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  1. I installed the latest Windows 10 update yesterday. The update however did not support my Sound Blaster X-Fi driver, which in turn left me with no audio. Strangely enough BOM would not start either. I would get to the loading screen, and get booted back to the desktop. Thankfully Creative updated the driver for the current Windows 10 release which fixed my audio and BOM loading issue.
  2. Well done. Very much looking forward to Flying Circus, as I have been a Rise of Flight armchair pilot for years.
  3. I fixed the issue. I deleted D3dx9_43.dll in my Windows/System32 and SysWOW64 folders. Then re-installed the software.
  4. I started il2 this morning and the game started what I thought was an update. However the update was over 3gb. It would appear the game was re-downloaded? Now I get an error when I launch the game. Il2.exe bad image D3dx9_43.dll error I re-installed the DX software from the il2 updates directory, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Thank you all for the wonderful skins.
  6. The Mig-3 is an impressive bomber killer. Add the gun pods, and it makes lots of holes... Merry Christmas.
  7. The maps are wonderful. Just ended a free flight. Destroyed a locomotive in a head-on attack with a P40 and six .50cals... and it was AWESOME.
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