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  1. Go to settings 4th from above Tank Turret Controll set to Joystick - does this work for you? My settings are running without any issues
  2. Hm... Hurricane II Spitfire V Spitfire IX (if we got the early weapons loadout) Typhoon vs Bf109 F and early Gs Fw190 A3-A5 I see so much potential for scripted campaigns 1941-43😍
  3. Yep absolutely. Low level mayhem, that's waht I love and for that the Fw190 and the Tiffy 💥💥💥 I'm kinda curious about the Me 410 and the P51 B. For me, the P51B is one of the big beauties (adore her much morer than the "all time favourite" D- modell) And the Me 410.....much speed and much booooom if we get the B2 Version so called "Destroyer"😎 Can't wait to get my hands on their sticks
  4. Just flown the first mission. What a joy. Thank you
  5. Totally agree. I'm seriously asking myself "How could I miss this all the time?"😅 @Jade_Monkey: Thank you, for lighten up my blindness
  6. Thanks for sharing this great content with us all - much appreciated. In your search for Information about tank warfare in the eraly years on the eastern front I may can suggest you this book Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1941–1942: Schwerpunkt by Robert Forczyk I didn't got hands on it for now but I got his second book about the time 1943-1945 for christmas and this is loaded with information about operations and I guess the first one will go the same way. I'm looking forward to get the first one in the future. So far greetings form Germany
  7. So I've run some tests and the "problems" are persisiting. I also tested your Kuban interactive Playground and there they also occure. But as I seeme to be the only one - it's no big deal for me - there are plenty planes I can use in your awsome playgrounds - great appreciate it. So what I noticed so far: - only collector Planes are missing (but they are all correct placed in the right directory as you said in your Readme) - some collector planes can be used (Yak 9T and La 5 on Stalingrad Playground) but others like MC 202 or Yak 9 S1 are still missing. - I tried to rename the ger. language version in the folder of the missing planes because my game is localized in germany (this helped me in other forum contend in the past) but they still don't pop up in the missions tab in the game As so far I guess it's a problem with the synchronicity of the collector planes but like I said before - This is only for giving you the information. I'm absolutely happy with what I got from your fantastic work and its a joy for just random fighting Thank you and always good hunting. DP
  8. Hey Stoopy No Problem, with the exception of the U2 and the Ju 52, I got all content....my wallet hates IL2😉 Ok 120 files...what a horror. I guess I'll reload the Playground tomorrow (now its 03:22am) and will see what happens. I'll post the result
  9. Hey Stoopy Thank you for this awsome Playground...lot of fun and practice for me. I've only a minor issue/missunderstanding. Got the last version and in the folder i can see the data for the Hurricane, but in game / mission description it says version v1.000 and I've no the possibilety to take the hurricane. Any gues what i made wrong?
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