as setting the example for how early access should be done. Not only frequent communications, but weekly additions to content/features.
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