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  1. So far an outstanding work. Thx for this campaign.👍 But is there anybody else who's game is allways crasching in mission 5 after the "2 minutes" call of the squadron leader? I'll get a freeze and thats it, so i can't progress the campaign🤔
  2. Awsome I allways loved the B/C quite more than the all famous D modells and with such an array of modifications Yeeehaw Thank you Devs
  3. Thx a lot It was only a report, the sim is allready great and with some little adjustements like this....it makes it even more a joy to fly
  4. yup i noticed that i could't look at the wing fuel gauge in fornt of the Pilot seat. I barely made it to the most upper edge of the gauge
  5. Im glad to see it's possible to reach the Creamy King in a Spit...i've flown my Tomahawk to the very last drop of fuel but haven't found it yet...I'll keep on searching😎
  6. cheked worked AWSOME😍 Thank you👍😍
  7. Thank you very much for your reply and advice. I was starting to think so too ("CloD PAN VIEW in HAT switch is only in fixed angles - an leftover of IL-2:46,") but your clearence helps me a lot to stop useless re tries😄 Thanks for the advice about third party programms I'll take a look. Thx and allways smooth flights and clear six👍
  8. Your Missions are superb 👍 I'm a completly SP guy and so happy about crafters like you....your work makes this simulation realy awsome. Fore example Rhzev Salient, Lions of Kalinin an Pitomnik are some of the best campaigns out there....Eltingen too but i haven't finished it till now cause of the summer time as mentioned by others.😅 I live in a rooftop and fore now half of the day is to hot to sit at the computer - hoping for cooler days😎
  9. Hy I've done the first two missions of the Desert Hawks campaign...as so far a ton of fun, thank you for the outstanding work. The only thing I've noticed was in mission two (attacking supply convoys) that I couldn't order my flight to attack the ground targets neither they had done this by themselves, they had stuck in formation all allong my attack runs and never fired a single shot. Edit: Reflew the mission....al worked fine👍
  10. I'll just lean back enjoying what is done by the devs till today and happy about what is to come😎 next step Hurricane
  11. Home coming after first sortie in the Hakws campaign...glad all made it back what a beauty isn't she? loop angle? nice👍
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