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  1. how much delay on th fuses??🤣 ...guess not enough?
  2. La 5 for me. Love the speed but those guns😅 The interlock of turbocharger to throttle works fine for me - tried this?
  3. On Axis side - I fear those Peshka gunners and I assume I will fear the 410 gunners as allied fighter too.
  4. According to the german wikipedia page https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Me_410 which refers to the Bundesarchiv/Militärarchiv Freiburg the most build versions of the 410 where A1 A1/U2 B2 B2/U4 and the B2/U4 got the 5cm cannon so I hope we'll get this one😎
  5. Yup see it like CUJO_1970. I can't thank you enough for all your efforts for my lovely 190^^. You surely deserved it👍
  6. Fw 190 D9 take of from Bagerovo with full fuel and ammo at that time my left aileron went MIA and I thought "survive to tell the story" ..and got back savely
  7. Good point, it seems not clear when exacly this was applied. And what a gorgeous painting😍
  8. Nice job and thanks for the additional info about the guy who flew this aircraft.👍
  9. There is an Illustration made by John Weal (dated December 1943) of this Aircraft in "Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 92" which is almost as pictured here with a smal addition. It had a little paintjob under the Cockpit a small Clown head, probably named "Grock" after the Swiss clown of the 1930's. But it's the only surce I could consider.
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